You will never convince all parents that their kids success is based on their talent and how that talent is developed. You will never convince all kids that road map to success is filled with up and downs. Tears and doubt along the way. It why parents constantly are making decisions on their kids future with politics in mind. It’s why many kids dreams die on the vine. That’s because so many kids  believe it’s about hype and not sacrifices. They only learn there  wrong  when the dream starts slipping away.


I stood in front of NBS this weekend. I told kids stop worrying about getting recruited this time of year. Worry about getting better. But for too many of those kids standing on the baseline it ‘s  just words, another Tiny Green rant. Forget the person in front of them knows more about the recruiting process than all the people they know combined. Forget the guy standing in front of them has a track record of success that few if any can match when it comes to advising kids on how to fulfill their dreams. They often don’t listen because parents and kids do not trust themselves. So there are constantly trying to figure out a political angle.

Why do kids skips workout to visit a college?  Why do they run home and skip training before a meaningless fall league game? Isn’t it a great experience for a kid to visit a college? Is it wrong for a kid not to want to be fully rested for a fall league game with the high school Coach watching? Why would a kid leave NBS to play a fall league game with a AAU team against lesser talent? The answer to all this questions  is simple, the kid and parents don’t understand what matters most, getting better. It’s the  same reason every year this time of year, kids hoping to attend college are looking for a lifeline. It’s this time of year when a kid is a senior and will do anything to be saved and land at a college. They don’t care who they offend or what anyone thinks. They no longer  care about the political game. They only want a positive result. But here is the program. Along the way mom and dad played politics. They skipped the workouts and took the visits. They were never constant in the one thing that matters most. Getting better, the only thing that mattered in the past was the politics and a numbers of kids are about to find that out the hard way… your game of politics. Just make you feel good but don’t decide your future.

They suck up to the high school coach. They suck up to the AAU coach.  They train with their personnel trainer as if that makes them special. They visit a different college every weekend. It makes them feel wanted. Freshman visiting colleges before playing a game or without an offer. Sophomores visiting D3 schools in the fall. These are all feel good moments that have zero to do with a kid’s development. These are the politics of the day in sports. But in the end here is what kids need to know. All the ass kissing, smiling, attending bad workouts, feel good moments don’t mean a thing in the end. That’s because in the end if that kid is not good enough. They don’t play and they don’t get recruited, they have no power or control of their future. This is the thing parents and kids don’t understand until they near the finish line. It’s then they  realize all that booty kissing over the years doesn’t matter. Bragging about your high level AAU team is not worth a nickel. All the things that had no substance but  mattered so much along the way are now worthless without meaning. What matters is how good a kid is, that’s all that matters. It’s a fact and I’m here to tell you this is a fact. There is more politics being played than ever these days and some kids are on track to pay the price for their and there parents indiscretions. Do you ever notice the good ones never have to play politics. Why ? They are all willing to trust their ability and that’s where all the problems start for those who don’t.

My goal for every kid in my program or attends my training is simply. Work hard and get uncomfortable. I am constantly pressuring kids to get in the gym. I push them, call them out and harass them. I want to give them every chance to make that dream come true. I have to feel good that I tired everything to convince that kid my harassing them is not worth them not getting in the gym. This can be tiring and stressful. But if you care about a kid and it’s not bullshit. You do this and in the end you must reward that kid. Now that’s the hard part. If you pressure the kid and family. You must deliver in the end or you’re a phony. I believe getting in the gym is a skill set. It’s the only way to fulfill a dream.

There is not 100 ways to skin a cat. But there are 100 ways to ruin a career and a future. It starts with trying to play politics rather than relying on their game. But if the kid doesn’t work hard and has a millions excuses. They believe the way to the light is by playing the political game. They hang around the best players, they become part of the in crowd. They roll with people they think have juice with the  Coach or better juice with college coaches. They’re like a cheap suit, they’re always hanging around. But what they won’t do is pay the price. They’re scared to be truthful and scared to trust, so everything they do is measured. It never comes down to what makes them better first… when you scared your not good enough, this is what you do!

There is year lots of kids are going to watch there dreams go up in smoke and in most cases the #1 reason why was politics and it’s starts at a early age and continues  until judgement day… also known as⬇️





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