DyxHHw0UUAAiRN9[1]Now this blog is not just about basketball. It’s about what basketball should be about. This blog is about all the reasons I like basketball.  This blog is not about the Shore Conference or even a shore player. Today I am going to write about Emma Boslet of Bishop Ahr high school.  I hope every kid and parent will take this blog as a teaching tool.

 I have never meet Emma Boslet formerly.  I have never met her parents. Here is what you need to know. I spent more time at the fall league in all my years. I watched more tape this fall than I have ever watched. The main reason why? Emma Boslet, that’s why. When I go to a game, I try to get into the gym right before tip off. I also leave the gym at half time. But I always make a point of watching what’s going on in the stands. It doesn’t take long to figure out where not to sit. I always watch the body language and behavior of kids on the court. I think it says some thing about them and their parents believe it or not. Show me a out of control player and in most cases look no further than the parents. Emma Boslet I’m here to tell you is one of the most impressive kids there eyes have laid eyes on.

There are too many kids today, more concerned with gaining attention rather than gaining chips. There are too many kids who feel being competitive means trying to embarrass there opponents. They are far to many kids who are not good teammates and more importantly disrespectful to each other…we live in the generation of disrespect. Emma Boslet represents something different than all of this. It’s why I loved watching her this fall. She was this old school throw back player. Nothing flashy, just efficient in every way. Even her sneakers and clothes look old school. She did nothing to bring attention to herself.  She was all about just playing the game the right way.  I noticed her mother in stands. She clapped and cheered for all of her teammates. You could tell she had real pride in her daughter. But clearly not living though her daughter.  I could tell her kid was special. I knew right away she was a special talent as well. I saw the toughness and competitive nature. It jumped off the page, I keep thinking this kid is a shore type talent. She had every skills set and the work ethic and more than anything else…THE CLASS AND STYLE THAT ALL THE GREAT ONE’S  DISPLAY.

Emma Boslet gave St. Joseph University of Pa of the powerful A-10 conference a verbal  commitment, she is a junior. Now if Emma Boslet never scores a basket or grabs a rebound at St. Joes, she will be worth every nickel  of her scholarship. I watched Emma Boslet this fall with her teammates and saw a kid who gets it. I saw a kid pat teammates on their backs who lack confidence. I saw a kid who let her teammates know she believes in them, with a smile or a finger point. Her body language was a thing of beauty. Her respect for everyone in the building cause conversation at my dinner table…she respects officials( and we know how shore officials treat outsiders), to the support people in the building. I watched her from a distance and noticed how respectful she was to all. I just wish more kid understood who important these things are in life. Being kind and respectful, doesn’t make you weak, soft or lacking swag… it just makes you classy. I did not see her once be disrespectful to any opponent. In fact I saw her, shake hands, pick kids up offer a smile. She proved  every week, you don’t have to be ugly, rude or mean spirited to play this game….you can be classy and still be competitive!


I had heard a lot about Emma Boslet before putting eyes on her. I had heard she was really good. I didn’t believe it, I didn’t believe because I never saw her at NBS or at camp as a younger. I thought how good can she really be? That was until I saw her crushing my very shore kids all fall. I couldn’t believe how clutch she was a player. Not just as a scorer but as a passer, rebounder, defender. She was a package kid, without all the hype. She clearly had the ability to play at a lot of schools. I called a Power 5 school and told them that Emma Boslet is a program kid with talent. Program kids are the hardest kids to find. These are the kids the student body loves, the Alumni love, the professors loves and the kids that make coaches cry when they graduate. Emma Boslet is this kid and she has the big time talent to go along with all this…RARE STUFF! That Power 5 coach laughed because he played for me in college…he threw his favorite words at me…” I TOLD YOU SO” ..he got me back, pretty good on that one.

I think we have to start rooting for kids like Emma Boslet more. I think we have to start talking more about kids like Emma Boslet. We need to bring kids like this to the forefront and let them be role models. We need to give them the awards and the attention. Good kids are  becoming like unicorns these days. Once a kid gets a little attention for shooting a basketball, many times they think  it makes them important. But remember there are  still parents that are not living though their kids. There are parents who still believe kids can play a sport, be great at the sport and still be a wonderful…person, teammate and daughter….that kid would be like kid EMMA BOSLET… I WISH SHE PLAYED IN THE SHORE CONFERENCE!


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