It’s D -Day for Shore teams today. The seeding committee will meet today. Let the politics begin and coaches teaming up. But that is not the only story heading into the Shore Conference Championship. There were surprises on surprises and major disappointments for some. One thing is clear we are in for a most interesting close to the season.

I am shocked that teams who have made it this far are playing this weekend. To work so hard to get to the SCT and then play one game to get games in is crazy in my eyes. Unfortunately Marlboro is done for the season due to contact tracing. Thank god the Middletown South player who tested positive and was responsible and more importantly was able to get a test before Marlboro’s next game. Because do you know who Marlboro’s next 2 games were with? How about RUMSON today and no other than SJV Saturday. Folks SJV and RFH dodged a serious bullet. It also the reason, no team should be playing meaningless games just to get games in, if your serious about a SCT CHIP. To risk it all for one meaningless game is bizarre to me. But some play for chips and some play to play. Let’s see how that works out after the weekend because contract tracing is not fun!

Mastermind and brilliant Coach Justin McGee of Middletown North is done for the year. It’s a shame because he has truly brought defense back in style. My guess is the North kids will step for their coach. Contact tracing is the reason Coach is out!

Yesterday Howell finally got over the hump after years of knocking on the door. The dynamic duo of Grace Leary’s and Catlin Gresko did Jackson Memorial in. After having the biggest win in too many years to count vs. Manchester. Jackson Memorial has had a nightmare 24 hours. First we’re not added to the state Top 20.. then many actually were saying Manchester will get a higher seed and then of course they lost to Howell. Jackson’s lost to Howell was a major blow to Ocean County because now the seeding committee has to come up with a reason to put two Ocean teams in the SCT. When your County’s best team can’t beat a Top 12 team in Monmouth County you have a tough sell. Now Jackson will most certainly get the 8th seed but I believe they deserve the 7th seed meaning avoiding SJV. Meanwhile RBC and Manchester will play back to back games most likely.. never a good thing going into a tournament. One thing is clear. RBR has made a clear case for the #6 seed. Let me hear you spin this .. RBR beat Middletown South TWICE who beat MARLBORO Then RBR beats Howell TWICE who beat Jax Memorial. RBR also beat Freehold Twp who beat Howell..ok committee let’s see your best spin job to keep the #6 seed out of JT and RBR hands, GOOD LUCK!


  1. SJV- no question
  2. RBC- and Pissott is back
  3. St. Rose- beat Manasquan by 10 last time out
  4. Manasquan- getting better
  5. RFH- massive schedule 2 wins over RBR
  6. RBR- beat Howell have the best resume of remaining seeds
  7. Manchester- Destiny Adams saves the seeding day
  8. Jackson Memorial- they not going to be happy

Speaking of ranking The State Top 20 is a mess. There are 4 teams who not be in the Shore Top 10. Leaving Jackson out because of Manchester is wrong. I am not a big fan of having 9 Shore teams in the Top 20 but this is a different year. For credibility reasons you have to bite the bullet. Why? Because the kids are now laughing about the ranking….NOT GOOD!

SJV vs. TCA is the first big game in the State in years. It’s going to be a great night for fans across the state. The amount of D1 and nationally ranked players in the game is crazy. This is every bit a high major college level type game. It’s going to be interesting to see who Jasmine Boyd guards. My guess it Katie Hill. The two went after in the fall at NBS, so much that I could not match them up on weekends. The real question is Angelica Velez who was the freshman of the year in the Shore last year. She must take care of the ball. The SJV guards have been great all year but Zoe Brooks is a different world. THIS GAME HAS ALL THE MAKINGS OF A CLASSIC!

Justine Pissott returns this weekend for RBC. Now how much she can give them is up for debate. She has played just 3 games this year and is coming off a 2 week pause. RBC has not had a full team practice since Jan 15th. Coach Montano will take what he can from Pissott. Conditioning has become a serious issue for RBC as a team.

Finally the SCT 2nd 8 may be the more exciting POD. The teams are evenly matched and more importantly loaded with teams that could easily been ranked in the Top 10.


  1. Donovan Catholic
  2. Howell
  3. Central Reg
  4. Homdel
  5. Jackson Liberty
  6. TRN
  7. Colts Neck
  8. Middletown North



2. Trinity Hall

3. Freehold Twp

4. Pt. Boro

5. Matawan

6. Mater Dei

7. Pt. Beach

8. Ranney



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