KERMARI REYNOLDS….that was quick!

Kermari Reynolds is running out of accomplishments, people. She was the 2017  Freshman of the Year. She has D1 scholarship offers on the table. She is considered one of the best players in the state. She has won a State Title and Shore Conference Title. Then yesterday she added another accomplishment to her resume. She scored her 1000th point. She has done all this and she is just a junior!

Kermari Reynolds road to 1000 points has to be the most interesting road to the milestone, that we have seen. You see Kermari Reynold was not even expected to play in the Shore Conference. Her father was in the military and was transferred to North Carolina. I remember her mom telling me, she wasn’t sure that she’d be around for the her freshman year. Well Manchester is glad she hung around. Her freshman year Kermari did just about everything possible. She  scored, rebounded and dropped dimes and was maybe the best defender in the shore. She averaged 14.1 points and 3 assists and 6 rebounds, she scored 421 points that season. She was special all season. It was her 25 point performance against Divisional favorite Point Boro that really got people talking about Manchester. It was that game that made people believe Manchester was on to something and she was the star attraction. She also led Manchester to its first state Group 2 sectional title.



IMG_1070I have long said I believe that Kermari Reynold is the best leader in the Shore. She just knows how to lead the right way. I remember when we were taking 1st Team All Freshman pictures. She just took control of everything that day. She told everyone were to stand, how to pose and made everyone feel special.  It part of what makes her special, she is a somebody that is always willing to give of herself. When Destiny Adams arrived, she totally changed her game. She was more than willing to share the scoring duties with the star freshman. She knew that Destiny Adams would need touches. She was willing to give her those touches. Her average went from 14.1 points a game to 12.2  but her assist average rose to 4.1  a game. Kemari played much of her sophomore year on one leg. She did that for her teammates and school. She scored two hundred less points last year, than her freshman year. She had ACL surgery after the season. She never made a big deal about this….Manchester won it’s 2nd consecutive Group 2 title. Kermari just did what she had to do!



This season Kermari Reynolds is averaging 10 points a game and a whopping 5 dimes. What’s amazing is that she plays only half a game on most nights.  What’s more amazing than that, is Kermari is perfectly fine, letting her teammates have the spotlight. The truth be told, I think Kermari is the only one that would be willing to make such a sacrifice. Kermari, was the star attraction 2 years ago. Now here she is, willing to let her teammates shine. She lets everyone eat at the table. Yet now more than ever she is getting the least amount of credit. Yet she just may be doing more than ever. She has no problem sliding to the shooting guard spot when Leilani Correa gets rolling. She has no problem featuring Destiny Adams. She simply is all about winning this days. That is all that matters to Kermari, but its always been that way for her. She has always been willing to let those around her shine.  Now don’t get it twisted, Kermari can still go on scoring spree’s as she showed in her 25 point explosion against Toms River East.  The difference from the past is that she doesn’t need to. What everyone should pay attention to is that she never is out there gunning or trying to pad her stats. You see Kermari has too much respect for herself to just focus on points and states...Kermari just does what is needed..




Last weekend in the win over SJV to clinch the SCT title. It was a real team win for Manchester. But it’s funny nobody paid much attention to Kermari Reynolds stat line. 9 points, 4 dimes, 3 rebound and 3 steals. Lets not even talk about her defense. See those things are taken for granted these days. We would do a dance if any other point guard had those numbers in the biggest game of the year. But its just the standard Kermari has set is so high these days. On most days she is overlooked. She is no longer the shinny new toy everyone wants to talk about. Last year it was Destiny Adams and this year Leilani Correa. But guess who is most happy for those two? Kemari Reynolds. Kermari doesn’t have that ego and doesn’t need to be told she is great. She already knows this…I mean her resume is the best of any point guard in the shore and maybe that state. Folks the proof is in the pudding and Kermari has been making the best pudding around. She just does what she needs to do.




I tell people Kermari Reynold scored her 1000 points more different than anyone; here is why. I have never heard of a player scoring less each year to get to 1000 points. Next, she only played 24 games as a Sophomore and everyone knows she played injured that year. Now here is a question, how many kids would make the sacrifices that she made the last two years? I can tell you very few. She has taken less shots each of the past two years. Yet has never said one word regarding the change. She clearly is not in competition with her teammates to score. She doesn’t get the love from the media as much anymore. Yet she is ok with all of this. What’s really crazy, is that of all the players who have come into the shore in the past 20 years. I know of no other player that has had to make more changes to their game and make more sacrifices for there team, EACH SEASON ….NONE.

Once a player has the spotlight they never want to give it up…they get intoxicated with the attention and the hype that comes with it…if winning comes with it, great…If not, that’s great too… Kermari Reynolds isn’t having any of that. She is just about winning and helping her teammates…the 1000 points...well that’s just a bonus! It’s why I’m so proud of Kermari and why I love her and her family. She just does what she has to do…..CONGRATS KERMARI!




Spots still available for this weekend

Spots still available for this weekend


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