I really don’t have a topic to talk about today. But I have a lot of Random thoughts running though my head this morning.


Why do people say I have favorites? Like I am not suppose to have favorites? Tina Lebron, is one my favorites…so what? I root hard as hell for her? Anna Bendel is one of my favorites. I’m not trying to hide anything…I LOVE THE SABINO’S…SOOOO WHAT?

I laugh at people who say I hype kids…LOL no I will just start hating on them because that is so much better.

Do people understand when they send me E-Mails hating on kids or complaining on message boards, I laugh and we actually collect them and read them out loud at lunch…

Why do people complain about my spelling and grammar? You get what you get…don’t read it …if it bothers you so much…I got a combined score of 740 on the SATs…I think that explains a lot.

I must think in my head a 100 times a day. How in the world did Long Island University get GiGi Caponegro. I mean I was in that conference for 15 years and I know the talent level of the players. She is going to be a dominate player its amazing to me LIU got this done


ALEX MUMMETT is going to a stud and the reason why is the kid has a real desire to be special….SYD SABINO AGREES for reasons that have nothing to do with basketball.

I LOVE HOPE MANSONIOUS… but then again I love the entire Masonious family.

Hayley Moore of RBC is the best shooter in transition I have ever seen in the shore…I said EVER! How she gets its off that quick with such accuracy is pretty amazing.

Joe Montano for my money is the John Wooden of the shore, not because of the wins. He really makes sure his kids understand what team and respect means. If I was a young coach I would want to work for him and learn. College coaches should have him do a clinic on how to work officials…the feaking guy is the best in the business at it…I’m talking college guys too..

Lisa Kukoda has her twin babies… she has a built in babies sitters for years to come. Think about this the RBC family has 6 SCT titles…Her father in law is one of the best people I know. Without his help we never have a NBS…


I can’t wait for this weekend because I have not given a NBS T- Shirt out in 7 years and this weekend Kelly Crouch will get one. I think the last person to get a shirt was Sara Torn (St. Francis)…MEGAN MCGUNNESS MUST BE PISSED

How Oliva Matto and Alyssa Shriver’s make the trip to NBS every SATURDAY AND SUNDAY  traveling 2 hours or more one way…IS NUTS. But you know what is even more crazy? Emilee Cramer is just a freshman and does the same…

Just thinking about what a college coach said to me last week. ” you really believe Dezzy Allen is a POY candidate”…the answer to that is 100% yes

I wonder how Alex Brazotti is doing at Loyola, I mean the kid is a winner and I just wonder how things are going. It’s hard to stay in contact once they get to college but I miss her.

Speaking of missing kids, the Morris Twins have decided not to train or play this fall because of academic reasons… I feel like something is missing not having them around. Both are amazing kids and more importantly everyone loves them….can’t wait for the season to start ladies:}


I have an not idea how Elise Brown is being missed by college coaches…I just don’t understand it

I have a feeling Megan Volker is going to be a D1 player before all is said and done.

Boy watching Lauren Lithgow this week was eye poping…OMG kid is really special. Funny how you forget about kids when you don’t see them.

Elyn Stoll is going to have ready… 6/7 offers by next April lets see if am right.


Yes Addie Masonious has D1 offers…that’s why she is a lock.

STELLA CLARK…ahh it going to be interesting, DARE I SAY GO WEST YOUNG LADY …GO WEST LOL

Mikayla Marham is the most recruited baby point by a long shot right now.  She has more offers than a beauty Queen.

NOTHING bugs me more than a kid who is not a senior missing a practice, training session or school to visit a college…I just don’t get that and NEVER WILL, putting visiting a school ahead of getting better…when will they learn.

Why are kids switching AAU teams and not calling the teams they are leaving? I know why because AAU brings out the worst in people..it just can’t help itself.

Rider College does one of the best recruiting jobs of any local mid major and yet can’t steal a big time kid? Most coaches and players have no idea what Rider has to offer…I say go to a game it may change how you feel

I have a great feeling about RFH, they could win the SCT. But  am not sure where the post scoring is coming from.


Love the Middletown South program and kids…never Drama and always local kids..kinda cool right!

Loving, GiGI, Pero..Lebron…Dicindio…Carroll…Mack(shore adopted)…Foos…Antonakakis…All great kids you know why?…GREAT FAMILIES!

Box Score junkies….I can’t stand them, all they and their parents think about is the points… they kill your team chemistry and take the fun out of the game… no coach likes them in the end!

I think it strange we never talk about Jen Inman. I am going to blog about her again next week. I may be crazy but I am telling you a D1 school would not be crazy to take a chance on this young lady…my opinion

Love how people say “Tiny says everyone is D1 and is most of the time”…still waiting for an example, when I HAVE BEEN WRONG…opps it not coming…LOL

Do you know who is starting to put some distance between herself and other point guards in her class? Rose Caverly because she is a GYM RAT, has size for her position and is getting better everyday…the kid simply shows up.

Cameron Foltz I never thought this kid was going to become what she has become…one of the best 8th graders in the Shore…Happy for that kid.

My girl Jazzy Jaz  is going to be special …listen to your dad and the sky is the limit young lady. I hear she is putting work for the JSWILDCATS…U GO GIRL!

How about the Mabrey family they have two daughters with a chance to win a National Championship together…pretty cool stuff.

Speaking of sisters, the Sabino’s have two kids going to play D1 basketball. But the best of the bunch is going to Sophia Sabino who could be the best 7th grader I know.


Speaking of young players…Kayla Richardson is growing up right in front of my eyes. The kid has had two monster weekends at NBS and folks she is not doing it against the little sisters of the blind. She is doing it against D1  players 6ft or bigger…she is only in 8th grade.


By the way “the problem child” is the best freshman point guard these eyes has ever seen. Santiago is a rare talent but let me tell you something Brielle Bisogno of Toms River North is no joke. I love watching those two get after each other at NBS

Nicole Johnson of East Brunswick would be a top 3 sophomore in the shore. Nobody and I mean nobody has her quick’s and shooting ability.

Molly Collins right now has the best game that translates to college of all the shore babies… scores under the foul line over bigs, runs pick and roll to perfection and easily is the best deep shooting baby point guard with her range.

How many people know Kerri Tank? I pick nobody outside her AAU team. Guess what I think this kid is going to be a D1 player. Now if I could only get her to attend Core Skills on top of NBS….come on Kerry:)

I’m sorry Christina DiCinDio is for my money right now the best young post player I know.

Please stop telling me how bad you want it and you can’t to the gym everyday. I have a 5th grader from Staten Island who gets to Hoop Group 4 days a week and comes to NBS on Sundays…oh wait she is rated the best 5th grader in the country….there is a reason folks

Coach Candy Green is in town, she going to watch her cousin play the Devils  and then I am sure ask me a thousand questions about shore kids….No special treatment for her, she has to figure it out on her own…LOL

Finally Mid Monmouth is the best grammar school basketball orginazation on planet earth….because the people actually care




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