NEPTUNE HIGH SCHOOL, has a tradition of turning out great guards. The names read like a who’s who in the past decade alone. They’ve all had a few things in common. There quick, athletic and seem to always play on both sides of the ball. They also played for Coach John Brown who has made a career out of developing some of the best guards in Shore Conference History. Well John Brown may have just done his best job to date, in developing AMAYA EVANS. That because yesterday AMAYA EVANS also of Team Sharp gave IONA COLLEGE of the MAAC a verbal commitment.👏👏👏🏀


Three years ago, AMAYA EVANS was named Hoop Group 1st Team All Freshman Team. She was part of, one of the most talented groups to enter the Shore in years. Proof of this has been in the schools they have all signed at… D1 schools. It’s really is no surprise when a a ALL FRESHMAN TEAM member 4 years later signs at a D1 school. But in the case of Amaya Evans it was not a slam dunk. She needed to work a little harder than most. First at 5’4” she was not big and strong. So she had to be tougher than most. She was not a great shooter as a freshman, so she needed to improve her shooting, so she did. She had to over covid, hurting her exposure and all the problems it brought to her door step, so she needed to be mentally tougher than most. Amaya Evans needed to climb the mountain top. She had to start from the bottom and work her way to the top and that’s exactly what she did and why IONA AND SHE CAME TOGETHER.👌

Nobody gets to fulfill a dream all by themselves. A helping hand is always much appreciated . Amaya Evans work ethic and desire are things most do not know about. Most don’t know she came to the Hoop Group every day before practice and on game days to shoot… shoot for hours that is. Most don’t know ERIN KENNEDY is a master shooting coach and together she and Amaya became a team. A team that helped Amaya blossom into a dangerous three point shooter to go along with her rare speed. It was Erin Kennedy that embraced Amaya and made a connection with her and made her believe she could be a great shooter. Who can ever forget maybe the best performance in the shore in the last two years when Amaya Evans  had 35 points vs then #15 RBR. It was a coming out party of sorts as Amaya had 6 three’s and simply was unstoppable. But none of that happens, if she didn’t have her ferocious work ethic and ERIN KENNEDY’s helping hand.💕

Team Sharp was the best decision Evans made!

Michelle Sharp asked Amaya Evans to take a chance on her and her new AAU program. Michelle Sharp is a brilliant basketball mind. She was one of the most successful D3 coaches in the country at Kean University. She knows how to put together a team. More importantly she knows how to make stars shine. Amaya Evans, made the best best basketball decision of her young life by joining Team Sharp. That’s because they showcased her talent. Michelle Sharp let coaches see the fastest player in the state was more than just speed. She let them see her physical toughness and mental fortitude late in games. She brought AMAYA EVANS INTO THE LIGHT. She let coaches see, Amaya Evans is one of the best guards in all of New Jersey and IONA AND AMAYA EVANS WILL BE FOREVER GRATEFUL to her organization. 💪

Amaya never turned her back on Neptune

In recent years NEPTUNE has seen there young stars picked off by private schools. These days when a player is talented and plays for there local public school. There is always a chance they will leave for more exposure and success on game night. Amaya  Evans didn’t leave or look for greener pastures. She stayed at Neptune with her good friend Nae Young. They have been a team  all their lives together. They have stuck it out together helping to rebuild NEPTUNE. This year could be a special season for both. But for Amaya, it has to be a little sweeter. Coach Brown is a task master and demands more from his best players. For AMAYA, it took real mental toughness to hang in there and grow with such a inexperienced team over the years. Now it’s her team and she will expect nothing except greatness from herself and teammates. It’s a mindset she has developed over the years. It will serve her well at IONA COLLEGE🏀

Ebony Evans is a SUPERMOM

The term warrior is over used this days. There is other word that is over used these days “FAMILY”. You see being born in a house don’t make you family. Family is different and means so much to so many different people. Ebony Evans, folks is a warrior, the ultimate warrior that is. She also is a mother, she is warm, compassionate and supportive of all her kids. She is the one that has instilled into all her children, you can do it all if your willing to work. Amaya Evans, doesn’t just have a mother… she has a ANGEL on her shoulder. It why AMAYA EVANS has a 3.9 GPA and is one of the most respectful kids you will ever meet. That’s because it starts in the home. Amaya Evans doesn’t have a home… she has a family and EBONY EVANS IS A SUPERMOM AND THAT’S A FACT💕❤️🙏


So now the dream has been fulfilled. The education will be free, the goal of D1 accomplished. Now a new journey will start this time next year. But for now Amaya Evans, has some unfinished to take care of, like helping NEPTUNE win a state title. Like joining the 1000 point club, making All Shore and ALL STATE and enjoy playing with her mega talented younger sister BRE, in her final year…. and then Graduating with honors!!   You see Amaya Evans has done so many great things along the way. Now she is just finishing up the details… like when she signs her letter of INTENT TO IONA COLLEGE!!  Congratulations to AMAYA EVANS AND FAMILY…. go TEAM EVANS😄👌👍❤️


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