There is so much to talk about that I should call this blog too many RANDOM THOUGHTS. It’s been a great week for girls basketball and now we start talking about what to expect this season.


The Hoop Group Boot Camp is this weekend. I always love this event because it give me a chance to see which kids are competitive and which kids love being in the gym. This event really sets the tone for me each season. It goes to the mind set of kids preparing for the season. You have to love the Boot Camp.

While it’s exciting to see all the players who dreams have come true. Just keep in mind there are a number of kids still waiting to make D1 decisions. None bigger than Erika Porter of Notre Dame and Taylor Crystian and RBR. Both have D1 offers on the table. I think we will have no less than 3 more D1 players added to this class.

The college season is in full swing and Lola Mullaney of Harvard is making a statement as one of the best freshman in the country. That’s no surprise to me because Mullaney  was one of the best in all of New Jersey last year. But for some reason people did not want to give her the credit she deserves. Good thing in college they go by production and not politics.

The fall has been really interesting this year. I feel a real change  of culture at Trinity Hall and Holmdel high school both programs have lots of talent. The question for me regarding both these programs is the competitive nature part. School like SJV, RBC and St. Rose have such high competitive kids. That’s the biggest gap between these programs and upstart programs like Trinity and Holmdel. Maybe that is changing because word is both these programs worked hard in the off season.

I am going to tell you this, Amaya Bray  of Manchester is going to be really good this year. The young lady has made a point of training in highly competitive environments this year. She is becoming a better shooter and more importantly improving her handle vs real pressure.

So Justine Pissott has moved on to the Philly Belles. So naturally you would think the 2021 Shoreshots to take a step back right? Well folks surprise, surprise because the ShoreShots folks are going to be better. They are in the process of adding two mega studs. College coaches your jaw is about to drop.

Have we ever had a year where so little is being said about SJV.  I say the perfect storm is brewing for the Lancers. 4 years ago everyone said SJV would be in rebuilding mode and they lost in the SCT final. What people should be talking about is this..go look at what all the SJV seniors from a year ago are doing in college….THEY ARE KILLING IT!

Thanks to Kermari Reynolds Ocean County has get a 3 year streak alive of having a D1 player. Next year it will be 4 years because Destiny Adams has P5 offers and Jordan Keating has a D1 offer on the table. Ocean has two current 8th graders who are D1 players both are from Toms River.

I have to say this culture of people calling the NJISAA every week to try and create drama for schools, players and coaches is a joke. Most of these phones calls lead to nothing and in most cases are just a bunch of haters. Here is some advice..get in the gym and work harder.





Middletown South has two D1 players
on their roster and is will fight to be a Top 10 team in the Shore. How is that possible you ask? It’s simple an injury to their projected point guard. But worse outside of Stephanie Mayerhofer they have suffered from injuries and lack of gym time by an already inexperienced crew. They could be fighting an uphill battle this season. But isn’t this the case every year before Tom Brennan works his magic.





They’re a number of young ladies struggling in their first year of college and do you know why? Lack of preparation in their training. You can’t train and practice against weak competition before going to college. It doesn’t work and leads to disappointing starts to careers… one player I can tell you who is going to be 100% prepared…Camryn Foltz.

NBS senior day is tomorrow and all sessions are at 9am-11pm….

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