RBC Tops 2026 Class… TRINITY HALL talent level grows🌈👏

Next year the Shore Conference will explode with talented babies. Next year will be the most talented group to enter the Shore in a decade. When you start talking about impact freshman, it gets everyone up in arms. But the fact of the matter is in my case rarely if ever do I swing and miss.. The one thing I am batting 100% with is this… if I say a freshman is a impact player that is something you can write in stone.

Sometimes great freshman are forced to wait a year or even two. It could be because a talented player is in front of them. It could certainly be politics when a roster gets too deep and coaches plays kids out of fear of losing them. The freshman who gain the most attention entering high school are those with D1 offers before they play a high school game or those projected as D1 players in time… LIKE IT OR NOT!

In most years a typical class in the Shore has about 8-12 projected D1 players to start. That numbers rises somewhere between another 3-4 kids before the dust clears and that Particular class graduates. Very rarely does a projected D1 player end up not being one. But make no mistake it has been known to happen. This class starts with a stunning record 17 D1 players. The most D1 players in a Shore class is 22 and the 2026 has taken full aim at this record.

Four years later this All Freshman team has fulfilled there promise 💪👏

Finally remember this is just a list of kids I know. Remember not every top 8th grader trains with me. Take Ranney High School’s Brooklyn Taylor and Haley Posner. Both do not train with me and both have excellent futures ahead of them. While I wrote about Taylor I had no idea who Posner was. The same goes for RFH freshman Sylvie Nitone, who is clearly is in the All Freshman Team conversation. The list of Freshman who were not household names that became stars include Krista Donza Jackson Memorial and Navy, Lucy Thomas St Rose and Monmouth U for example. So one thing is clear I make get the ones I know right… but I certainly have missed a few along the way.

Finally when you talk about the best incoming freshman, it upsets parents and players currently in a program. It causes some kids in some cases to transfer. It can upset incoming freshman whose names are not mentioned. But remember the high school coach has zero to do with these list and pay little if any attention to them. These list often upset high school coaches who want there incoming freshman to have a level head. But at the end of the day if all parties are honest and the best players play, in most cases things work out just find… but here is a little something for all to think about. I can’t think of one single projected D1 entering baby who didn’t at some point impact a program … TODAY YOU GET THE FIRST TWO of the 10 Teams I will update you about all week

RBC has one of the best entering freshman classes in Shore History… they are gym rats, competitive and almost all are D1 players.

Addy Nymcheck 5’10- Shoreshots-combo – She is a future mega star. She will be one of the best entering freshman on the entire East Coast. She can play all three guard positions. She will be one of most recruited players in NJ. She is a future D1 lock

Katie Liggio 5’6”- Shoreshots-wing- make no mistake this the best pure shooter in the state of New Jersey ”RIGHT NOW” as a 8th grader. She has a gift for scoring. Her shooting range is as deep as Pissott’s is right now… she is a future D1 lock.

Lola Giordando- NJ RISE- 5’7”- Combo- Her elite body and attitude jump off the page and her competitive nature is scary. She is not only talented but getting better by the minute. She can score, pass and defend at a high level vs elite older competition. This is a special talent .. she is a D1 lock

Daniela MaletskyNJ RISE- 5’7” – Wing– she has the length of a 6’2” player. She just might at some point be the best player in the 2026 class her upside is that big. She has elite passing and rebounding skills. But its her hard nosed defense and improved shooting that are game changers .. she is a D1 lock

Sophia Smith – SHORESHOTS- 6’0”– Forward- She is the best incoming forward in the shore. She is the most improved forward in the Shore. She is quick, athletic, competitive with elite jumping ability and a future D1 lock

Tessa Liggio-ShoreShots- 5’5” POINT GUARD– She could be the best incoming pure point guard in the State. That’s because of the leadership skills, insane commitment, a competitive nature that is off the charts. She is the best shooting PG in the 2026 class with elite range… she is a D1 lock.

Sofia Colon 5’6”- NJ Rise- Wing – She is fast and athletic. She seems to have improved in a big way. She is a hunter on defense. She has a real chance to make a impact in time.

SYNAI BLYCHANTON– possible sleeper is the word

UNNAMED– There currently is a NY 2026 whose dad has informed me she has applied to RBC. RBC and the Shore community do not know her but I certainly do… she is as athletIc and as fast as they come. She is also an elite soccer player

TRINITY HALL.. they have a deep class and importantly are waiting to see what a future D1 player will decide. This is the most talented group as a whole to enter Trinity Hall

Niamh Stapleton.m– Nj RISE- 5’10”Swing Forward– NJ Rise- (Pronounced Neeve)- She is a warrior and highly competitive. She has trained against older D1 competition and has played elite AAU. She is a difference maker and future D1 player

Grace Feeney- 6’0- Nj Rise – Forward– She could be a sleeper in this class. She is active, competitive and according to numerous souces has stepped up her training. She plays high level AAU and is talented and skilled.

Whitney Hobson-5’8”- Shoreshots- Swing She surprised everyone by picking Trinity Hall. She has played the highest level of AAU. She has trained in elite environments. This is a steal who will be a impact because of her work ethic and competitive background.

Bridget Rigney- 5’7”- NJ RISE- Wing- She won’t get the hype of others. But she could be the surprise of this class. This young lady can play folks. She can shoot, defend and most importantly COMPETE… another steal for Trinity. She is proving her talent daily with her commitment.

Elizabeth Paolella5’8”- shoreshots-Combo- This is the ultimate warrior and Threat to become of of the best two guards in the Shore. She is already an elite defender. Her edge and toughness is at the top of the class.

Maddie Quinn- 5’9”- NJ RISE- Forward- undersized rebounder, plays hard, glue player completive. A big upsize for a kid who has a real chance in time.


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