When I think of Emma Carman, the first thing word that comes to mind is FRIEND! That’s because Emma Carman is a kid that believes there is enough light for everyone to shine. She is that kid who can root for teammates and friends even when she herself is not in the spotlight. I always though Emma’s biggest strength as a player was her unselfishness. She is truly a good teammate. I think if you were to ask Coach Montano what makes Emma Carman special, I’m sure the first words out of his mouth would be…”she is a great kid”. I know this because he has said it over and over to me, too many times to count.

Everyone loves Emma Carman because of that smile and that goodness she displays when you are around her. I have been very hard on Emma over the years. I have known her since 5th grade. I had seen her go from a little girl with big dreams to this wonderful young lady. I really left out a very important word...classy young lady. Me and Emma have so much fun together, that’s because I push her hard and she responds always with a smile and hard work. I guess it just in a her DNA. Maybe that is why everyone roots so hard for Emma Carman. She is the perfect teammate.


When Emma was star freshman entering RBC and did not get major minutes. It was not a surprise, she cheered and rooted for her teammates harder than just about anyone. It was no surprise she didn’t complain to Coach Montano or become a locker room lawyer. She simply was a good teammate and better friend to all those around her. I am not sure I have ever met a kid more concerned with her teammates and team success more than her own. I know this is one of the reasons why Joe Montano has such a affection for Emma, I think it’s also why Coach Montano was so passionate about Emma developing as a player…because she has been such a good teammate and friend. She is a coach’s dream


Jon and Candice Carman are good people. Their kids are talented but not cocky and rude. They seem to have always been warm and humble kids. I have been hard on their kids over the years. But Emma has heard it all from me. She has heard the anger and disappointment in my voice. She has heard the awful words when I am having a bad day or want more. Her parents have seen me jump on Emma without just cause too many times to list. They have seen me go over the top and push their daughter to the edge. Sometimes I have gone too far and yes crossed that line. But yet Jon and Candice Carman have never once called me on it. Not once have they tried to protect their middle daughter, even when she was down and losing confidence during tougher times. Instead they taught her how to fight back. Not with words or with a attitude. But rather with hard work, IQ and most of all a mental toughness from the heavens. It’s amazing to me that the Carman parents have not told me to go kick rocks and jump in a lake. Instead they have done something so rare today. They have trusted me and all of Emma’s coaches. Just as importantly especially in my case, they have allowed me to make mistakes along the way. I am beyond grateful for that.


Emma Carman is going to make a new set of friends at Quinnipiac University. The coaching staff is excited to have for good reason. By the time she arrives at Quinnipiac Emma will be one of the best freshman in the conference…trust me on that one. But they really should be excited about is this. The Quinnipiac family just got married to one of the best friends and teammates one could ask for in EMMA CARMAN!



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