Fagen Belles CHRISTINA WHITEHEAD (SJV)checks every box🏀✍️


SO LET ME GIVE YOU SOME FACTS before I start this blog. You win at the next level with good kids. You win at the next level with competitive kids. You win at the next level with kids willing  to make  sacrifices for their  team. You win with kids who are talented and coachable. Finally you win with kids from good families who come from excellent basketball cultures. This gets me to CHRISTINA WHITEHEAD of St. John Vianney because she checks everyone of the boxes that I just talked about. It’s why she is a future D1 player.

SJV is more different than any program in New Jersey for a few reasons. First they play the best competition girls high school basketball has to offer. They also have the most competitive practice atmosphere in the state. There practices are better than MOST GAMES. Now that may sound like an  exaggeration but it’s not and it’s a fact. Just like SJV players all excell at the next level. It’s because nobody prepares their kids better than Coach Dawn Karpell. But it takes a special kid to play at SJV because sometimes you are forced to wait before entering the spotlight. Jada Bonner, Bre Bellamy and Maddie Doring had to wait in the shadows before blowing up at SJV there junior seasons. I am here to tell you Christina Whitehead will follow in there footsteps. Like them Christina Whitehead is going to wear a D1 uniform. Because her talents cannot be denied. She is blessed with skills and a body that just make her just off the page when watching her. She my friends is another SJV star in waiting.

IMG_1666Christina Whitehead was rated as one of the Top 5 freshman entering high school. Picking a school was not easy. She could have choose almost any other school than SJV and played lots of minutes and scored lots of points. Instead she went to SJV, a team she knew had 5 D1 players ahead of her. She did this because she wanted to develop not brag. She did this because she wanted to play for championships. She did this because she wanted to challenge herself. You see as a freshman we all bragged about her future.

As  usual Coach KARPELL gave her babies roles off the bench. In her freshman year, she came in games and played hard nosed defense and rebounded the ball. When open  she knocked down a shot, this was here role. Christina Whitehead played her role to perfection. It was clear one day she would be another SJV star. But Christina Whitehead had to play that role as a sophomore as well. It’s why we lost track of the talented 2021. You see all those D1 players she played behind returned for there senior year. This is  usually when a kid starts looking for the exit door. Find a nice cushy landing spot. You know a place where you get lots of shots, play tons on minutes, win phony post season awards, play bad competition and not develop….but you to to brag and fool a few people. You see Christina Whitehead is not just a good kid. She has a quiet mental toughness. She also is a real teammate, it’s why she is still at SJV. It’s why this season, she is going to be in the conversation for MOST IMPROVED PLAYER.  This will be summer she  will remind Coaches  how special of a player she was and is! She has just had to wait her turn. You see the good kids do wait, they see the big picture.

IMG_1665I watched  Christina Whitehead play this past weekend for the Fagen Belles. I just couldn’t stop laughing inside. I was laughing because once again I am way ahead of the college coaches. I watched her bang out 5 straight three’s in warm ups and chuckled and sang the song ” if they knew what I knew” to myself.  I looked her her inanely live college ready body. But it was the quickness and speed which made me perk up. Then her aggressive nature was off the charts. College coaches pay attention, CHRISTINA WHITEHEAD plays with a serious edge on offense that you don’t teach. Her AAU coach Joe Fagen had to rail her back in at times. It something she didn’t have entering high school, but clearly has developed. Her  ball handling skills and IQ have soared. No longer just a great shooter, Christina has become a well rounded player. She knows the wait is over and next season, she, Katie Hill, Madison St. Rose and others will be the backbone of the team. It’s clear the 5’10” guard has been waiting for this moment. She clearly has prepared for her time to shine…and she will trust me on that FACT.










We live in a time where kids want everything right out the gate. Kids are no longer willing to be part of something or grow into something. Many kids feel it’s a birth right to play and grab the headlines. They are so quick to pack their bags and run into the arms of someone else. It’s why, I believe kids like Whitehead are “WINNERS” they see things though. I like drama free kids, the ones who are not a pain in the ass, the ones where their  parents root for everyone. Yeah that’s the Whitehead family. The ones who are always quick to offer a helping hand. Like I said Christina Whitehead checks every box and more. If your not recruiting this young lady, you better start now..why? Because I don’t want you to be another victim of my least favorite words…..I TOLD YOU SO





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