There is one thing you can bank on in the Shore Conference every year….IMPACT FRESHMAN. No area in the country turns out freshman like the shore conference. Sometimes there are mega stars like Boston College star Kelly Hughes, or Notre Dame’s two star sisters Michaela and Marina Mabrey. Maybe there is another program changing player like FORDHAM’S Sam Clark in the wings. Sometimes they come out of nowhere like last years FRESHMAN OF THE YEAR, LUCI THOMAS of Ocean Twp. She was not on any list to start the season, but certainly proved that we are not always right. Every freshman to date who has made the all Freshman team has gone on to Division One and this group will be no different.   2015-16 IMPACT FRESHMAN   shore-conference-logo[1]THE GOLDEN DOZEN B-pBtHXUIAMG3yIsearch FAITH MASONIOUS-MANASQUAN one the most talented babies to ever enter the Shore. Before moving on to a COLLEGE Top 5 program, she will try and help MANSQUAN make it 3 SCT TITLES in a row. She my friends is as good as it gets and is the front runner for FRESHMAN OF THE YEAR. She could very well be the best player in the Shore….RIGHT NOW!  


imgresB-pIF9eUsAE4xvu LAUREN LITHGOW- ST. ROSE- In terms of raw talent, explosiveness, speed  and quickness, no player in the shore can match her. I did not say any freshman I said… any player PERIOD. She will one day be a D1 LOCK. Her scoring skills are off the charts and her size and length are something coaches dream about. She may be forced to wait her turn this year, but make NO MISTAKE A FUTURE ALL STATE PLAYER AND PLAYER OF THE YEAR CANDIDATE.


Unknown SAM KEENAN- MIDDLETOWN SOUTH- Played lights out in the Maroon and White. Like most Tom Brennan players, she comes in under the radar, little hype and not a AAU STAR. But just watch as she buries jumper after jumper and rebounds in her area…She is in the perfect spot to shine, MIDDLETOWN has a need for her and they have senior leadership to show her the way. Do not be surprised to see her on the All Freshman Team at season end.

-1 JENNA PAUL-TOM RIVER NORTH- Make no mistake, no baby took more of a jump forward this fall in terms of development. She proved she could play with anyone, including older and stronger D1 players. Her impact will be felt from day one. She is one of the TOP  freshman in the entire state. The future D1 lock will help TNR become a SHORE POWER before her playing days are done.


maxresdefaultUnknown-4 LOLA MULLANEY-COLTS NECKThis gym rat could make a run for FRESHMAN OF THE YEAR. She is a D1 lock and a scoring machine. Her ability to score and play both guard positions make her special. Her conditioning and running ability separate her from all others. She will start the year out as one of the best freshman in ALL of NEW JERSEY. She is the best shooter entering the freshman class and gives COLTS NECK a major weapon and future ALL Shore Player for years to come. It also gives them two star freshman in back to back years…Cara Volpe was All Freshman last season.


Unknown SARA KARPELL-SJV She is hard nosed and plays like her mama did…ALL OUT. Reminds me of KC CHAMERS  because she does the little things…meaning she is a winner. More importantly she will play against the best group of guards in the state everyday in practice. Getting on the court will not be a problem because Coach Karpell is a master at creating roles for her star babiers..D1 LOCK..check the track record.


Unknown ISLA BRENNAN-MIDDLETOWN SOUTH- No freshman may have a tougher job. It may sound crazy but she could be the missing piece to the MIDDLETOWN puzzle, a pure point guard. Her vision and feel for the game is beyond her years. She is a talented shooter who I have never seen take a bad shot. If she can grow up in a hurry …WATCH OUT…BY THE WAY…A FUTURE D1 PLAYER! Since dad is the professor, we will name her “the student”. 


Unknown-5 MICHAELA McGARVEY-RFH Yes she is a sophomore,,special admit to the list,,,No player is flying under the radar like McGARVEY. She can flat out shoot the ball and more importantly will give RFH much needed quickness, rebounding and defense up front. She saw high school competition in the fall league and has gained confidence. The early season schedule works against her as she not have a chance to get her feet wet. She will have to use that confident she gained in the fall  from day one. She could be a real factor for RFH, because she fills real needs up front.  


Unknown EVE PIRIE-MIDDLETOWN SOUTH- How much do I like this young lady? Well how much does a fat kid like cake? At 6’2″ she has a chance to make the all freshman team. She makes lay ups and has all the post moves in the post RIGHT NOW. She is highly skilled and I believe allows South to defend and rebound in the post. She is part of a special freshman class ..these type players rarely stay in town…she did.  


10563041_741936499204217_9145246456655816992_n BRIELLE BISOGNO -TOM RIVER NORTHThis is toughest, most competitive, talented pure point guard to enter the shore since …do I dare say?…JACKIE KATES. Folks this is the real deal in every sense of the word. She is one of the Top 3 freshman in NEW JERSEY. Giving TRN two of the top babies in the state. She is right now a future major college defender. She is the rare baby that can score in traffic and when her shooting catches up with her insane work ethic D1 SCHOOLS WILL COME CALLING.



RBC_athletics_shamrock_logo2_(1)ELIZA SRINIVASAN-RBCAny freshman that can make this RBC roster has to be special. She will need to fight and claw to get time. But that’s exactly what she has done all fall. She doesn’t have the reputation right now. But here is a prediction, she will be a major impact on this program one day, when her reputation catches up with her game..by the way college coaches playing against D1 players this fall…NO PROBLEM.  


nf RAHMENA HENDERSON-NEPTUNE Look an never going to doubt DJ JUNKIE JONES. She showed in the fall, she is back down to no one. She will knock down shots and be part of the NEPTUNE rotation. She plays hard and is not afraid of aggressive physical play. The perfect fit for Neptune.  D1 LOCK




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