CZqexgfUkAA_vFW1-300x225th DONE

It is done and it is done because it was the last thing to be done, in the Shore Conference. It is done because Tina LeBron, believed in herself and decided to attend SJV when nobody believed she would ever play there. It is done because Tina LeBron may be the most clutch player in shore history. It done because it was her shooting that broke the back of Manasquan today.

It is done because Vanessa Pinho does not believe reputations and labels win games. It’s done because Vanessa Pinho just turned out lights on the two best young point guards in New Jersey and sent them into the darkness. It is done because Vanessa Pinho understands legacy and today  started her own. It is done because the most underrated player on the court today was special.


It is done because GiGi Caponegro wanted to add a new touch to her game. It is done because nobody knew she spent hours working on that jumper she brought to the table tonight. It’s done because Manasquan, finally had to go play her and it opened up everything in the post. It done because Gigi Caponegro is about winning not being in the papers

It is done because Kimi Evans, made the toughest decision of her young life and decided to attend SJV.  She has played against the best competition, high school basketball has to offer; and developed because of it. It is done because we have never seen a player with her size, quickness and ability to finish in the paint with such efficiency with both hands. It is done because Kimi Evans today proved she is the most dominant player in the shore conference.

It is done because Kelly Campbell decided this year she would be the maestro. It is done because there where no personal awards left for her to win. It is done because today she wanted the entire shore to remember she was the most complete player in the shore. The nations official door closer now has one thing left to do…but for now it is done because without her NOTHING COULD POSSIBLITY GET DONE.


It is done because Zoe Pero decided to take a chance and join the best program in America. It is done, because today she was spectacular on the biggest stage of all. It is done because she decided to do more than just over power players, this year. It done because she walked to the foul line and killed a bunch of very game roaches. It’s done because only she, with that special personality and insane talent, would be willing to come off the bench…and not a make a FUSS!

It is done because Courtney Dobrzynski‘s ego had to be hurt but yet she did not pout. She embraced her new roll off the bench to help her team. It’s done, because pride and ego did not let her fall backwards. It’s done because now we know what a winner looks like and a REAL TEAMMATE.

It is done because Julia Ramos did not take the easy way out and decided attend a school where getting time is more important that improvement and winning. It’s done because when they needed her…SHE WAS READY! It’s done because Julia Ramos knows her coach can be trusted and her coach has real trust in her.


It is done because Sara Karpell has thick skin. It is done because she was there in the big moments. It is done because she was there watching during the SCT losses and couldn’t help mother as a grammar school player. It is done because this year….SHE COULD HELP…EVEN SAVE THE DAY at times…It is done because a mother’s love, always trumps all..

It is done because Megan Furch did not transfer, because she loves her teammates, coaches and school. It  is done because she gave her all and never ran out on her teammates, when the grass looked greener on the other side. But when it is all said and done… Megan Furch could be the biggest winner at SJV this year…


It is done because Maddie Doring, Reily Kehoe, Sara Furch, Abby Anderko all know there time is coming. Everyone’s time comes at SJV. It is done because they believe in there team, school and coach. It is done because they all work hard and know they are part of  history.

It is done because Kelly Crouch and Emily Uribe help build it. It is done because they were part of the pain along the way before breaking though tonight. It is done because they are teammates and friends and that matters waaaaay more than anything. It’s done because it was they, who started this march toward history.

untitled.png DAWM

It is done because Dawn Karpell never put winning ahead of her kids. It is done because she is not a Chameleon. Her kids know they will see the same person everyday. It’s done because her team never lost in trust in her. It is done because she more than anyone else knew how hard it is to get it done. It is done because she more than anyone else knows how hard it is to win these titles. It is done because she and her staff are tight and speak honest real words to each other…It is done because she had nothing let to win.


YES, IT IS DONE but this is more to do…it’s done and it’s time to dance, sing, party, and cry. But there is more to do…BECAUSE THERE ARE MORE NEW SHINEY RINGS TO GET and now history is calling. It is done, the ten year wait is over. It’s done, they did not lose a shore conference game all year. It is done, because they beat so many ranked teams along the way it’s silly. It is done because they had to over come adversity. It done because no team has EVER…. EVER FACED THIS TYPE OF PRESSURE and come out on top.  It is officially done, ST JOHN VIANNEY, ITS  SENIORS AND MASTERFUL COACH…FINALLY TOLD THE MONKEY “GET THE HELL OFF MY BACK”……SJV has won the SHORE CONFERENCE TITLE…

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