Carlie Lapinski is a risk taker. She always has been. She also is a savior in the sense that nothing has ever made quit. I am not sure I know a kid more talented who has been though more ups and downs along the way. I just know CARLIE LAPINSKI has always found a way. Somehow Carlie Lapinski also seems to always finds herself around the best. These days she has found her way to JEFFERSON UNIVERSITY as she gave the D2 powerhouse a verbal commitment.

I remember when Carlie Lapinski was just a 7th grader battling 6’5” ALLY CARMAN( Boston College/Iona). She gave away 30 pounds and 6 inches at that time. It didn’t matter because the two went toe to toe that day. With Carlie Lapinski refusing to back down a step. It was then I knew Carlie Lapinski was a kid that just figured things out. A kid that despite things not always going her way, always found a way to to turn lemons into lemonade. She really has been doing this her entire young adult life. When you look at Carlie the first thing you notice is her stunning beauty. It’s hard not to notice it. It’s also why when you watch her play, it throws you off. Her competitive nature, her all out hustle with a willingness to sacrifice her body is rare for players her size. It’s also why Carlie Lapinski has always found a way to shine..

When Carlie Lapinski was 8th grader. She told me she was going to attend RANNEY. She told me that a few of her friends and her sister Morgan would be joining her. She wanted to do for RANNEY girls basketball what Scotty Lewis and company did for the boys team. She wanted RANNEY to become a powerhouse in girls basketball. She had dreams of a Top 10 team in the state. Maybe win a SCT. Carlie had an outstanding freshman year. In her sophomore year she was even better. The team was better. They were ranked in the Shore Top 10 and beat Top 20 RFH. It’s seemed Ranney was on their way. But Carlie Lapinski wanted more, she knew if she stayed at Ranney like so many other kids before her, she could get lost.  Carlie wanted to run with the big dogs and prove she could play with the best of the best. So she transferred to MANASQUAN.

When Carlie transferred to Manasquan  she had to start all over again. She gave up a lot to get a lot.  She had to sit 30 days, meaning not playing for the first time in life. She didn’t know what to expect. But Carlie has never had things gift wrapped for her. She has always had to work a little harder. She knew that she wouldn’t start, something  she never experienced and she knew that she was an outsider. But like always Carlie Lapinski figured it out. When she became part of the Manasquan rotation they started  to roll. Her high post passing, rebounding, physical presence and defense was heaven sent. Carlie reinvented her game, she did all the things nobody thought she could do. It’s a trick she has mastered over the years. Like proving she was a deadly shooter before anyone caught on. Like running the floor before anyone figured it out. Carlie Lapinski helped Manasquan get to another level as a team. She has put them in a position to win another state title and maybe a SCT title. Like I said it’s funny but it seems CARLIE is always part of winning teams.

I know few kids like Carlie Lapinski. She is warm hearted and sensitive. Something few know about her. They see her warrior mentality and think that is who she is. No, that’s who she is on the basketball court. I remember her at NBS playing her heart out and losing her one on one battle. She came up to me with tears in her eyes and said “TINY, I’m not running” not only did she run. She ran harder than everyone. You see Carlie is a winner and that’s the thing we all forget about her. Everyone, everything  she has ever touched has turned to gold. We just haven’t been willing to give her credit. That is until now because everything the JEFFERSON UNIVERSITY staff touches turns to goal… THEY PLAY FOR CHIPS!!!!

This year the most loyal kid you may ever met made a tough decision. She left the team that she played AAU for her entire life, the NJ RISE. Her love for Ellen Masonious and her teammates are written in stone. But after 2 years at Ranney and half a season at Manasquan,  Carlie Lapinski, she knew she needed exposure. She cried when she let the team. She thanked  Ellen Masonious for teaching her how to love the game. So she joined UNTIED to play for Coach Jimmy “O”. It may have been the best decision she has ever made. Jefferson University was the beneficiary of this decision. That’s because they got to see what a 6’1” forward that is highly skilled and coached up can do against top level competition. Jefferson University are the luckiest staff in D2 basketball. That’s because even they don’t understand how good Carlie Lapinski really is as a player. They have no idea that Carlie Lapinski is one of the best players in the shore. The truth be told most don’t know. She played two years in the darkness at Ranney and less than a half season at Manasquan. We have yet to see all the Carlie Lapinski can and will be… JEFFERSON UNIVERSITY is getting an impact player and a kid that cares about winning above all else.

You can say it takes a village and all those kind words about a kids inner circle when they get a full scholarship to school. When they make a dream come true. But Carlie Lapinski’s village is her family. There are families that support kids and then there are families that believe in kids. Carlie’s big sister Morgan is her best friend. The one that give her truth. The one she has seen battle so much during her athletic career. Morgan showed Carlie, how to overcome tough times. She always let Carlie know, she had real backup, not talk. Morgan is not just a big sister, she is an angel. She is an angel with the biggest heart, a younger sister could ever pray for. Carlie’s father CHRIS is her biggest supporter. The one that never let her stop believing. The one who wiped away the tears. The one that never questioned what the final outcome to all this madness would be. Chris Lapinski knew his daughter could and would be … SPECIAL. Carlie’s mom, CHRIS is exactly that, a mom. Someone that protected her daughter. Allowed her and taught her it’s ok to take risk. She made sure Carlie knew it was okay to spread her wings and to be who ever she wanted to be. She gave Carlie the courage, ever kid on their journey needs. It’s this inner circle that has allowed Carlie to made a dream come true. No family has ever circled up the wagons better… and it’s been  a beautiful thing in too many ways to describe

CARLIE LAPINSKI has been finding a way it seems forever. She has found her way once again.  It’s not easy when you have the looks of a beauty queen and the heart of a gladiator. People just make assumptions. But Carlie has taken risk every step of the way and now it has paid off. She didn’t have to attend Ranney… but she did because she wanted to try and do something great. She choose Manasquan because she is winner. She joined the United team even when it broke her heart. Now she choose JEFFERSON UNIVERSITY because she knew they are great. That they are winners and good people. She choose a school much like herself. A place that you can trust and a place that you can do big things… REALLY BIG THINGS!

CONGRATS TO CARLIE LAPINSKI… not kid has overcame more or  “EARNED” It more.










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