The Disrespect of the G.O.A.T… MADISON ST. ROSE 🌹

Soon the Shore Conference coaches All Division and ALL Shore Teams will come out. Like every year the coaches will try and share the wealth. They will try to make as many kids happy as possible in there programs. Some of the voting will be downright silly. The schools that traditionally are ignored will have their day. You’ll also hear all the talk about how everyone has an opinion and it should be respected. Well after seeing the voting, you personally have every right to respect everyone’s opinion. But me myself… forget it. I 100% don’t respect everyone’s opinion. Now I understand for many kids this is their last time in or a chance to be in the spotlight and I am okay with letting those kids shine for a day. Amaya Evans for example is off to play D1 basketball. Do you really think she cares about a coaches All Shore team? She 100% knows what this is about. But what I can tell you is this, I am personally sick of the disrespect directed towards Madison St. Rose.

Now it’s one thing when a Shore Conference coach doesn’t vote for Madison St .Rose for Shore Player of the Year. Yeah, yeah, the old it’s their opinion bullshit will be repeated a millions times over to fit some folks narrative and agenda. But at the end of the day Dawn Karpell trust me doesn’t give a rats ass about some coach in the Shore not voting for Maddie. But I can tell you what bothers the hell out of me and I’m sure her. And it may not bother Madison St. Rose because unlike me she is mature and has more important things to worry about, like winning CHIPS. But Maddie not making the McDonald’s ALL AMERICAN game is a damm joke. It’s so disrespectfully I can’t put into words. The reason she didn’t make it is for three reasons that don’t have shit to do with basketball. First she decided to say “NO” to Power 5 programs when choosing a D1 school. For some crazy reason, Maddie thought being a black female with a degree from Princeton might be more beneficial to her career and life instead of bragging about going to a Power 5 school. I met Maddie’s mom at a restaurant on the Jersey Shore when she told me the amazing news. It was beautiful and wonderful news. It was a time for real celebration. A great black female basketball player going to one of the best schools in the world. A kid finally using basketball vs letting basketball use her. You couldn’t write a better story…RIGHT? Wrong, because who would ever believe that Maddie’s amazing decision would lead to so much disrespect.

Maddie played AAU for Philly Rise. Clearly that organization which I have great respect for either lacked the juice or pushed other kids for the Mickey D game. You see EYBL plays a BIG ROLE in who makes these post season rosters. Maddie is quite and doesn’t make a fuzz about anything. So it very easy to leave her off the roster, she’ll be fine they assume… that is wrong very wrong. I’m sure Madison was shocked if not surprised she was left off the Mickey D roster. It was just another example of the total disrespect of Madison St. Rose. The difference being this one matters. This was not some silly Coaches All Shore team. This was about a lifetime Experience and great moment in a young persons life.

Now to make things even more bizarre and disrespectful. The Jordan Brand All Star game roster was announced. Madison St. Rose is not on the roster. Now if you think that is beyond nuts your right. Now why is Madison not in that game you ask? That is simple, she doesn’t have a sugar daddy. Someone demanding she be in the game. You see the Jordan Brand folks can’t brag about a black female going to Princeton being in that game. It doesn’t ‘move the needle. They want to brag about a kid going to U Conn or South Carolina it sounds better. They have to have those highly ranked kids in the game. Yes even the few ranked below Maddie(don’t worry, they got sugar daddies)You know the ones who can’t hold Maddie’s dirty sneakers who she clowned all summer. Yes Maddie was 1st Team ALL EYBL this summer, I thought this was about the best? What the Shore Conference coaches are now doing the voting? You know all those ranking you see? Folks trust me 90% of them are inside deals. Just like when it comes to kids picking EYBL teams. Because what’s the first thing they tell certain kids? I’ll get you ranked, I’ll get you in the Mickey D game and I will get you in the Jordan Brand game. Madison St Rose doesn’t cut deals, she lets her playing do the talking. Unfortunately these days that doesn’t seem to matter very much. It doesn’t matter if your the first 3x Player of The The Year in New Jersey, the first 3x SHORE CONFERENCE player of the Year…the first 3x SCT MVP and a 3X STATE CHAMPION… you see all those things are being disrespected. Why? Because a kid is humble, a great student, a great classmate, great teammate, great friend and person. Maddie is low maintenance and is a giver not a taker. Her reward for all of this… A TOTAL LACK OF RESPECT… no G.O.A.T has ever been treated so poorly.

I used to get upset when people said Tiny Green only writes about kids who train with him. I use to get upset when folks said he only picks kids who train with him on his ALL SHORE TEAMS ( I am happy to say there going to be some pissed off people this year). Then i realized something, their all full of shit. Soon Maddie St. Rose is going to figure something out too… THERE ALL FULL OF SHIT and it won’t bother her. She’ll just do want I did, lose all respect for those who know what they are doing to her is wrong and insanely disrespectful.

Now tonight the best player in New Jersey girls basketball history will take the floor in the TOC semi- Final. She won’t be thinking about the Jordan Brand or Mickey “D” game. She’ll be thinking about her team and teammates. I hope Maddie puts on a performance for the ages. I hope every fan leaves that building tonight and says… an OPINION IS ONE THING… DISRESPECT IS ANOTHER… I hope Madison St. Rose gets her flowers tonight🙏💕

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