There are high school Coaches who think SJV is beatable. They will brag about losing close or even beating them if they get lucky enough … IN A SUMMER LEAGUE GAME.. LOL. So I do agree and there is no doubt in my mind SJV is beatable this season. If fact South Carolina may be the favorite against the Lancers in a game. As for a high school team beating SJV. That’s another story. SJV has not lost a game in state in 4 years. Many believe this year SJV will take a step back. The truth of the matter is; people are WISHING ON A STAR… SJV IS STACKED. Today I will tell you what to expect at there open gym


The committed players

ZOE BROOKS- committed to D1 NC STATE


BRI DELANEY– committed to D1 Stonehill




6’2”- Forward She has multiple D1 offers on the the table. She has a college body right now. She is athletic and strong as a bull. She has long arms and is explosive around the rim. She can step away to 18ft and knock down jumpers with ease. She is hungry like wolf in transition. She is an elite post defender. She is the best forward in New Jersey and along with Ashley Sofikanick form the best front court in the state. She has been a grown woman playing against little girls in the Fort Summer league.


5’11” – Wing- She is a deadly shooter with elite college size and strength, a deadly post feeder, a deadly rebounder and can slide to the point. Guess what else? I say if the right power 5 schools gets in front her and watches her closely. They will see what I already know. She can play at that level. She is a POY type at the MM+ level. I say she is going to have a 1st Team ALL SHORE SEASON. She defends and is one of the smartest players in the state and ultra competitive… multiple D1 offers on the table


5’7” – Combo- We told you last year she was a Top 5 2025. But rather than take the easy way out. She choose to practice vs D1 guards everyday in Madison St Rose, Ashley O’Connor, Zoe Brooks , Julia Karpell, Bri Delaney and Janie Bachman. in other words she was willing to get better while waiting her turn( its a SJV thing folks). It was a great decision. Because after ripping apart all the D1 competition at NBS and showing out with New Heights EYBL. She has been clowning folks at the Fort sumner league. She is lighting quick with a deadly handle. A friendly remainder to opponents, put extra tape on your ankles. That’s because is unguard-able one on one and murder in the open floor. The jumper is very reliable and this smooth talented guard is a fearless defender… MM D1 schools need apply only



5’9”- Combo– When will she stop growing physically? Opponents in New Jersey better hope quickly. That’s because the is already a MM+/High major prospect. Her jumper is deadly and more importantly loaded with College range. She is a talented ball handler and passer with a big IQ and deadly serious skill sets. She learns on the fly and is a sponge. She embraces elite competition and is an elite student. Every single Ivy and Patriot school we be dreaming of her services. She is one of 5 best Freshman in the Shore and certainly will be in the FRESHMAN OF THE YEAR CONVERSATION


6’4”- Forward– This is a Power 5 Alert. She my friends will be one of tbe best forwards on the east coast one day. Notice I said forward not center. That’s because she has soft hands, can shoot to 19 feet with consistency. She can handle the ball. She can pass, rebound in traffic and block shots. She is also very mobile and has a upbeat personality. You get the picture? All she is missing is strength and getting use to playing that fast up-temp style of SJV … a future ALL STATE PLAYER!


5’8”- WING– You have to love the strong body. Then you have to love the competitive nature. Then you have to love the elite shooting ability with 30 feet range. Then you have to notice the skill sets and IQ. Then you have to say this is not fair. Bradley has played u17 basketball all summer. It has made her fearless and hungry. She will fit nicely into the SJV CULTURE OF GREAT GUARDS. That’s because she is a future MM D1 lock player who just may out grow her recruitment. Don’t be remotely surprised if she ends up 1st TEAM ALL FRESHMAN

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