Today we finally get to drop the first Top 10 of the 2020-21 season. SJV and RBC are the clear favorites to start the season Both teams are deep in talent and are stacked with division one talent up and down their rosters. These two teams are playing monster schedules including a game against each other. So at some point we should get a true #1 seed going into the SCT tournament. The Bottom of the Top 10 is where their may be lots of movement in the Shore Conference. Teams like Jackson Memorial, TRN could sneak into the Top 10…. Manasquan, Manchester and St. Rose are among a group of schools that hope to make serious noise before the season is over. The SCT final 8 bracket will be a fight to the finish.

ST. JOHN VIANNEYThere is not much conversation here. They have all boxes checked. They are nationally ranked and defending SCT Champs and now have more unfinished business once again.

Returning starters (4)- Katie Hill,Sr, Madison St. Rose, jr,Megan Cahalan, jr, Ashley O’Connor, jr, Emma Bruen, jr

Impact playersJaine Bachman,sophomore, Brianna Delaney,Sophomore, Ashley Sofikanich, Sophomore, Mikaela Hubbard, Sophomore Ciera Cevallos,jr, Paige Knutsen, jr, Sianna Bradley, Sr

Impact Freshman– Julia Karpell

Impact LossesChristina Whitehead

Returning All Shore Players (4)- Madison St. Rose Player of the Year. Katie Hill, First Team All Shore. Ashley O’Connor 3rd team All Shore, 1st Team All defense. Emma Bruen All defensive 1st team.

Current Division on lock players– (10)

SCT ProjectionSCT final 8 Bracket

RED BANK CATHOLICThey have the best starting 5 in the state of New Jersey. They are nationally ranked. They are long, tall and physically imposing. If anyone is in the way of SJV it’s is this team.

Returning Starters (4) – Sophia Sabino, Sr, Antonia Panayides,sr, Alley Carman, Jr, Justine Pissott, Jr

Impact PlayersCasey Prior, Soph, Emma CARMAN, Soph, Lucy Alberica Sr, Molly Kelly

Returning All Shore Players (3) Justine Pissott 2nd Team, Sophia Sabino 2nd team, All Carman 3rd Team. Casey Prior 1ST TEAM ALL FRESHMAN

Impact Freshman– (0)

Impact lossesNicole Stanford, Shae Sabino, Fab Eggenschwiler

Current Division one lock player (7)

SCT Projection- SCT Final 8 Bracket

MANASQUANThey are a deep team on paper. They are battle tested. They have two major impact freshman. The question is can they get that signature win? They have two prize impact Freshman in Katie Collins who will give them much needed size up front and Hope Masonious will bring her scoring talents and IQ to the party.

Returning Starters (5)- Brooke Hollawell Jr, Georgia Heine jr, Macey Black, Sr, Mary Donnelly Jr, Dorothy Lofferdo, Jr

Impact PlayersAllison Waters, Rylyn Orlando

Returning All Shore Players (0)

Impact Freshman Katie Collins, Hope Masonious, McKenna Karlsson.

Impact losses (0)

Current D1 lock players (3)

SCT ProjectionSCT Final 8 Bracket

ST. ROSE- COVID has prevented them from building on the great chemistry they had in the fall. Now the question is can they find help off the bench. Playing with 5 in the Shore is not easy.

Returning Starters(2)- Abby Antognoli Sr, Maureen Stapleton Sr.

Impact Players- Layla Laws Sr, Niasya Ervin, Sr, Maggie Cavanaugh, Soph, Avery Morgan, Senior Darby Sherman, Jr, ROSIE SCOGNAMIGLIO, Sophomore

Returning All Shore Players– (1) Abby Antognoli, 2nd Team All Shore

Impact Freshman– (0)

Impact Losses– (4)- Brynn Farrell, Makayla Andrews, Maira Tedesco, Kitty Murphy

Current D1 lock players– (3)

SCT ProjectionSCT Final 8 Bracket.

MANCHESTER- They have Destiny Adams and that is always a good start. The real question is where is the scoring coming from outside of Adams. Can a freshman in a conference loaded with elite point guards run the show. Amaya Bray will need to step up.

Returning Starters- (2) Destiny Adams, Sr, Amaya Bray, Junior

Impact Players- Morgan Brustman, Sr, Myah Hourigan, jr, Devyn Quigley, Freshman, Alyssa Carino, jr

Returning All Shore Players– (1)- Destiny Adams Co Player of The year

Impact FreshmanDevyn Quigley

Impact Losses- Angelica Velez, Hayes-Jones, Gabby Ross, Kermari Reynolds, Serenity Anderson

Current D1 Lock Players-(1)

SCT ProjectionSCT Final 8 Bracket

RED BANK REG Bill Parcells..AKA John Turhan is trying to stay under the radar and sneak up on the top teams. The problem is that he returns 4 starters and added a talented freshman with size in Camryn Gardner. Chole Teter and Caitlyn Decker will lead the charge.

Returning Starters (4)- Chloe Teter, Sr, Caitilyn Decker, Sr, Amelia Medolla, Sr, Emma Moriarty, Sr,

Impact Players Mia Strand Sr, Camryn Gardner, Freshman

Impact Freshman– Camryn Gardner

Returning All Shore Players (1)- Chloe Teter, 3rd Team All Shore

Impact lossesTaylor Crystian

Current Lock D1 players– (1)

SCT ProjectionSCT Final 8 Bracket

RUMSON FAIR HAVENThey got a major upgrade in talent. Two unexpected returns of post players Kaila Scarpa and Dylan Cahill are game changers. Both have size and skills. But every starts and ends with Grace Munt. They are a competitive group and their energy level will play a major role this season.

Returning Starters– (4)- Grace Munt, Sr, Cortland McBarron, Sr,

Impact Players- Julia Corsention, Sophomore, Grace Colucci, Sr, Dylan Cahill, Sophomore, Charley Rosen, Jr, Kaila Scarpa, Jr

Impact Freshman-(0)

Returning All Shore Players (0)

Impact losses- Julia Shanes, Molly Kelly, Sarah Hughes, Paige Slaven, Lucy Adams, Sophia Passalaqua,

Current Lock D1 players (2/3)

SCT ProjectionSCT Final 8 Bracket

MARLBOROThere return a ton of scoring and battle tested veterans. The question is can they get to the next level? One thing is clear they are going to play hard every night. The run and gun style is not going away. There will simply be another form of that style.

Returning Starters-(4)- Jess Riepe, Sr, Sammy Jay, Sr, Dani Schlesinger, Erica Disimone

Impact PlayersSam Slofkiss, Jr, Amanda Castro, Sophomore, ALYSSA TROEPE 

Impact losses- Sam Nocco, Katherine Sanchez

Impact Freshman– ALYSSA TROEPE 

Returning All Shore Players- Jess Riepe, 3rd Team All Shore

Current Lock D1 players (1)

SCT ProjectionSCT Final 8 Bracket

HOLMDELThey have size, experience, shooting, length and are battle tested. This is a team that could dance along the Top 20 cut line if they can find a point guard. This is a very talented crew.. the question is can they build on last years RBC upset win vs Top teams. Ryann Taylor will lead the way with Olivia Palmer. But this will have plenty of backup in Abby Ferguson who committed to Colgate and Katherine Martini who may have a breakout season.

Returning Starters-(3) Ryann Taylor, Sr, Abby Ferguson, Jr, Olivia Palmer

Impact Players- Katherine Martini, Jr, Lindsay Cannon, Sr, Erica Stolker

Impact Freshman-(0)

Returning All Shore Players-(0)

Impact lossesCarson Fontana, Leah Nolan

Current Lock D1 Players- (2)

SCT ProjectionSCT 2nd 8 Bracket

DONOVAN CATHOLIC- They have two of the 5 best players in the country join the lineup. They return the leading scorer from a year ago in Jordyn Keating. They are talented and will challenge Manchester as the best team in Ocean. But every thing this year will start with the three transfers Kay Joseph, Gabby Ross and Shelby Barksdale. As they go so will Donovan Catholic

Returning StartersJordyn Keating, Sr, Alexandra Gelosi, Sr

Impact PlayersKya Joseph, Jr, Gabby Ross, Soph, Shelby Barksdale, Jr, Emma Conroy, Jr, MACKENZIE KOPF

Impact Freshman- (0)

Returning All Shore Players -(0)

Current Lock D1 players– (1)

SCT ProjectionSCT 2nd 8 Bracket

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