CORE SKILLS SATURDAY…kicks off🏀💪👊 post thumbnail image

This weekend the best winter event in New Jersey kicks off. Just about every great young player has made there bones at CORE SKILLS SATURDAY. It has served as a launching pad for so many kids over the years. CORE SKILLS gives a kid a chance to develop and learn how to compete. It’s for these reasons it’s the best winter program for kids not in high school or learning the game. CORE SKILLS SATURDAY helps a kid to develop a competitive nature; something all kids need. I honestly do not believe a kid with a love for the game, should miss this event. If you are a coach, parent or a advocate for a kid…encourage them strongly to attend SATURDAY CORE SKILLS.

The fact of the matter is kids now play more games than ever. Everyone loves games but developing a young players game takes knowledge and sacrifices. The game truly becomes fun, when a kid stop being a drill master and begins to perform on the court. CORE SKILLS is about teaching and kids making those sacrifices. It place a kid learns how to practice the right way. It’s a place when a kid has a game later in the day, yet makes the sacrifice to attend CORE SKILLS before there game. These are the kids who make there dreams come true. Core Skills gives kids a road map to success, if they truly love the game.

I think all kids need a place this time of year, where they can get real coaching. I think it’s okay for kids to be held accountable and be asked to step out of there comfort zone. It’s why in the past kids have shown up from NY, Conn, PA and even Maryland. It’s okay for a great grammar school player to be challenged by other kids. It’s okay for a kid especially a young kid to be humble by the game. It’s okay for a kid to step away from a parent who has coached and trained them. It’s okay to learn new idea’s and philosophy’s. It can only make a player better. Many kids have made there reputations at Core Skills. Many kids will start creating that so important thing called name recognition. You see CORE SKILLS is the measuring stick, it allows coaches to learn about kids at a early age😀🏀

Saturday some kid will show up out of nowhere and take over CORE SKILLS as Destiny Adams did. Maybe there will be a shy kid like Camryn Foltz. Who went from a nobody to one of the best players in New Jersey, though hard work. She started her dream at Core Skills. Maybe a 4th grader will develop a work ethic like Justine Pissott over the next 5 years. The one thing this is clear. No program this time of year prepares a kid more for high school or helps a kid get to the next level. The track record for CORE SKILLS SATURDAY is unmatched and no kid can afford to miss it. Happy New Year and I hope every kid with a dream attends CORE SKILLS THIS SATURDAY 👍🏀CORE ….THE REST IS UP TO YOU!



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