I received a text from a parent last week. He said “we are in hell what can we do” He was talking about his very talented daughter who was not getting time for her super talented high school team. I do not have answer for him.

During a recent game I stood next to a D1 coach and he said to me “what happen to her, I remember you talking about her as a 8th grader” He was talking about a talented sophomore. Her family has taken advice from the wrong people along the happens.

A senior PLAYER’S MOM said to me a few weeks ago. “we should have transferred after …..left” in this case I can say with 100% certainly she was right and it may be a 300 thousand dollar mistake.



Today I will send a CHEAT SHEET out to college coaches on the best 7th and 8th graders after the first round of Core Skills. These players for better or worse will enter the recruiting process. Many more will enter after the next session of Core Skills. There work ethic, development, commitment and projected talent level will be in front of college coaches eyes. Some of these kids will fulfill there potential in high school and some will not. Some will be given an opportunity to play right away and some will need to wait. Some simply will fade away, while other will grow and shine.

Many kids will be choosing a high school to attend in the coming weeks. There will be many factors that will go into the choice they make. Some will pick a school based on education. Some will pick one based on where there friends are going. Some will pick a school based on finances. Some will pick a school based on the basketball program. Which school a child chooses to attend is a very personal one. Some parents allow a child to choose the school of their choice. Some make it a family decision, others don’t.



When my daughter was about to enter high school, she wanted to play for her local high school. Here friends attended the school and she liked the coach. I thought it was bad idea from a basketball stand point. I felt the school would not give her the profile that would attract college coaches and that for me was more important than the social part. I knew the coach was very good and that was a major plus. My wife and my family were most concerned with the quality of the education Candice would get. My decision was purely athletic driven and my main priority. I felt Candice was great student and regardless of where she went, she would be a good student.  In the end it was decided she would attended our local school.



The hardest part for all these family’s in making a decision, where to attend high school; is seeing things clearly. I had a conversation last year with the father of one of the best incoming 8th graders in the state. He told me that his daughter would either start of be the 6th man for the school she was planning to attend. I knew they was ZERO chance of her starting. I also knew her getting into the rotation would be just as hard. She is currently not in the rotation and it has nothing to do with ability. It simply a case of not enough time available for all the great players on the roster.

Parents and players often make the decision to play for a team, where they know the child will  play lots of minutes. In some cases the child plays brilliant, but does not get any exposure or develop name recognition. Both parent and child are disappointed no coaches are in the stands and the child’s accomplishments are going unnoticed. Sometimes a family realizes  the program they picked is not best for their child. This is when another decision must be made. Does the child stay and it becomes a teaching moment about living with decisions or does the  child transfer.

The decision to transfer from one school to the next, comes down to many things. Like does the child want to sit 30 days, does the family want to move and can they afford it. Some times a child is not happy because they don’t like the coach, teammates, the school,  the education. I have seen all the reasons, why a young person changes schools. Most people believe it’s always for athletic advantage, because its the high profile player that gets all the attention. There are far more less talented players who transfer schools and not just in basketball. We just don’t know them because they are not household names. When a child is transferring schools, in most cases it’s a well thought out family decision. When my daughter transferred schools. I removed her from her local high school, without her or her mothers knowledge, I did not include her in the decision. Her mother and she were very upset, but I felt my background allowed me to make such a decision. I picked a school for her based on two things only; basketball and would the coach be a good mentor to her. Candice was recruited by Ivy and Patriot schools, I knew from day one academics was a none issue…basketball was my issue.



Tina LeBron is going to be All Shore this year. When she choose SJV many believe that she would never play there. But two D1 players got hurt and it opened a door for her shine. But would we know the name Tina Lebron if those injuries didn’t happen? Tina felt having quality practices and playing the best competition would serve her best in the long run. She was 100% right and it has worked out perfectly.  I have known Tina since 4th grade and I tell you this, you do not know a nicer young lady. She is one of those kids if the basketball had not worked out, it still would have been a great decision. But in my heart I thought she was taking a real risk going to SJV at time. Many times things don’t work out.


There will be some hard decisions made over the next few weeks. Many parents and kids would be wise to cross the T’s and dot the I’s. Because if they don’t, it could lead to some difficult times for all involved. I know a current D1 senior star, who as a 9th grader,  found herself sitting behind a senior; who was not as talented. She and her family were devastated and they may not admit this… more than anything else, it was their hearts that were broken, that hurt the most because, they were so excited to be part of what they believe was a special place only to feel betrayed. Today things have worked out brilliantly for both the young lady and the school. But I do not believe there is any chance the relationship between that family, coach and player will ever heal, the trust is long gone…the sad part is both parties are great people. The communication before she attended the school had some how not added up to what they expected. 


There is no perfect way to pick a school if you factor in athletics. I will tell kids this, pick a school where you like the people you are going to be surrounded by. I also say this, talk not to the kids in the program now. Because in most cases if a player is not playing they are angry and can’t see things clear. I say speak to the players who played for the school and coach after they leave. These players will give you the real deal. I also say don’t listen to anyone that tells you where to attend school except your parents and remember promises don’t always come true….GOOD LUCK!



THE 7TH AND 8TH grad CHEAT SHEET will be out this afternoon….This will be one of two we will do for the year ( I added 3 players who are not in core skill round one, but I have seen a number of  times play)



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