Today, I will have a little fun. So who are best best players in each class. Now we all know this is subjective and hopefully causes lots of debates and fun. Now remember I see theses kids in real environments against real competition. I know the work ethics, weather their good teammates and MOST IMPORTANTLY does there game translate to the next level…so here we go.

TOP 5 In 2018 class

Mabrey's not just the best in her class..but the best in the state

Mabrey’s not just the best in her class..but the best in the state

1. Dara MABREY– Manasquan-Not much of a conversation. Ultimate competitor who has gotten better each year in high school and more importantly  is the ultimate winner and leader. THE TOTAL PACKAGE

2. Rose CAVERLY- RBC– There is a reason she received more offers than any another player this side of MABREY. She is the is intimate gym with a next level body.

3. Tori HYDUKE- RFH– Come on, she has been special since the day she put on a RFH uniform. The ultimate scoring point guard. Real Player of Year candidate.

4. Lucy THOMAS– St. Rose The former Freshman of the year. Has developed every part of her game and one of the best post players in the entire state.

5. Katie RICE– She has worked to develop every part of her game. NOBODY MAKES THERE TEAMMATES BETTER. Now a 1st team All Shore Candidate.


2019 TOP 5

Lola Mullaney tops the 2019 class

Lola Mullaney tops the 2019 class

1. Lola MULLANEY– Mansquan- She has Top 25 offers and the ultimate team player. She handled last season like a pro. She is a ego free gym rat, who is ranked the #16 wing in the nation

2. Faith MASONIOUS– Manasquan- Really,really!..she is back after a year of fighting injuries. Question what can’t she do? Look for a show stopping season.

3. Jada BONNER– SJV- Make no mistake, she could be at the top of this list at the end of the year. A total warrior and competitor, who could be PLAYER OF YEAR one day.

4. Isa BRENNAN-Midd- South- Make not mistake the body and shooting ability make her a high major. She my friends is the biggest surprise I watched this summer.

5. Jenna PAUL– TRN- Right now at a insane level. Knock it out shooter has college coaches drooling,. College body and attitude.


2020 TOP 5(special note..this class is loaded)


Miss Andrews is the best in the 2020 class

Miss Andrews is the best in the 2020 class

1. Makayla ANDREWS– Neptune- She is one of the top 4 most talented players in the Shore. A future Power 5 lock. More importantly her development is scary right now.

2. Fab EGGENSWILER– RBC- No player has seen there stock rise more. Her passing, shooting and ball handling make her Elite.

3. Kermari REYNOLDS– Manchester- The Freshman of the year was not around much this summer. But we have all seen her work…SHE IS SPECIAL

4. KAYLA RICHARDSON– Midd South- She is on a mission of missions. Her improved jumper and defense puts her in rare air. When the year is over she could be #1

5. Camryn FOLTZ– Colt Neck- Her recovery continues, once considered #1 player in this class. She appears to want her title. She is quietly returning to form.


TOP 5 2021

Destiny Adams became the first freshman to win MVP

Destiny Adams

1. Destiny ADAMS– Manchester- This is not much of a question. One of best players to ever enter the Shore Conference. Already recruited by everyone and there mama.  The total package with size

2. Sabino SABINO-RBC- Her vision and IQ you can’t teach. Has ability to create for others and has length and real quickest and oh yeah TOP 5 programs already in the mix

3. Katie HILL– SJV- She may develop more than any other player in this class..why? SJV! She has size toughness and skills that are legit. How about this statement ..better newer version of KATIE O’ REILLY.

Christina WHITEHEAD– Colts Neck- Folks you better learn her name. Will have a major impact over the next 4 year before signing her D1 letter of intent. OH YEAH SIZE MATTERS!

5. Abby ANTOGNOLI– St. Rose-  The term warrior is so loosely used today. In  the case of ANTOGNOLI, it’s so under used. This is the new version of Stella Clark, plays with such energy and passion…SHE MY FRIENDS IS SPECIAL


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