TRINITY HALL HAS ARRIVED… welcome to the big girl club🌈🔥☄️

When Nina Emnace and Siobhan Stapleton decided to take a chance on Trinity Hall two years ago. They were also putting there trust into coach Matt McCarthy something senior guard Haven Dora had already done three years earlier. These 4 were dreamers who believed anything is possible. They even believed one of the worst programs in the Shore could be one of the best one day. So Coach Matt McCarthy went about the business of doing the best rebuilding job in the Shore Conference in 20 years and Haven Dora, Nina Emance and Siobhan Stapleton went about the business of making dreams comes true. Last night Trinity Hall entered the elite status club by beating St Rose… 51-46.

Last night Trinity Hall advanced to the 3rd round of the Shore Conference Tournament. Something that 4 years ago was not even a thought. Trinity Hall was the team you played on senior night. They were the team you played on home coming weekend. They were the team everyone wanted to play. They were the laughing stock of Shore basketball. But that all changed when the school hired a hard working Coach by the name of Matt McCarthy. It all changed when Haven Dora decided she wanted to play at Trinity Hall. Together the two have lived though the ups and downs of a program trying to find it way into the light. Last night Haven Dora was Super Human like in scoring 23 points. It almost felt like she took out all her Frustrations of the past out on St. Rose. She made every big shot and play last night. St Rose had no answers for her. She did what great seniors do come tournament time… she dominated the game. She imposed her will on St. Rose all night. Her presence was simply Overwhelming. Last night Haven Dora was rewarded for her trust and loyalty. Yesterday Matt McCarthy was rewarded for trusting and giving the ball to his talented guard from day one.

Freshman who dream big seem to do big things. Nina Emnace and Siobhan Stapleton bucked the system. They didn’t go to one of the basketball super powers in the Shore. They choose bot to walk in someone else’s footsteps but rather create their on. They both wanted to do something special, leave there own Legacy. Nina Emnace became Freshman of Year last year. Siobhan Stapleton was named 1st Team All Freshman. It was the first time a Trinity Hall player has ever appeared on the 1st Team or been Freshman of the year.

The two players added to that legacy last night. They had talked about one day beating a RBC or a St. Rose team and how amazing it would be. They lost to RBC in overtime last week. Yesterday they made there dreams come true as they beat St Rose. Yesterday the two young stars proved “why join them when you can beat them” really does feel better. Both were exactly what Matt McCarthy thought they woukd be when they decided to attend Trinity Hall… warriors, big shot makers and winners. Now they are the biggest winners in the SCT right now. This morning NINA EMNACE AND SIOBHAN STAPLETON along with their coach are rock stars.

Lilly Riggi doesn’t get the hype of other freshman in the Shore get. That’s because the hype machine hasn’t discovered her yet. But before the season started Matt McCarthy told me, he had one of the best freshman in the shore nobody knows about.

Lilli Riggi

He also told me “we don’t need stars, we need kids who work hard and want to get better. Let everyone else have the stars. We will develop our own stars” Yesterday Matt McCarthy looked like a prophet. Thats because last night Lilly Riggi was better than most. She was rock solid with her 7 points, 8 rebounds and she unleashed a big ole can of whoop ass in the lane. She was All Freshman good once again last night. Now she too is living the dream.

When Nina Emnance found JILL DESIO for the back breaking bucket to seal the win for Trinity. It was the crowning moment to a journey to the top for Trinity Hall. But it all didn’t happen over night, it’s been small steps along the way. First they had to host a SCT game, they did that. Then they had to win a SCT tournament game. They did that over Freehold Township. Then last year they won a SCT POD tournament Chip in year three. Now here we are in year 4 and sone how Trinity Hall has gone from the 19th seen to the eight seed in the SCT. Trinity Hall and hit PAY DIRT last night. They are 7 -2 under Matt McCarthy in SCT games. Those 2 losses are to Manchester that won it the year they lost and RBC with 5 D1’s, Sabino, Toni, Fab, Pissot and Carmen . … by beating St. Rose to advance to the SCT quarters for the first time in school history. They now have a seat at the table of greatness… thats because

NOW THEY ARE BEATING THE ELITE PROGRAMS … and it certainly won’t be the last time!



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