The Shore Conference showed again why it’s the best conference in America. The 11.00 am game SJV vs. Colts Neck has been moved to SJV and will be played at It’s not the ideal situation by no needs. But what it does allow is for kids to play in the SCT without making a choice of taking the SATS or playing in the game. The SJV administration and the Shore Conference has to be given credit for making sure we send all our athletes the right message and protect their futures.  NO QUESTION DAWN KARPELL and the  SJV administrators  PLAYED A HUGE ROLE  IN THIS. By the way making a change like this so late in the game, is no walk in the park. You just don’t snap your fingers, these people had to get paper work in, get approval from all involved, hire security, pay for the gym and it goes on and on….somebody was a BEAST IN GETTING THIS DONE FOR OUR KIDS…


I do have Something to say to all the players taking the SATS this weekend.  If your focus is on the basketball games this weekend and not the SATS FIRST. I feel sorry for you because more of you will attend college based on your academics. More doors will open because of your SATS AND GPA. The  number of players in the past two years alone that have not received scholarships or not able to get in their school of choice, DUE TO POOR SAT SCORES  would SHOCK YOU….many are D1 PLAYERS.


I urge every player to focus on the task at handyour academics first. Now I more than anyone must take some blame, if any kid thinks basketball is the ticket. I write a blog and it appeals to what people wish to hear and talk about….NOT WHATS IMPORTANT. I write about D1, D2  players who receive scholarships. What I don’t write about are those who don’t get scholarships or into schools of choice because of in many cases… SATS SCORES…the list is long as in real long and some of the names would surprise you.


You future is your education, basketball is temporary and nothing more than a cup of coffee. There is not one single player in the shore conference who will make a real living playing basketball one day. But there are many that will have good jobs and friends for life and it all starts with maximizing your educational experience. The future is yours and don’t short change it.


Once again great job by the best conference in America and for the record. Take a look at the type of schools many shore kids attend. It’s a whose, who’s of  elite higher education. That is because our parents, coaches, players and administrators get it….and they just proved it again by changing the START TIME OF THE SCT…..BRAVO!


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