When you talk about the PLAYER OF THE YEAR, you must first talk about WINNING. I believe that the POY must be part of a winning team. The impact of this player on her team must be UNDENIABLE. I also believe this person must be a teammate first and must be willing to SACRIFICE her game at times, but must also know when to take over a game. The POY of the year must at times close tight games on either the defensive or offensive side of the ball. The POY also must do their best work on the BIGGEST STAGES against the BEST competition. These players also must command the RESPECT of opponents and coaches. Lastly and this cannot be overstated. The PLAYER OF THE YEAR MUST HAVE A PRESENCE. When they walk into a gym or on the floor everyone must react to them in some way ….its called a SWAGGER!

PICKING THE 2019 ALL SHORE TEAM has been the most difficult it has been in years. I believe that if a player belongs on an All Shore team they should make it. I also believe an All Shore team can have more than 5 players. In the past I have had as many as 7 players on an All Shore team; there is no need for that this year. I have always made room for a senior, when all things are equal or a senior DESERVES to make a team. No freshman will ever make any of my ALL SHORE TEAMS. If a freshman is good enough to make All Shore, trust me they will be all shore for years to come. I will give you a list of criteria for my All Shore Teams. But I want to be very clear about one thing….this is not personal or political. Nobody understands how important these post season awards are to kids and families as I do. I am also smart enough to know that making these type teams creates a buzz and name recognition for a player…I TAKE THIS VERY SERIOUS!

BISOGNO and PAUL added another A SOUTH  title to their legacy

BISOGNO and PAUL added another A SOUTH title to their legacy

1. Was the player a good teammate?
2. Was the player on a successful team?
3. How did the player preformed in big games, both in and out of conference?
4. Did Opponents have to prepare for this player in in a special way?
5. Would the teams’ record be significantly different without this player?
6. Does the player make her teammates better?
7. What are the intangibles of the player? (Leadership, hustle and personal sacrifice)…or is that player simply a box score junkie? STATS ALONE WILL NOT GET YOU ON THIS TEAM
8. Did the player display SPORTSMANSHIP?( notice the capital letters)
9. Did the player play on both sides of the ball, withe the same ENERGY?…defense and offense
10. Do opposing coaches respect the player?

Now I also have a few things that have nothing to do with why a player will make ALL SHORE.
1. Reputation will not help a player
2. College potential is not factored in.
3. Previous accomplishments carry no weight
4. A performance in one event will not put you on my team, meaning a great performance in the WOBM or SCT is not a season worth of work, it is one event among many!
5. NEGATIVE words from parents, friends and yes COACHES

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