th0WLQDEUXThere are a few things this time of year that make my head spin. But nothing is more disturbing than the recruitment of Rahmena Henderson of SJV. While recruiting is never an exact science, I have never seen anything like what is going on regarding Rahmena Henderson. I would have bet my life that this young lady would be one of the most recruited Point Guards in New Jersey. When you think of her body of work and what she has accomplished, its MAKES NO SENSE.

When Rahmena entered the Shore 4 years ago, there were very few people outside of Dawn Karpell who knew of her talents.  This didn’t stop Rahmena from becoming one of the best young point guards in the state of New Jersey. Her first year, she went to Neptune High School and became a member of  THE HOOP GROUP ALL FRESHMAN TEAM. Every member of the all freshman team with the exception of two players has gone on to play D1 basketball. Henderson, as a freshman had the ball in her hands more than any freshman in the state. It was clear she was going to be a star. She transferred to SJV for her sophomore season. She wanted to play a big time schedule and take on the challenge of playing the best competition.

Now what is shocking to me is that Rahmena Henderson plays against the best competition in the state every year. She has seen every great guard their is to see. She has out played just about everyone at some point. These are not statements but facts. Her size, length and toughness from the point guard position is unheard of. Now throw in the elite quickness and ball handling skills and you go what gives. Her ability to knock down jumper after jumper is eye popping. Most importantly, it her ability to flat out put great offensive players in her pocket that is what you would think D1 coaches crave for her services. Henderson is a great offensive guards worst nightmare.  Just go look at all the current and future D1 guards she has destroyed, it is a who’s who list. Yet as of today she has not verbaled to a D1 school. Now what makes this even crazier is this. She plays for Dawn Karpell, folks I don’t have to tell you what SJV kids do at the college level. Dawn Karpell’s kids kick ass at the next level. They win Player of The Years…they win Rookie of  The Years, they are ALL CONFERENCE…they are ALL FRESHMAN and more than anything else, they  win championships in college. So the Rahmena Henderson recruiting is nothing short of bizarre.

Now, there are so many kids at NBS currently who have scholarships offers on the table. I have players who already have given verbals to D1 schools. They’re all guards and they’re all very talented. Here is what makes no sense, not one of them would I take before Henderson. Rahmena is that good and more importantly, has a package that she is carrying around that is off the charts. She has an elite work ethic, she is the ultimate teammate, highly coachable and a GREAT STUDENT. Nothing adds up regarding Rahmena Henderson. Her total package as a student, talent and person is hard to find these days. She is polite and insanely loyal. These qualities are things that college coaches look for in any player, but for some reason has worked against Rahmena Henderson.

Rahmena Henderson, is a loyal kid and doesn’t have the “me, me, me” attitude that most kids have today. She could be selfish and only worry about her stats and personal gain and glory but Henderson is actually a good teammate. She may be paying the price for being such a good person and teammate. She has never tried to steal the spotlight, she has always played the game the right way. It’s also why I believe she will at some point sign at a D1 school and do exactly what all SJV kids do in college….SHINE.

So while right now Rahmena talks to different schools and waits. Here is what I know will happen. Somebody is going to get one of the most complete point guards in the state. Nobody this skilled and talented can stay under the radar forever.  Some coach is going to sign a future 4 year starter and a total winner. It’s funny but some players are running around with offers, who can’t carry her dirty sneakers. There are those with nowhere near her track record… But Rahmena just keeps doing what she has always has done. She quietly goes about the business of being one of the best players in the Shore Conference. For me it one of biggest puzzle’s in all my years covering shore basketball. There is nothing this young lady has not been successful at on a basketball court. How crazy can it be she is still waiting. The truth of the matter is how can some many far less talented players get some much more attention…its one of the best mysteries out there these days.

Tiny Green

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