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The Shore Conference Quarter finals did not produce a single upset. The 4 best teams to start the year are all in the semi finals.  But we did learn a few things yesterday that we didn’t know at the start of the season. A few things that just may make the difference between winning and losing come Wednesday night.  Right now only 4 teams still have a has a chance to win the  biggest CHIP IN GIRLS BASKETBALL…



Ashley SOFILKANICH…has that 1st Team All Shore look













The afternoon kicked off with SJV taking on Homdel. Not much was expected of this game. But Holmdel behind Allison Cannon showed fight in the first quarter. But in the end SJV’s 4 guards Jannie BACHMANN , Bri Delaney, Julia Karpell and Zoe Brooks were simply to much for Homdel. In the end Holmdel found out why Ashley SOFILKANICH is looking like a 1st Team All Shore player. They found out the Madison KOCIS is a super baby. They learned that Aleena Dinker is a soon to be a star. Homdel learned they will forever be known as the team

Coach Dawns Karpell beat for her 500th win. SJV LOOKS UNBEATABLE


Jada Lynch, put together one of the best performances by a baby in SCT, history.


They say a baby will lead. But nobody said anything about two babies.  Jada Lynch yesterday did what few babies can do. She put ST. ROSE on her back and carried them to the Semi Finals. With Rosie Scognamiglio thrown in the cooler. She picked up the St. Rose three point shooting duties. She dropped three bombs on Trinity in the first half. Then in the 3rd quarter she broke out her game off the bounce. Finally in the 4th she went to the offensive glass to punish the Trinity front line. Then to close out the game she turned into a player maker. Jada Lynch, put together one of the best games by a freshman in the SCT in recent history.


But sometimes it’s takes two babies. That’s because while Jada Lynch was working her magic. Mary Beth Chambers went to another baby. Belle Alvarado has not been in the St. Rose rotation for most of the year. But she has been waiting and hoping for her opportunity. A chance to show she can impact a game. A big game; yesterday her timing was perfect. When she came in the game and hit a pull up jumper and then dropped a dime. You could hear the gym explode. But it was her defense and ball control that made Coach Chambers look so very smart. Belle Alvarado was as  cool as a cucumber.  She gave St. Rose a special performance. The type you see from veteran players.


Help was not on the way for Nina Emance








Meanwhile Trinity Hall was doing what they have been doing all year. Trying to find a 2nd scorer. Nina Emance was hounded all afternoon. But she keep Trinity’s hopes alive. She was praying and hoping to find a teammate to take the journey to the Semi Finals with her. Baby Whitney Hobson tried her best to give her some support. But it wasn’t enough, she’s just a baby. TRINITY’s frontline line scored one point the entire afternoon. Then everyone not named Nina Emance missed 7 straight free throws in the 4th quarter. Trinity Hall learned that details matter and you can’t teach a old dog new tricks or in this case find a 2nd scorer in the Quarter Finals of the SCT. That help Nina Emance was praying for?  Well it never came.


St. Rose will get the chance at the impossible on Wednesday. They surly feel they got a bad deal by the seeding committee. They are going to be reminded of that on Wednesday, when they take on the #4 team in the country. The team that has not lost a game in New Jersey in 4 years. The team with the best coach in the country. The team with the best player in the state. The team with all the answers…. ST JOHN VIANNEY



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