Before you read today’s blog stop and read this story ( Now that you’ve read the story, let me tell you something I’ve learned about kids. They are stronger than adults when it come to athletics. They handle disappointment better than any parent or coach any day of the week. Young people always believe they can do the impossible. It’s not until they lose their innocence , that they truly stop believing in  miracles. Right now Manchester is working on a miracle season.

When injuries to the ADAMS SISTERS, stole there season from them last year. Many believed Manchester was in for a rebuilding year. Any thoughts of winning B SOUTH was nothing more than a pipe dream. They had lost there two star players to graduation and most believe the window of  opportunity had for a  title or a Top Ten Ranking in the Shore had closed. The 2016-17 season was a year to rebuild and hope for better things in the future. They had a young team and the best 8th grader in the state in the wings. This was suppose to be a year to dream about the future. The problem was that nobody told Coach Dave Beauchemin and his young team this.

That's Kermari Reynolds and her mom after winning the 8th grade title...there going for a bigger one

That’s Kermari Reynolds and her mom after winning the 8th grade title…there going for a bigger one

When in the third game of the season, Manchester lost a tight, hard fought battle to Donovan Catholic, many thought it was something a young team should be proud of. A 46-40 lost to a Top 10 team in the Shore was nothing to be  ashamed about. But it was clear that day, Manchester had different ideas. Three days later Manchester sent a message to the entire Shore community, when they beat the B South favorite Point Boro. It was a coming out party for last years impact freshman Dakota Adams who had a double/double with 10 points and 10 rebounds.  Freshman Serenity Anderson almost got her own double/double with 13 points and 9 rebounds. But it was star Freshman Kermari Reynolds that everyone was talking about. The baby had 18 points, 3 rebounds and 3 dimes. But three nights later Manchester lost to the very same Point Boro team. It was a great example of Rome is not built with one win. But one game can be a peek into the future, because Kermari Reynold went OFF…she had 25 points and her freshman counter part…Serenity Anderson had another double figure game with 11 points. Manchester had the making of a team that just may not be rebuilding but reloading.

 Dakota Adams Is having another banner season after last years injury detrailed Manchester's season

Dakota Adams Is having another banner season after last years injury detrailed Manchester’s season

They say one game can change a teams fortunes, for the  good or  worse. Last year one game changed Manchester’s season for the worse. This year one game may have changed Manchester ‘s season for the good as in real good. In the WOBM, MANCHESTER lost a heartbreaker to Top 20 in the state NEPTUNE. They lost to the healthy NEPTUNE team. Not the battered and bruised Neptune squad. They lost 51-44, but that was not the story. The real story was they lead at half time and battled NEPTUNE right down to the wire. They held scoring machine DEZZY ALLEN to 14 points. Manchester learned they could play with ANYONE. They knew they were growing up a little faster than expected, and something big could be happening. In losing, Manchester had grown up…because right now there one of the hottest teams in New Jersey.

Spence has had game winning shots and been the leader. Yet rarely gets love...she care less, these days.

Spence has had game winning shots and been the leader. Yet rarely gets love…she care less, these days.

Khamyia Spence was part of last year’s nightmare ending. She is a gym rat and warrior. She is a lock down defender and who is ultra competitive. She is now the team leader as a junior. She is that player who does what is needed on and off the court. That could mean a game winning shot as she has done this year; or a great pass. In the game vs. Neptune she had 8 points 3 dimes and 2 steals. She is not afraid of the big moments. I often tell her “I need to give you some love”. She is that program kid who is okay with others having the spotlight. Khamyia knows a lot was taken from her last year. She doesn’t have time for things that don’t matter. I don’t think she cares about getting love from me. I don’t think she cares, she is under appreciated or others get more credit and attention. She knows without her, MANCHESTER WOULD BE TOTALLY LOST.

DEJAH ADAMS more than any player on the Manchester roster has a sense of  urgency. Last year she had to think it was Manchester’s year.  She knows everyone will be juiced up for the arrival of her younger sister Destiny . While she is happy for her sister and her teammates future. Dejah Adams is on her last rodeo. She  doesn’t have next year. For her the time is now. She has done the dirty work for years. It’s she that has to provide the rebounding and defense. She doesn’t care, when she gets a double/double and nobody says a word. She is a senior and can’t believe she is getting a 2nd chance to do , what she wasn’t allowed to finish last year. WIN A TITLE, WHICH SHE MUST FEEL WAS TAKEN AWAY FROM HER, LAST SEASON. She may finally get that sole divisional  championship. She has had to battle a torn ACL and other injuries which prevented her from playing and training. She more than anyone has paid the price.  No, DEJAH ADAMS, loves her future STAR sister, but for her it’s about…RIGHT NOW!

Coach Brahman has some how got his kids to believe

Coach Beauchemin got a bad break last year…this year he’s getting the breaks

Dave Beachham made all the right moves last year. His kids did everything he asked them to do. He won’t admit it, but sharing the B South title last year, couldn’t have tasted right. He knows, he and his team didn’t get a fair shake by the basketball gods. But he has been getting the breaks this year. He knows he was in a dog fight for the services of Kermari Reynolds. When she decided to attend Manchester he knew his teams future looked bright. He now knows the best 8th grader in the state joins his program in a year. Dave Beachman knew his team could be great in a few years…he just didn’t know they be great this year..

The Manchester entire team is making up for lost time

The Manchester entire team is making up for lost time



Last week Manchester did something nobody saw coming, they won there 9th straight game. They also did something even they probably can’t believe, they beat Donovan Catholic for a 2nd time and did the same thing to Point Boro for a 2nd time…all in the SAME WEEK. They all chipped in, Bethany Burton for example came off the bench and scored 4 points and grabbed 4 rebounds vs Donavan Catholic. A’liah Moore averaged 5 points and 4 rebounds in both wins. They have been solid as a rock. They have been part of      a little return to last year.  Manchester is in first place in B SOUTH, they appear to making up for lost time. There are playing to remind everyone…There still here and yesterday, They got a little something back from last year….We wecolmed them back to the SHORE TOP 10.



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