This is a quick rant that I have updated. While you are preparing for the College Elite Camps and the Live  recruiting period in July, let me give you some advice.


FIRST CREATE A  HIGHLIGHT will not get you a scholarship. But it may help perk up a coaches interest and help create the #1 most important thing in recruiting…name recognition. It may also be the only time a coach will see you play until Elite Camp or July…. Below is the gold standard of  what a highlight tape, should look like. High quality video and displaying all aspects of a players game.

* Reach out to college coaches before you attend your Elite Camp. Start sending out your July schedule of where you will be…NOW as in RIGHT NOW...this means calling the office or cell phone. While e-mails may be read many coaches are busy. A call has a personal touch.

* Know if coaches are even recruiting your position… the your year of  your graduation. If you are a Junior or Senior, I would tell you that you need a real sense of urgency if you have not received a offer or strong interest.(hand written letters, phone calls) but don’t panic, there is plenty of time…but get going, be aggressive and don’t waste time with schools who are not recruiting your position. Best player available means just that when a coach says that.

* The recruiting period does not end after July. Many COLLEGES are running Elite Camps in August. These Elite camps for some reason are missed by players all the time. Seniors these are some of the best Elite Camps, as coaches my have lost recruits along the way.

* I am going to say this for the last time. The only one who should control your recruiting is YOU…because here is fact…sometimes well meaning people can ruin your recruiting. Never let an AAU speak for you. You must speak to coaches directly.


Finally PARENTS, PLAYERS  and AAU coaches,  please I beg you and I can’t say this any stronger…KEEP YOUR RECRUITING TO YOURSELF. Often AAU programs try to use your recruiting as tool to bring attention to their program.  I can tell you every year a AAU coach, parent or player says something to someone outside of what should be a small inner circle that upsets the entire process… I will tell you very strongly not to talk  recruiting with ANYONE … YOU BE WISE TO TAKE MY ADVICE! 



This event is will sell out and spots are filling up quickly

This event is will sell out and spots are filling up quickly


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