The fact of the matter is I watch more basketball this July than any other live period in recent years. So many players had big moments. So many great players had terrific summers. But the fact of the matter is this… I saw nobody who played in the live period like Casey Prior. I don’t care if was EYBL, the sisters of the blind or someone from Mars. To put it bluntly no one did it game in and game out this July, like Casey Prior did it… NOBODY! She was simply the best the entire month of July and it’s not a debate.👏👌🏀

Casey Prior had a rock star, July for the Masonius Belles

Consistency is a word in the month of July many do not think much about. That’s because most players goal is to play well in front of coaches one time in order to grab the coaches attention. You hear it all the time from parents and kids “ She played well, but no coaches were watching and then the game they came to, she couldn’t make a shot” . Well that may apply to others but it certainly didn’t apply to Casey Prior who was on top of her game each and every time the ball was tossed up. Casey Prior did something rarely seen these days. She was the best player on the floor in every game I watch this July. She did what I wish more kids would do.. she took her game to the next level every time she stepped on the floor.🤩🤩👌

Here is a little dirty secret about RBC the last two years. Despite having 8 division one players in the program. There most clutch player and biggest shot maker has not been there superstar jr and seniors. It has been Casey Prior. If you think am exaggerating go check the track record. That ‘s because Casey Prior has ice in her Veins . It’s why this summer while putting on the best shooting display in a game I saw not just this summer but in years. She finished off her amazing performance by drawing a foul at half court while shooting a three to give her Belles a win. It’s why the very next day she hit a shot from 35 feet to get her Belles Team in overtime. You see here is a fact, CASEY PRIOR just may be the smartest player in the shore Conference. Her basketball IQ is on a different level. Consistency has been what Casey Prior has brought to the table all summer. It’s also why right now. You can line up every single combo guard in the state and Casey Prior takes a backseat to none of them.🔥

Now here are some things you don’t know about Casey Prior these days. The physical change that is taking place, well it started last year. You just didn’t notice it because of Covid. The physical change that you will see next year in her is going to be more shocking. Just trust me on that one. You see Casey Prior looks like a grammar school kid facially. But what people don’t realize is her body is maturing. Just like game is maturing. These days she has put it all together. She knocks down the jumper, gets to the rim and is a devastating passer, she sees as well as any guard you know. It’s the reason she lives in a no turnover zone. Her coaches know they can trust her.

I had a college coach ask me what level can Casey Prior can play at? I asked “you mean right now or down the road”. He said “both”. I told him today she is a mid major plus and the best of the smaller combo guards in the 2023 class in New Jersey. You know all the names of everyone. Just trust me, Casey Prior is far and away the best. Then I told him this. Casey Prior is a gym rat. She gets ELITE high school coaching every year at RBC, while playing the highest level of competition for Joe Montano. She loves the gym. She is that kide could be a high major plus player. Now asking any kid to make those type sacrifices is not easy. First getting around alone is a issue. Then asking a kid to basically give up there social life after Covid? That may be a bridge to far. But if any kid can do it. It’s Casey Prior. As I told the coach, it’s up to her and nobody else, she has to decide what brings a smile to her face. And when Casey smiles she lights up a room😀🏀

Casey Prior and her Belles teammates

There was not more for Casey Prior to prove while playing for the Belles this summer. She basically checked every box. Now she will head to elite camps. Trust me when I say this, not one Patriot school will not offer her by summers end. Those who don’t either won’t have a scholarship in her class or are clearly not paying attention. I say most of the Ivy schools will recruit her. But I also feel by the end of her junior year the Big East will come calling. WOULD ANYONE LIKE TO BET AGAINST MY TRACK RECORD REGARDING SUCH MATTERS? I didn’t think so. There is still work to be done by Casey Prior. But for now rest assured. She has had what can only be called a dream summer… and she may just be getting started!!!🏀🏀👏

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