Tomorrow the coaches will get their final looks at try-outs. Coaches will get to see if there is a few new surprises. They will see what players have added something new to there games. They will be hoping everyone stays healthy. Tomorrow the roster will take shape and the real practices will start next Monday.


Everyone this time of year is both excited and hopeful. This time of year everyone is undefeated and anything is possible. This time of year the powerhouse programs are hoping for Championship seasons. The lesser known programs are hoping for of measure of success and recognition. This comes with winning and team sacrifice. Everyone what’s to do these things right now. But it’s when a team hits a bad patch in the season, that we will know the truth. This time of year the coaches have to make some real decisions. Like who is starting and what the rotation will look like. Politics will drive some coaches decisions and attitude and behavior will drive other coaches decisions.  It’s not a easy time of year for coaches, players and parents. But it’s what everyone has been waiting on…THE START OF A NEW SEASON.

Markham is sending a clear message to all..

Markham is a SUPERSTAR

Some superstars will be suiting up for a final season. Some new stars will be arriving, it’s the cycle of high school basketball. Stars come and new ones replace them. There will be kids playing there last year of  organize basketball. But for now this will be there final first practice of the season. They are making  memories whether they know it or not. There will be asst. coaches, trainers and support staff doing all they can to make this season a great one. They will get little credit, but it won’t matter, they are happy just to be part of it all.

There will be tears, come Monday. Some players will realize their dreams have not come true. They will have to wait another year to make the team. To make the J.V or Varsity. They will have to wait to be part of this lifetime memory making experience called HIGH SCHOOL BASKETBALL. There will be  up and downs, the season can be joyful and painful. Parents  will sit on pins and needles hoping there child will not be left behind. It will all be worth it.


Soon knowledgeable writers as Gregg Lerner, Brian Deakyne, Ryan Wydra and the NJ Sports Report will start painting the pictures of what to expect this season. They will write about all the great teams, players and coaches from across the state. They will keep us  arguing about who’s the best players are and who the best teams are. It will be fun debating and makes us root harder for our teams…ITS WHY HIGH SCHOOL BASKETBALL IS GREAT.


Now me, I love the start of the new season. I won’t be running all over the state watching game. I will get my annual emails telling me how I only wrote for Shore Conference. I will get the texts complaining how other areas play great basketball too. I will laugh at the polls when rightfully so the raking appear to share the wealth, thus leaving deserving  Shore teams out of the rankings. I will focus my energy on the best girls basketball conference on planet earth. No fans are more passionate and nowhere are games played with more intensity. It’s the Shore and like a storm it will run though the state as it does every year. While the TOC title its everyone’s goal. The big prize will be the hardest title of all to win…the SCT. I hope to watch it all up close and personal.

A new year is here and I get goose bumps thinking about all the fun we are going to have. There are going to be some special moments and you be wise to be part of every second….STARTING NOW.



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