The Shore seeding is done and all the talk is over. This year I felt the committee for the most part go it right. We all know that nobody can it it 100% correct when it comes to seeding. The key is to do the best job you can do. That’s exactly what the committee did. There were some real take aways from this years seeding that sets up some great games as well.

My biggest surprise by far was Middletown South being seeded ahead of Marlboro. There is simply no way to justify it other than politics at play. It’s Coach Brennan’s last SCT and his fellow coaches wanted to do right by him. It’s the only way I can explain this. Marlboro is the hottest team in the Shore. There have won 9-10 games with a win over Trinity Hall and they beat the breaks off the team seeded ahead of them… Middletown South. They played one of the best schedules in the Shore. Middletown South received the 13th seed and Marlboro the 14th. That may not seem like much until you realize if both teams advance. Middletown South gets to play Donovan Catholic while Marlboro plays guess who? MANASQUAN… folks that was a lovely parting gift to Coach Brennan.

What to do with RBR was a major topic of conversation. Since the arrival of Josie Munson there are destroying teams. They beat Neptune by a million who beat Tom River North seeded a head of RBR at TRN. They blew out Colts Neck. They beat Wall (without Munson) who beat St Rose and both where seeded ahead of RBR. Finally outside the Big 3, RBR by far have the best win of the season over Monroe. While everyone was singing RFH’s Praises for beating a mediocre Saint Thomas team. They Conveniently didn’t mention Monroe totally crushed St. Thomas and are 17th in the state. And guess who beat Monroe? RBR. So how can RBR be seeded so low? That’s because there body of work before MUNSON arrived was weak. I know what you saying now, then why does that not apply to everyone? Well not everyone has won a SCT CHIP, turned 4 schools dead in the water into champions and has made the once laughing stock of the Shore into a threat to all and next year he will make lots of folks dislike him more. This seed was 100% directed at John Truhan in a effort to knock him down a peg…. knock him off his high horse. YOU STARTING TO KNOW WHAT DAWN KARPELL FEELS LIKE COACH!

Donavan Catholic was rewarded for there great season with the 4th seed. Nobody every thought they see Donovan get a seed this high. But Coaac Jansen has been sensational in putting this together. The committee also got it right by giving Trinity the 7th seed… RESPECT! Jackson Memorial earned a top 10 seed and that word earned is the key. TRN got the 7th seed on the strength of there win over Jax Mem. St Rose got the 9th seed but there is a good chance we will see Crackling Rosie.

There are some interesting 1st round games. Pay close attention to Ocean Twp and Middletown South. That game can go either way. Pt. Boro is a nightmare matchup for Trinity. Neptune and Colts Neck is no reward for winning you get SJV

RACHEL GOODALE has done an amazing job this year

The real fun starts Thursday. Thats because Jackson Memorial and TRN will most likely meet. The fact that this game is being played in the SCT is Poetic justice. The excuses for why these two did not meet earlier for a 2nd divisional game did not smell right and lots of people feel that way. Now those kids get center stage and lets hope a few college coaches, fans and media turn out for this… OCEAN DESERVES IT💪🌈

Someone said Joe Montano and RBCwas afraid of RBR. That was silly but he will see them on Thursday. Do you remember the result that last time folks said RBC didn’t want to see RBR… a 50 point blowout! Justine Pissott is 100% out for this game. This puts a massive amount of pressure on RBC. RBC will need to take a serious approach, no dancing and laughing on game day would help there cause. Meanwhile RBR will need a monster performance from Munson, Azcona, Gardner and Polloway. RBR does not have the quickness to go small and if Ally Carman is scoring, Coach Montano can play her all night especially in the 4th quarter.

MANCHESTER is out for reasons that think is a big secret… its not and rumors is they will be back for the states… too bad Shore fans don’t get to see Devyn Quigley on the big stage!




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TWO teams better be very careful tonight…RBC and Holmdel. Both are facing opponents that have enough in the bag to beat them for difference reasons. Neither Freehold or Southern in