SJV HAS D1 TALENT EVERYWHERE AND RFH has impact kids💪🏀2026 Classes

Today I deliver some bad news unless you are part of Lancer nation. Better known as St John Vianney. Coach Karpell once again has one of the best freshman classes in the state of New Jersey moving in. This is clearly a case of QUALITY over Quantity.

SJV incoming freshman have an advantage other freshman do not. There is not one single case of a top incoming player who has not developed. Also despite rarely starting a freshman or giving them the lions share of minutes. I can think of only “ONE” freshman who has transferred. That’s because Coach Karpell always finds or creates a role for every player on her roster. The impact of this 2026 freshman class will be felt for years. THIS IS THE CONFIRMED LIST OF PLAYERS PLANNING TO ATTEND SJV.. college coaches you may want to learn these names NOW!

This years freshman class is beyond talented and more importantly gifted with a competitive nature. Thats because you don’t attend SJV if you not competitive and your focus is not on getting better and chips. This years group checks all the boxes. Remember I may miss a few great ones.

MADISON KOCIS– 5’6”- Point Guard- She has been in the gym vs older D1 competition since 4th grade. Her competitive nature is only Succeed by her insane skill sets. She has a next level handle. She has Elite vision with the ability to pass with either hand. She has dynamic shooting range, that is improving. She is a tough physical defender will a off the charts unmatched IQ. In a nutshell she will make a case the best point in the entire state of New Jersey one day. A classic SJV type player. Madison is a future HIGH MAJOR DIVISION ONE LOCK.

CHARLOTTE BRADLEY- 5’7” – combo- The rich get richer. This is a player born for the SJV culture. She is as competitive as they come. She wisely stepped away from winter AAU to do what you ask? College coaches pay attention!!! Train and build on her magical skill sets .. BARVO. Folks watch the payoff to her game come July. She is a deadly shooter with 30 foot range. Her elite body allows her to play bully ball because she has a excellent handle. This is a problem for the next 4 years. Another classic SJV type player… she a a future D1 lock of locks.

TAYLOR  SOFILKANICH– 6’4 – Forward- If this young lady lives in the gym, she will be the most dominant and most recruited post player in the state of New Jersey. Like her older sister Ashley(committed to Bucknell) she is insanely athletic, runs the floor, has hands from the heavens and blessed with wonderful timing. Great body language and never moody. She will Benefit from the SJV style which forces post players to constantly move, play faster and develop versatility. She also will be practice everyday against two D1 players everyday in her sister and Hubbard. The upside for this young lady is beyond scary. More importantly nobody develops bigs better that Dawn Karpell… She is a future lock D1 post, impact player

The Bulldogs are getting ready to take a bite out of New Jersey girls basketball. The big dog know as RUMSON FAIR HAVEN continues to stack up talent. They may be multiple sport players but this is a talented group

Four years RFH had a talented freshman class. In fact the best class in RFH recent history. But that class fell apart. But like he always does Dave Cahallan figured out a way to keep RFH in the Top 20 and a contender for the Group 2 title. Well his job just got a little easier with his incoming freshman class… with a special note… his 2027 class is LOADED!

Erin Reid 5-9” G/F incredibly athletic, fantastic speed and jumping ability. This long fluid athlete Can score from the 3 point line, putting the ball on the floor and on the inside. Tenacious defender on the ball with incredible instincts. Incredibly high ceiling.

Lauren McBarron 5-8”- Guard. She plays exactly like, well, her older sister Cortland who started at RFH for 4 years and is now at Williams. She is a long athletic guard with fantastic speed and side to side movement. Tremendous defender. Excellent three point shooter who has the ability to get to the basket with both hands. Plays huge with a refuse to lose mentality.

Chase Memmett – 5-9 one more three sport stud entering RFH. Another excellent athlete with great speed and side to side movement. I got my first look her last week and three words “OMG” folks this kid has a chance to be special. The word is that has began to focus more and more on hoops and her improvement has been outstanding. She can bang 3s and get to the rim. She has excellent ability to put the ball on the floor and make things happen. Huge upside here. Many are calling her another Kate Miller a former RFH ALL TIME GREAT… she could be a game changer… she a Potential division one player


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