It’s that time of year when everyone is trying to gain a little edge in the recruiting season. It’s why I believe Elite Camps are the best thing a player can do during the non live period. It’s a chance to play in front of college coaches and give you a chance to learn more about a school. Most Elite camps are real teaching environments. More than anything Elite Camps allow you to showcase your personal skills. There is no question that Elite Camps are important in the recruiting process.


Elite Camps can be very disruptive to the AAU season. The AAU teams play in tournaments when Elite Camps take place. This is why players have to try and again the right Elite Camps. They must be able to balance trying to get exposure without disrupting their AAU team. So here is what I will tell every parent, try and attend Elite Camps of schools you have a real interest in, getting to these Elite Camps are more important than ever, with the shorten recruiting calendar. Give your coach lots of time to prepare to play without you… DO NOT SURPRISE THEM WITH YOUR DECISION.







So here are some things you should consider, when choosing an Elite Camp. First call the school camp director. Make a connection with the coaching staff. Do not do this by Email, you first contact should by phone. Once the staff knows who you are, then you can Email because you have some name recognition. Next ask questions, for example if you are a rising senior, the first questions should be “are you recruiting my position and do you have any scholarship’s available”. If you are a underclassman, make sure you to are attending an elite camp. Start building relationships with coaches now. Make sure that you understand, each year you attend a camp, the better the coaches get to know you. The coaches will notice your improvement year to year.  If the camp runs more than two days, it’s most likely is a not an Elite Camp. Some college coaches use Elite camps to supplement their salaries. Know the difference.  Finally, it’s very important that you know what level of player you are projected to be. It makes no sense to attend the Duke University Elite Camp, if you are a mid major player, unless you are doing it for a life experience. Underclassmen, would be wise to attend Elite Camps and learn how elite camps operate. Lastly make sure you attend camps were you feel you can attend academically.



Elite Camps give you get the most bang for you buck. Most are inexpensive and give you exposure and a fun basketball experience. It allows you to showcase you talent with an entire staff of coaches of a school you. Some camps allow other coaches from the D2, D3 level to attend their Elite camps. Elite Camps allows coaches to get to know you are a person…they is no question Elite Camps have become more important than ever…below is a link to  a few Elite Camps and dates….GOOD LUCK.







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