imgres RBR Coach James Young has done it again folks…best team event of the summer!

On July 28th and July 29th College coaches will get more work done in the Central Jersey area than they could get done in a year. For the savvy College coaches they will get a big jump on competitors in the recruiting process for years to come. With the recruiting process now moving at the speed of light. Colleges now must identify the best players quickly and in most cases make an offer before other colleges catch up and see the light. For players hoping to play at the next level; these two days are a dream comes true.  It’s the one time many kids, will have the full attention of college coaches and could be the one time when a player truly gets a STRONG LOOK FROM COLLEGE COACHES. HG-NCAA-086-300x199 Sold Out Crowd on hand again!

First up is the Academic Elite which will take place on Monday, July 28th at the Hoop Group. Like in the past 5 years, this will be a sold out affair. When Academic Elite first started there were 26 D1 schools in the gym. Last year there were 43 D1 schools; more proof how the event has grown. But it is how the event is shaped that makes Academic Elite special and different than other events in July. All the players at Academic Elite are quality students and hope to play at the college level with academics playing a very important part in their decision making process. It’s the one event a kid knows he will be on the MAIN COURT the ENTIRE day. No college coaches looking at multiple courts or watching a half and moving on. No College coaches looking at cell phones missing that kid make a shot or make a great play.


You see Academic Elite is really a special place for those kids looking for that all-important exposure. The skill session before games start is precious to kids and coaches. It allows that shooter, who doesn’t touch the ball in AAU games, to show they can shoot. It allows that girl who never gets to dribble the ball, prove she has those skill sets. Then of course the 3-2 and 1-1 drills allows a kid to show there raw talents and decision making. But above all coaches get an extended look at every player in the event…by the way of the 96 kids who attended Academic Elite last year…37 are playing at D1 schools or have signed at one…NOT BAD…AND THAT’S NOT COUNTING THE PLAYERS AT D2/D3 SCHOOLS…  and this year just may be the deepest group EVER. What is also impressive, is that of the 16 players in the state of NJ that have given verbal commitments this year 14 are from the Shore Conference; 11 of those kids will be at Academic Elite. Why? Because they understand what it means to give back, even when it means putting their reputation on the line. They give the event credibility…it’s become a tradition at Academic Elite now for kids who verbal to attend…it’s such a classy move by these kids and their parents… by the way each of these kids pay to attend….BRAVO!!

! Hawks-150x150 This group will at Academic…giving back!



On July 29th the best girl’s high school event in New Jersey takes place….THE MAROON AND WHITE TEAM CAMP.  First let me say this, James Young of RBR and George Sourlis and RFH have to be given big props for again putting this event together. Both slave over this event ever year, because it’s about giving kids exposure. The fact that a kid can be seen in a high school setting, with their coach is priceless. This is when a college coach can learn so much about a kid. Defense is more of a factor and team play is expected along with positive attitudes. Players know they will be held just a little more accountable when playing. images The State Champs Shabazz will be the Maroon and White Camp


The teams in this year’s event are the true heavy weights of high school basketball in New Jersey and the country. Now look what James Young and George Sourlis have pulled off; 4 of the top 6 teams in the state will be in this event. Listen to this lineup, Manasquan with Marina Mabrey. Dawn Karpell and her St. John Vianney team.  The Grace Stant led RFH team which may be the deepest team in the state, will be on hand. Think that’s enough? What about the gold standard itself…Shabazz High school? Folks we are not done because RBC and Joe Montano will be in the event. Wait till you see all the talent they picked up. Then you have the sleeper team of the shore Holmdel with Manhattan bound Morgan Graziano and a freshman point guard you are just not going to believe. When I tell you this year’s event is the best ever and is stacked…BELIEVE ME. If you are a college coach and not at this event, all I have to say is you don’t understand the shore conference. We are talking over 60 kids who will play college at some level and no less than 35 future D1 players in the event. The most valuable thing a coach can leave the Maroon and White with is a coach’s package, because many of the kids at this event you will be recruiting for years.

NOTES- D2/D3 schools there will be a room made available for you to speak to any player following their release from the event.



Register 2:45pm – 3:45pm10 teams and 2 groups (2 groups of 10)

For Games:
Teams 1-5 on Court 1
Teams 6-10 on Court 2

Starts promptly at 4:00pm

College Coaches Packages Available4:00 – 4:10 Introduction by TinyGreen

4:15pm – 4:45pm
Group 1 to College Pursuit (15min)
Group 2 to Skill Session Workout (25min)

4:50pm – 5:20pm
Group 1 to Skill Session Workout (25min)
Group 2 to College Pursuit (15min)

Games: 20 min running, 3min between games. 

5:25pm – 5:50pm games 1v2 / 6v7

5:55pm – 6:20pm games 3v4 / 8v9

6:25pm – 6:50pm games 1v5 / 6v10

7:55pm – 7:20pm games 2v3 / 7v8

7:25pm – 7:50pm games 4v5 / 9v10

7:55pm – 8:20pm games: 1v3/ 6v8

8:25pm – 8:50pm games 2v4 / 7v9

8:55pm – 9:20pm games 2v5 / 7v10


MAROON AND WHITE CAMP SCHEDULE   The Maroon and White Schedule starting July 29th, All coaches attending Academic Elite will receive a free cheat sheet breaking down players from each team. James Young will be on hand at Academic Elite  July 28TH to give updates and answer any questions

COLLEGE COACHES IF YOU NEED MORE INFORMATION: file:///C:/Users/Tiny/Downloads/Maroon%20and%20White%20Schedule%20Week%20One%202014%20(2).pdf

James R. Young Head Girls Basketball Coach Red Bank Regional High School 732-207-8529    

ALL GAMES AT RED BANK REGIONAL HIGH SCHOOL   Tuesday Home Score Away Score Location

3:30 Red Bank Regional Jackson Memorial Court 3

3:30 Middletown North Colts Neck Court 1

4:30 Colts Neck Red Bank Regional Court 1

4:30 Middletown North Jackson Memorial Court 3

5:30 Marlboro Holmdel Court 3

5:30 Red Bank Catholic Point Pleasant Boro Court 1

6:30 Red Bank Catholic Marlboro Court 1

6:30 Point Pleasant Boro Holmdel Court 3

7:30 Manasquan Shabazz Court 1

7:30 St. John Vianney Freehold Township Court 2

7:30 Rumson Fair Haven Wildwood Catholic Court 3

8:30 Rumson Fair Haven Freehold Township Court 1

8:30 Wildwood Catholic Manasquan Court 2

8:30 St. John Vianney Shabazz Court 3


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