sportsRFH-PtBoro3-sdl-IMG_62331-300x200 GRACE STANT’S EJECTION A DISGRACE!

I have no idea if officials are ranked during the season. If not, they should be just like in college and in the pro’s. Just the like in college and the pro’s the best officials should advance in the state tourney. What I saw during the SJV game was a joke, Kelly Campbell is lucky to be alive after one play. The official not only blew the call but what upset me most was his smirking afterward. It one thing to miss a call, another thing to be a SAMRT ASS! That behavior should never be tolerated on the high school level. The refereeing in the Middletown South game was not much better. If the state cannot find top officials they should spend the extra dollars and hire college officials. Crowd control and player behavior is directly related to officiating. Which brings me to Grace Stant.

I just viewed a copy of the Grace Stant ejection in the Manasquan game. This was an ABSOLUTE embarrassment and the tape of that game MUST BE SENT TO THE HEAD OF OFFCIALS or NJSIAA. The ref in this case ran from one side of the floor to other to  immediately eject RFH’s Grace Stant when a scuffle broke out. They are clearly two officials right in the mix who were watching everything, before he runs over to eject Stant. Now what makes this even worst is this …First he never met with the other officials before ejecting Miss Stant. Clearly the worst action taken should have been a T and a double T if that on BOTH players. No player in a game should be throw out for pushing.  Next when you watch the tape it clear that the official never in position to see anything. There is clearly no punch or action that warranted an ejection…this official was way off base in every aspect, his behavior is indefensible

But lets get to the real meat and potatoes of all of this. First if RFH won, Stant would have been done and not able to play until the TOC  and that’s if RFH were to make it that far WITHOUT HER. Because there is no appeal for a player throw out of a game….well they need to change that rule ASAP, because video does not lie. Next Grace Stant TECHNICALLY IS BANNED from all post season All Star Games( I have been told after watching the tape the officials are allowing her to play). Finally she ends her career being unfairly thrown out of  her last high school game. This is a humiliation to Grace Stant, her family and the RFH team… an absolute joke.

Now if you have followed me over the years, you have heard me say this over and over…GRACE STANT IS THE MOST ABUSED PLAYER I HAVE EVER SEEN. In the last 6 months alone, here is what my eyes have seen and I have pictures to back it up. First she was tackled FROM BEHIND AND KNOCKED INTO THE STANDS and had to be taken to the hospital…player not kicked out of the game. Next she was HORSE KICKED  in the head by a player…player not kicked out of the game…she was gorged in the face with an opponent’s nails….I have the picture….player not kicked out. I can go on forever folks…My point is this, the ref I’m sure did not know Grace Stant’s history. I’m sure he never read my tweets where I said ” Grace Stant one day is going to hurt somebody if this stuff keeps up”  Well the video I saw was not that day and a young lady had her career end in  horrible fashion….This tape must be sent to the proper people, officials are human and make mistakes, but they must be held to a reasonable standard, just like players and coaches.  Officials must not INJECT THEMSELVES INTO THESE GAMES ON PURPOSE….THIS WAS A DAMM DISGRACE!




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