Tomorrow is Thanksgiving Day and  the best girls basketball conference in AMERICA has a lot to be THANKFUL about….

THE SHORE CONFERENCE fans should never take their GREAT coaches for granted. One day Joe Montano and John Truhan may be gone. These are GIANTS in the world of high school basketball. They win games, change lives and make schools and programs household names, they are the measuring stick for all. Then don’t come around very often. Enjoy watching them now because who is to say we will ever see greatness like this again; all in one place at one time….highly unlikely. The two best young coaches in the state Dawn Karpell and Lisa Kukoda reside in the Shore Conference, they are ROLE MODELS for every young girl. Be careful because you never know when a college may come calling…enjoy there work now. John Brown, Tom Brennan are seasoned superstar coaches. Glen Jansen, Matt McCarthy and Kaitlyn Linney are challenging the old guard. Dave Callahan replaced a legend in George Sourlis and has kept RFH among the elite. There is no place, boys or girls that has coaching talent like the Shore…SO BE THANKFUL.

Shore fans BE THANKFUL FOR THE PLAYERS because no place on planet earth, do kids work so hard on there games. No place has more D1 and college bound players. No place else will you find kids who give 100% each night; like they do in the shore. No place has more kids who eat,sleep and dream basketball from a early age. No players are smarter or play with more passion. It’s a different world in the shore, the kids know it, understand it and accept it. This is not a place for the weak or faint hearted. The PLAYERS in the Shore are special and each year it only gets better…be THANKFUL don’t take them for granted .

There is nothing like Shore fansThey have strong opinions, they are loud and over the top, they brag and boast about their teams, they yell at refs and each other. They go on message boards and say nice things and other times hurtful things. They do it out of passion, frustration , pain, jealously or to prove there knowledgeable. They send long winded E Mails complaining about how this blogger plays favorites or is wrong about something he wrote, yes these Shore  fans can be over the top…BUT and it’s a big BUT…would you have it any other way?  Because there is an alternative that other teams and conferences deal with everyday…Empty gyms, lack of interest or worst apathy. Be THANKFUL for Shore Fans, because they make basketball RELEVANT like no other area.

The Dominance of the Shore is undeniable. There is always a Shore team ranked #1 or #2 in the state to start the year and this year is no different. Shore teams dominate every poll. They have multiple teams nationally ranked teams in USA Today…7-10 every year in the state TOP 20. Shore teams are so dominate they often leave teams out of ranking;  just to give other schools some attention. Shore teams roll though the State tourney, there season’s often ending, only after losing to other shore teams. The TOC is often nothing more than a Shore invitational. You don’t have to be a Shore Conference fan to appreciate their dominance …..Just BE THANKFUL 

Manasquan’s Dorothy Loffredo (21) defends Justine Pissott (4) of Red Bank Catholic

Shore fans be Thankful for the media attention the Shore attracts. Be THANKFUL, we have Brian Deakyne of NJ.Com and Danny Logiudice of APP who never forgetful about the Shore Conference. Be THANKFUL for the bloggers who create interest. These are the people who keep us talking Shore basketball year round, while we may not always agree… be THANKFUL and let’s hope they never stop.


THE SHORE CONFERENCE is and always has been a special place. So Be THANKFUL and don’t ever take it for granted. Because many towns, states and conferences WOULD DO ANYTHING TO BE JUST LIKE US…the BEST BASKETBALL FAMILY IN AMERICA…THE SHORE CONFERENCE….


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