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It all starts when a kid starts dribbling a basketball. That’s the easy part. Basketball is just a game. A sport that brings kids, friends and families together. But when a child is chasing a dream. Hoping to do more than just play a game. When a child wants basketball to be a Avenue to open doors that they never dreamed about. That’s when a mom comes in. You see MOTHER’S believe in a child’s dream more than anyone else. Mothers give a child hope and the words to keep a child dreaming and believing.

Everyone knows youth sports are demanding and time consuming for parents. We all have seen the moms in the stands cheering for there child. We have seen the mom bringing the food, the drinks and buying the ice cream. It all starts at a early age. We see the shinny new sneakers, that mom had to run to  10 stores  just to find the perfect pair. Just to see the smiles on their child’s face. We know they had to sit in front of the Computer ordering the sneakers and making dinner at the same time. We know about the fights to get the homework done or to eat dinner at a reason time. These are all the things we know moms have to do when their child is playing youth sports, AAU sports. It’s a full time job. An a expensive job. The gas, the t shirts they must buy because every kid has to get one. That tickets just to watch their child play. The fights with th husband who is too loud in the stands. Being a mom is not easy and that’s because  there are also things only a mom sees.

We like to think sports is about Ice Cream and Pizza. Nice uniforms and swimming pools at hotels. But moms know better. Moms know about wiping away tears when there child doesn’t perform well. They know how to give Emotional support. Yet they know when a child must face the hard reality of truth. Only moms know how and when to deliver these messages. Moms know what the sad faces look like when there child doesn’t play enough mins. They understand the disappointment and how a child may feel they are letting themselves and others  down. But Moms know the words in these moments. The words to keep a child moving forward and seeing the light. Moms have amazing timing. What we don’t see or hear are the moms sadness. You see moms carry the burden for there child. Moms know the sadness of a child when they are not part of the so called in group or being  bullied. Mothers know how and when it’s time to fight for there kids. They know  when the coach is not being fair to there child. But find ways around the coach who doesn’t believe.  They know and understand how navigating the politics of youth sports are so difficult. But moms handle it all. Moms somehow just seem to always figure it out. MOMS WIPE AWAY TEARS… moms make it all better.

Kids are stronger than we know. But it’s the mothers that give kids this strength. It Mothers whose belief is marrow dead. It’s mothers that keep the dream alive. It’s mothers who see light in the darkest of moments. It’s Mothers that fight for their child. It’s mothers that put up with up and downs. The smart remarks and silly faces. The happy times and the bad times. It’s Mothers who eat less, sleep less and put all the problems on there shoulders without anyone ever knowing. Mothers are great at hiding there doubt, disappointments and sadness. In the end it’s MOTHERS THAT MAKE THE  DREAM COME TRUE… so to all the moms in Heaven and on earth….





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