KATIE COLLINS; P5, BIG EAST, IVY, PATRIOT, does anyone really know😉

KATIE COLLINS; P5, BIG EAST, IVY, PATRIOT, does anyone really know😉 post thumbnail image

There are going to be some interesting times the next few weeks. But right now there is no more interesting player than KATIE COLLINS in the the state of New Jersey. This weekend I believe college coaches are going to learn a lot more about Katie Collins, how talented she is and what she has become.

The Collins family are very interesting people. First start with that fact Mrs. Collins, Katie’s mom was a star at Lehigh University and Jack Collins her brother  was a star and member of the All Freshman team in the CAA at Monmouth University this past season. But what stands out about the Collins family is there are old school. They believe in letting things take there course. There son Jack, was barely recruited  as a senior in High School and watched other less talented and committed players move on to D1 basketball. Jack Collins and family didn’t complain or compare. He simply decided to out work people and win coaches over. He was on his way to prep school when King Rice and Monmouth called. The rest is history, you see in the Collins household they believe if your good enough someone will notice.

Katie Collins
came off the bench her  two years at Manasquan. The truth be told, nobody really understood why. But the Collins family said nothing and didn’t complain. Meanwhile Katie Collins  was named MOST IMPROVED PLAYER  despite coming off the bench as a sophomore.  The Collins family and Katie trusted Lisa Kukoda and the process. This year Katie Collins was All Everything and one of the best players in New Jersey. And her  improvement has continued at a mind blowing pace.  Lisa Kukoda clearly knew what she was doing. Katie Collins unlike her brother already has tons of D1 schools looking and and offering. But it doesn’t stop her from working, day in and day out. I know few kids with her work ethic and love of the game.

College coaches often  ask me how good Katie Collins is and what is her Ceiling to be a impact player? When I think impact, I don’t think about potential and all that recruiting talk BS. I’m not talking about a kid  going to a school just for Bragging rights only to just be a part of the Scenery. I’m talking affecting winning and losing.  I tell coaches the  same  thing when it comes to Katie Collins, “anyone who tells you the answer to this is full of crap.”  That’s because first of all the work ethic is off the charts, this is not a kid who is going to sit on her ass after signing. Katie Collins skill level and the improvement curve is lights out. Now throw in the fact that she just turned 16 and really should be a sophomore in high school. Let all that roll around in your head. Now you know why I said nobody can’t predict what Katie Collins future is right now. What I can tell you is the school that lands her are getting a special talent, that once she hits growth spell, good lord, folks I talk truth not nonsense.

Katie Collins started her EYBL career with 20 points , 9 rebounds, 3 dimes and 2 block shots. That is no surprise to me. Nor is it when she bangs out deep three’s and runs the offense from the point guard position . She is one of the best passers in the state. I have been lucky enough to have coached a number of  power 5 kids in my time. They all have a competitive nature and a strong desire to get better. Justine Pissott and Madison St. Rose who had a number of P5 offers before wisely picking Princeton. Katie remains  me of a combination of both. You see Collins mobility for her size and skills set are just different. It remains me of Pissott. Her balling handling and lack of thrills but insane Productivity reminds  me of Madison St Rose. Katie Collins puts you to sleep with her quite stat filling performances. These are the reasons I believe Katie Collins is a Power 5 player. Now the question is what will P5 schools think. A better question is does Collins even  want to play at a P5 school. She is a big time student, so maybe she prefers the Ivy League. Maybe she want to make a contribution right out the gate and plays for a Big East school. What I know is this, at those levels Katie Collins would be a serious as in really serious  problem. That’s because I have a number of player’s playing in those conferences impacting in a major way and most are not bringing the tool box Katie Collins is going to show up with.

It’s going to be a interesting weekend. The EYBL NJ GEMZ have added a point guard. Coach Karpell is making the trip to assist Shannon Coyle on the bench.  All this may make Katie Collins not just the most interesting player but  one of the best to suit it up this weekend. I have ZERO idea what Katie Collins future plans are, I just know that college coaches from P5 and down better pay close attention.. because it’s in the details when it comes to KATIE COLLINS!


SIGN UP NOW… I believe nothing is better  for you. You will get better and gain the confidence to make your dreams come true


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