10 Question that all can be the #1 Question 🏀💪

#1 Questions for you today… so let’s get right to it

  1. Can Anyone Beat SJV? The answer may shock you. Yes, the team with the best chance is Manasquan. That’s because they can match SJV’s talent level top to bottom. The problem they have is the two best players in the game play for the same team … SJV. But if anyone has a chance it’s SJV. Why? You are talking about a battle tested team that can score, handle the ball vs pressure and not intimidated by SJV.
  1. Which player is going to have a breakout season? Katie Collins no question is going to move into star status. That’s because after a monster summer she has not stop working. Her improvement curve has matched her talent. Her shooting ability will allow to not just play around the basketball but out to the three point line as well
  1. What Players may be new to 1st Team All Shore? Nina Emance if she did not get injured was tracking like a first team ALL SHORE player. Now the question is can she get back on track and how long will it take. The best bet right now is Gia Pissott who has looked dominate on both side of the ball
  1. Who can be the surprise team of the year? The easy pick is Toms River North. But I think Ocean Twp with the Clarke sister just may surprise ever this year. I can see them having a excellent season
  1. What Team has the biggest upside? I say many people expect Holmdel to have a Top 5 season. They have lots of talent. More importantly players who have lots of experience.
  1. Can RBC challenge for a SCT title? It’s going to be tough. First Ally Carman will need to be dominate. Casey Prior must provide additional outside shooting. Molly Kelly was run the show. Pissott needs to have a Player of the year season. The two freshman must grown up quick. In truth that is imply asking way to much of one team.
  1. Can anyone Challenge TRN and Donavan Catholic in Ocean County? Right now nobody appears a threat. But Manchester has enough fire power if they can play better defense to pull off the upset.
  1. Which Shore Teams will be in the Top 20? Look the Shore is looking at its weakest year in two decades. But guess what the state is also down. I don’t believe there are 20 Top teams. So lucky for SJV, Manasquan, RBC, Holmdel, TRN and RBR
  1. Who are 5 players that can effect their teams chance the most who are not superstars? Dorothy Lofferdo of Manasquan…Molly Kelly RBC..Kathrine Martini Holmdel.. ARIANA TORRES TRN… Kay Joesph Donavan Catholic
  1. Which Shore Teams could win the TOC? SJV and Manasquan and that’s it for this season… now next year, it’s a whole different story!


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