Shayne Eldridge of Wall High School is having year. She has led her team to a Top 10 Ranking in the Shore Conference. She is one of the leading scorers in the state. She is one of the best defensive players in the state. She has earned a scholarship to Caldwell University. This has been a dream year for Shayne Eldridge. But after last night night, Shayne Eldridge now has a dream career to talk about. She scored her 1000th. Sending her in to the record books and putting on that short list of greats.

Shayne Eldridge’s name will hang in rafters at Wall high school forever now. When she is older and has long stop playing she will walk into the WALL gym and her name will be hanging on a banner. Her children, her sibling, friends and parents will all know of her greatness. But many other generations from now may not know is the story of how she got her name in bright lights. You see Shayne’s road to 1000 points has not been easy. It’s been a work of art and labor.

When Shayne Eldridge didn’t make 1st Team All Freshman 4 years ago. Her dad was upset. He thought his daughter was one of the best freshman in the Shore. These days he is looking like he knew what he was talking about. That’s because right now Shayne Eldridge looks like a lock All  Shore and All Defensive Team player. This really goes to Shayne developing and rounding out her game over the years. But her road to 1000 points is much different than any other players 1000 points hanging up at WALL. That’s because first she lost a season to COVID. Then the state of New Jersey shorten the high school season, making it hard for Shayne to reach 1000 points. But Shayne has been doing hard her entire career.

Shayne has never gotten to wear a crown. She has never been given her full credit as a player. She has never been rewarded for getting better every year in high school. Something few kids do anymore. She has never been given credit for always taken on challenges and not taking shortcuts. She has never made excuses along the way. She has never complained about a lack of respect or appreciation from others. Shayne Eldridge has just done what few kids do anymore. Just go about the business of being the best version of herself. Well that version has paid off 1000 times.. Shayne Eldridge has done just about every a kid could do at WALL.

1000 points is big. It’s big because it says a kid has done something few kids do. It’s big because a kid goes into the history books. It’s good because it means a kid will not ever be forgotten. In the case of Shayne Eldridge it’s big because no one gave has ever given more of themselves to a game, team and dream. This is just another chapter in the amazing CAREER OF SHAYNE ELDRIDGE…. It’s just happens to be this year, that we are finally honoring all her greatness!


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