Ocean for some reason has been disrespected all year. Some say it’s because they played a light schedule. Some say, did you see the New Providence score. Certainly being in the spotlight for Ocean is a new experience. That inexperience caused them the 6th seed. It also meant they had to play the #4 team in the state RBC.










RBC has blown out every team they have faced this year, except St. Rose. St. Rose had them on the ropes. Ocean had RBC on the ropes yesterday. That’s because the  Clark sisters  are a handful. That’s because Gamila Betton was a handful and Jineen Ayassh can do it all. The 4 Horse Women like St. Rose seemed to be ready to ride off into the sunset with a big win  over the Casey’s. Then threw the RBC frontline into ball screens and mixed and matched there 1-2-2 half court press with there 2-3 zone. RBC  had a problem and Ocean was cooking.

Addy Nyemchek was acting like a “BAD WOMAN”










Joe Montano has seen it all and won it all. He also has a flexible roster. It’s why when trailing to start the 4th quarter, he threw his 5 in and 5 out rotation out the window. It was now winning time and egos and feeling had to take a back seat. It was also time for him to turn Addy Nyemchek loose. So just like she did against St. Rose “the bad women”  went  on a one women mission of destruction. She didn’t get done  with that destruction until like she did against St. Rose, hit a three that wiped out Ocean’s lead,  hopes and dreams. Addy Nyemchek reminded everyone, who the GOAT  baby is in New Jersey.












It wasn’t until Casey Prior went BOOM and Christina LIGGIO came out of the Ice box for a and one bucket. That it was officially over. RBC lived to fight another day. That’s because Lola Giordano was grabbing water for teammates during a time out, despite limited minutes. Daniela Malesky hit a big three after sitting so long. Tessa LIGGIO hit a big three and dropped a big dime after playing limited minutes. RBC was acting like a team. Doing all the things everyone did not expect when this moment finally arrived. OCEAN ALSO HAS ARRIVED and guess what I doubt…if they care what others think anymore.



Meanwhile in the final game of the day. Manasquan who has been up and down this year. But in the end, have did  what they were suppose to do this season, win when it matters most.  RFH has yelled, we played a tough schedule all year. They did but they didn’t when any of those tough  games and they won’t this year in the Shore. That!s because Manasquan sent them packing

Mckenna Karlson and Rylyn Orlando may not be household names. But they know how to Guard household names. While most teams double and triple team RFH guards,  Julia CORSENTINO and Raquel GUIDETTI. Coach Kukoda knew her two guards were special. So she trusted  Rylyn Orlando and Mckenna Karlson didn’t need help and she let them play the two stars straight up.  She was right, the two Manasquan guards turned the lights out on the RFH two mega talented guards on this night. Hope Masonious and Katie Collins did the rest and Manasquan advanced. There was no late 4th quarter  run or RFH comeback. This was death by 1000 cuts and it started with MANASQUAN cutting off the RFH  offensive power supply.











Manasquan will play RBC in the SEMI  Wednesday. Last year RBC blew Manasquan out in the WOBM. But Manasquan won the game that matters most; The SCT Semi Final rematch. This year RBC blew out Manasquan  in the WOBM. On Wednesday MANASQUAN will look to repeat last years performance…as they get to




TODAY…SIGN UP AT THE DOOR… (after school shooting 3:15)

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