We are close to the recruiting finish line for live period. So today I am going to give you some advice you can live by. Now everyone seems to think they know everything about recruiting. But the fact of the matter is, there are few who understand the process outside of those who have experienced the process from every angle. So you be wise to listen up.



First to the seniors getting ready to choose a school. This time of year that is mostly D1 players. I want to give you some real talk. In case you don’t know over 800 kids were in the transfer portal this year alone. Trust me you don’t want to be in the transfer portal. There is nothing fun about being a gypsy. So when you pick your college of choice. Remember when you leave that school. That nice basketball arena, fancy dorms, beautiful lockerrom and amazing cafeteria will not be coming with you. The only thing you take is your memories, relationships and degree. They all better mean something when your done playing. Don’t ever pick a school because of a relationship with an assistant coach, they don’t call the shots that matter, like playing time. Pick a school because you know and trust the head coach. Make sure your ego is in check, because the biggest mistake made in recruiting?…picking the biggest school to impress others. You know so they won’t  say “see she wasn’t that good” . Let them say what they want, haters going to hate regardless of where you go. So pick a school where you would be most happiest regardless of basketball. Just know this, if you were begging and recruiting that school more than they were recruiting you….SOMETHING IS WRONG. Finally, please understand everyone wants to be a player in your recruiting process, they want coaches to think they have a real say in where you attend school. So choose a school based on your experiences and expectations. Never, ever pick a school based what others tell you..most of those folks never coached a day in college in their  lives.



To those seniors who have not be so lucky in the process, listen carefully. If you want to make your dreams come true, the #1 thing you can’t do is give up. I am here to tell you, that’s the most common mistake I see in the recruiting  process. Kids, families and even coaches, given up. As other kids get offers and kids read the articles, see the tweets about kids committing and then signing at schools. Some kids will give up hope, get depressed and sad it’s not happening for them. So I tell them,  “you get in the gym and work harder than ever”.  We make more calls, we e mail more coaches, we tweet more….WE JUST DO MORE. You must play the process out to the bitter end. Settling is okay if you can live with it. There will be more than enough people telling you it’s time to more on, give  up on your dreams. But I am here to tell you anything is possible. I have seen it happen to often. But you must first must  ignore those who don’t have the vision to see that your dreams are possible. Know your dreams don’t end after the July recruiting period. You always have time to get better. There is always time for a school to find you, if you don’t give up…I know too many kids whose dreams would have come true if they’d had the strength and mental  fortitude to just hung in there a little longer…but settling is so much easier. The cemetery is full of dead dreams and broken hearts .



To all the rising juniors and underclassmen. The best advice your going to get about  recruiting is this. If you have offers wonderful, if you don’t have offers no big deal. Because here is something you can take to the bank. You better focus on one thing…GETTING BETTER. You better understand nothing means nothing until you are a rising senior. Those offers you have are all nothing but words. There based on potential…NOTHING MORE. If you develop then the words and offers will have value. If you don’t, well then you will learn a harsh life lesson. To those without offers, it just means nobody has discovered you yet. So get in the gym, live in the gym. But more than anything else, know that you cannot trick College coaches. You going to have to do the work. College coaches know because everyone talks and your  reputation is either as worker or your not. So come next week a lot of players are going have to admit they didn’t work hard enough and regret not doing so. You be wise to listen to me now and create a reputation as a worker…because perception is reality. Yours better be one of a gym rat.



To all the parents, know that not every dream is not going to come true. If your child is one of the lucky ones. God bless you, but please be humble and understand there are broken hearts all around you…the less said about your child greatness by you…the better. Let’s us brag for you. To the parents who are watching there child’s disappointment play out. Know this, the best thing you can give your child is support, strength and the environment to keep there dreams alive. You don’t have to look for a scapegoat. What you need to look for are new roads. New ideas and new dreams. Be honest with your child but if there willing to keep chasing the dream…run along side of them. But more than anything else …don’t listen to those who tell you, your child can’t do it because it’s taking longer than you or they like..,CHILDEN CAN DO ANYTHING…WHEN YOU MAKE THEM BELIEVE.



Let me say this about recruiting, it’s not easy on anyone. The parents, coaches, players and yes even friends. There are so many circumstances that come into play in the recruiting process. Like lots of tears for one, bad advice(I’ve seen enough to last a lifetime) injuries and misunderstandings. One day your dream school doesn’t have a scholarship, the next day they do. One day they offer you and the next day it’s gone. It’s a process that is not an exact science. My best advice to all, is to surround yourself with those people with a track record of sucess. Those include, trainers, coaches and advisors. Know this ..”the track record never lies”.  Know there is time …lots of time…so don’t assume anything …JUST STAY THE COURSE AND FOCUS ON YOUR DREAMS AND DECISIONS.








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