Today I am going to give you some advice. I believe advice is only valuable if you can apply it to yourself. So my topic today is a very important one, the topic being your INNER CIRCLE. Your INNER CIRCLE in many cases can determine your future. If you want to accelerate your success, it’s important to surround yourself with people you can learn from. Your inner circle must be people you can trust. That’s because if you do not fully trust the people in your inner circle, they manage you but never truly challenge you and push you to be your best. The right inner circle accepts nothing but your best, they have higher expectations and there standards far exceed those on the outside looking in.

I ‘ve heard the line it “takes a village” often spoken by coaches and friends. There is real truth in that statement. But make no mistake there are also some bad villages out there as well. The villages with an agenda and low expectations for its players. These villages form opinions of kids and lack vision. Often these villages become part of a kids INNER CIRCLE. It often leads to low expectations and eventually dreams going up in smoke. Not every village is a good one. Some look shinny and exciting. They often appeal to kids and parents ego’s and desire for attention. But these Villages are a Mirage. They suck you in and steal all a kids gifts while making the kid smile at the same time., that is until it comes time to deliver. This village is everywhere and always has visitors and most leave blaming others for there dreams disappearing…. but these occupants never took the time along the way to look at and evaluate their inner circle. THEY WERE HAVING TO MUCH FUN ALONG THE WAY TO SEE THE BIG AND FINAL PICTURE.

When a kid is in the right INNER CIRCLE, the one thing that is always present is accountability. The one thing a kid can always count on is truth. But finding the right INNER CIRCLE requires pain and sacrifice. That’s because if you are part of a winning INNER CIRCLE, failure is not a option. The INNER CIRCLE that delivers on its promises does not let you breathe. They always want and expect more. The right inner circle doesn’t accept excuses and leaves you no escape route. The inner circle that is correct wants all of you, not part of you. The right INNER CIRCLE apply’s the pressure and reminds you that it’s not easy to do big things. BUT WHEN YOU ARE IN THE RIGHT INNER CIRCLE….you know they do all they do out of a belief in you and a love for you.

I have seen kids too many kids dreams go up in smoke, not because of a lack of talent. Too often the kid has simply traveled in the wrong Inner Circle. In most cases it because weak INNER CIRCLE’S are easy to find, especially for kids who are followers and parents who want Convenience… easy is easy to find. Yet finding the right Inner Circle is a search for dreams in a lot of ways. You see finding the right Inner Circle is hard. Its hard because sometimes the right inner circle is right there. But fear and lack of Assurances prevent a kid from walking threw that door. Sometimes the kid actually finds the right Inner Circle but they find the price is to high and they walk out the door back i to the arms of easy street. THE INNER CIRCLE’S with success never changes just the people in it.

Who a kid associates with has a impact on a players future success; most can never understand this. But Birds of a feather flock together. If a player is part of a inner circle of hard workers that’s what they will become. if there inner circle are kids loaded with talent and do not work hard. They too better be loaded with talent or fail. I have seen it all. It’s why my inner circle is small and tight knit. That’s because I know it doesn’t take much to ruin your inner circle. I protect mind and if you can find one that doesn’t make promises but delivers on there promises … YOUR ONE STEP AHEAD OF A LOT OF FOLKS

The truth is, who you spend the most time with is who you eventually become. Their energy, their habits, their mindset transfer in part to you. To reach new heights of success, you must surround yourself with people who not only inspire you, but challenge you. It isn’t always easy.”


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