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Two  years ago Megan Sias was riding high. She was coming off a once in a lifetime Freshman season.  She was named to the All Freshman Team.  It was a team stacked  with  future  D1 players. She had size, skills and had played against some of the best players in New Jersey. She was a player many believe was going to be a superstar.  There really was anything it seemed could stop her from greatness. She had a big time basketball IQ and the perfect attitude. She was a coach’s dream and the teammates all kids wish to play with one day.  Some believe Megan Sias had a case for Freshman of the year. Her High School coach Vicki Gillen told  me

She Might be the best player in school history”




Those are strong words when you consider the D1 players who have worn a Toms River North uniform in recent years. Life was certainly good for MEGAN SIAS. That was until she tore her ACL and started her long journey back to where we are today. Megan Sias is back on the floor at TRN and she is ready to take her rightful place as one of the best players in 2024 class. Last week  Megan Sias played a high school basketball game for the the first time in a year for TOMS RIVER NORTH. They say you really don’t start appreciating things until they are taken away from you. Megan Sias knows this better than most these days, she  had her entire  sophomore year taken away from her. So in her return against  #15 ranked Shawnee, she went out and just  missed a double/double by one rebound and one point. She had 9 points, 9 rebounds, 3 dimes, 2 block shots and a steal. Now for most that’s  a heck of a game. For most coming off ACL and playing you first game, that’s a dream start. The problem is, most people are not like Megan Sias. MEGAN SIAS is 6’3″ and long for days. Her future D1 college position, is that of a big wing. That’s because she can  bury the deep three, lead the fast break, find teammates with next level type passes, post up or go off the bounce. She is a classic 4 level scorer because of her offensive rebounding ability. You see when your this talented and gifted, your not happy just missing out on a double/double. Megan Sias just always expects more from herself,  she is never satisfied.  It’s why her game will transfer to the next level with such ease. Her game,talent and mental attitude are built for college game.






When Megan was out with her ACL injury,  the 1st TEAM ALL FRESHMAN, dribble in a chair, did form shooting and never stopped preparing to play. This past summer she played for the EYBL GEMZ under SJV coach Dawn Karpell. She learned about playing hard, defending and running hard. She was 50% during the summer. But expected and wanted to play at 100%. She wanted to perform as if  she never missed a year of competitive basketball. When she came to NBS in the fall, she insisted  on running like everyone else. I told her NO, the disappointment on her face was clear. You see Megan, never wants anyone think she not putting the work in or short changing her teammates. She has a appetite  not just for coaching but for work as well. She is totally committed to basketball, it’s something she loves doing. It part of her DNA and her happiness. I knew this fall Megan was getting stronger, better and healthier  each week. I knew  her return at TRN would be a success. I know by seasons end, she will once again be among the Shore Conference  elite one of most recruited D1 players in the state. This summer the Shoreshots and Megan should have a heck of a ride together after her high school season







I watched  Megan Sias in her 2nd high school game game of the season, lead all scorers with 14 points and 11 rebounds. It wasn’t exactly a big surprise. Megan is so versatile  and mobile, it’s would be a surprise  if her stats don’t get better each game.  TRN would have been a possibly been a  Top 10 in the state if they had Megan last year. But they have here this year. They hope to win A SOUTH division.  Be a Shore Top 10 team and make real noise in the state Tournament. Those are high expectations. But when you have the most talented player in the county back…anything is possible and










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