There is going to be a need to think differently, act differently and be differently these days. That’s of course if you want to make your dreams of playing college basketball come true. Players, coaches and parents will all have to think differently these days. That’s because the rules of the game have changed in recruiting. But what hasn’t changed is this? You get want you put into the recruiting process. It starts with understanding.

I have watched the dance that is taking place these days. Not the big NCAA tournament dance on TV. Im talking about that recruiting dance every kid with a dream is part of these days. There are different type of dances. Like the dance of preparation for example. That one where kids are getting ready to move off to college. Some are dancing beautifully and some simply have not learned the right moves. I’m sorry say but I already know the names of these kids and I know what awaits them. Its not rocket science, its clear as day day who can and can’t learn the right dance. Either they lack the will or in some cases they were never given the right moves to practice. The ones who are dancing beautifully will continue to do so. We know them, we see there great steps everyday. Then there are those and there dance teachers who are winging it.

Years ago the winging it Strategy could be pay off. After all hard work is always appreciated and craved. A kid who worked hard had time to learn the moves. But those days are long gone. Now coaches don’t want to wait for kids to learn the moves. Now we live in the era of the transfer portal which had 600 kids in it this morning. The portal opens both ways, there are good dancers looking for a new part to play in the big dance. They want to be on Broadway or get maybe get back on broadway. Then there are those who everyone thought was ready for broadway and the big show.. THEY WEREN’T. So they are off to the portal in hopes of finding a new exciting show off broadway just to get other chance to do what they love…. these are things kids, parents and coaches don’t think about until there are facing it. But some kids do understand learning the dance moves ahead of time, preparing and understanding the new way of thinking can lead to a great performance. SOME ARE TRULY GETTING READY FOR A STARING ROLE … because they realize things are different.

The AAU season is right around the corner. Many coaches, players and parents will focus on exposure and being seen. Its too bad because those people are not thinking differently. They don’t understand the change that has taken place. They have not figured out a kid must be ready long before the games are played. This may matter more now than a kids performance. They haven’t figured out that college coaches now know they can find talent. The portal has taken care of all that. Now coaches want to know about habits. Does a kid know how to work properly? Are they reliable? Are they coachable? Are they more concerned with the now not just tomorrows? Coaches don’t want parents who act like agents and publicity hounds. The talent no longer trumps such things. Things are different these days. That’s because while all these things mattered in the past. Now they are more important than ever. Now coaches want to know if a kid has improved in these area’s just like a jump shot or defense. Coaches want to know if a kid has the mental makeup for college basketball. Coaches want to know a kid is not going to blow up on them. They want to know if that kid can dance as a teammate, friend and person that will listen and can follow daily instructions .. WILLINGLY🌈

You see what kids don’t understand is you show these traits everyday you walk in a gym or decide not to walk in gym. You practice these habits and either develop them or not… everyday. The one thing that is a fact these days is this … the kids, parents and coaches who have figured this out; are the ones thinking differently… the ones who are going to dance a beautiful dance in making dreams come true.

The next few weeks are going to set a tone. The new tone and the new way of doing things are upon in college basketball recruiting. Some kids and their inner circle are going to make the adjustment and some will not. Some will ask what happen? They will swear they did all the right things. They will be be good people who worked there ass off and will not understand how it all went wrong. That’s because they never wanted to think differently, act differently and work differently. They simply didn’t see the change coming, didn’t want to change or couldn’t change. Unlike most I will have a front seat watching it all play out. I just hope it’s it good show… but I know not everyone gets to dance on Broadway … GOOD LUCK!



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