There is a game today that most don’t believe is going to be much of a game. RED BANK CATHOLIC travels to Holmdel. It’s a battle of two teams that look nothing like they did 3 weeks ago. It’s a battle of teams that if the truth be told in there own way have been trying to get over the hump for years.

The last time RBC played Holmdel things didn’t exactly go as they planned. They lost 63-59 at Holmdel. it was a shocking lost. It also was a chance for people to remind everyone that the group known as the fun bunch was not focused. It also continued a pattern of yearly bad looses in recent years for RBC. First it was Wall, then it was the All time Shocker RBR in the SCT, then RFH pulled off a magical win and finally Holmdel joined the club. It these losses that have followed this group around like a bad itch the past 4 years. It these losses that have feed into the narrative that RBC has under achieved the past 4 years. But if their is one thing Holmdel should know going into tonight… it’s this. In the rematch against all those teams RBC has not just beaten those teams. They have abused and punished those teams in Disturbing and yes embarrassing fashion. Tonight, Holmdel would be wise to remember RBC does not forget.

In the past Holmdel has always had excellent talent. This year is no different. But in the past their is one thing that constantly has popped up when people talk about Holmdel. They been accused of not having a competitive nature. They surely have heard it in their travels, their simply is not way around it. This narrative only grows when you blow out a struggling Matawan and then somehow lose to them two nights later. It’s rather hard to explain how you beat RBC and in the same year lose to a new, young and inexperienced Trinity Hall team. These demons have followed the Holmdel program around like a cheap suit. But RBC would be wise to know this, this Holmdel group is not just competitive but hungry to prove they are a good team. Tonight there going to get a chance to show their competitive nature. That’s because RBC will be waiting on them. Holmdel expects nothing different. But more importantly doesn’t want it any other way. They are a confident bunch these days.

RBC had it’s first big challenge of the season early. They took on Saddle Day and got kicked around. The media gave them a big kick before, gave them an even bigger one after the game. They heard how they could not win the big one. RBC could have packed it in right there. After just one game, overreacted like everyone else did. They could have accepted there faith. They would still have a good season. Win there 20 games be ranked and call it a season. But the standard is different at RBC everyone knows that. They know at RBC you have to play for chips. So Joe Montano has rallied the troops. His team now is the best defensive team in the state( SJV included) his team has made remarkable improvements. These day they are defending the three point line, getting back in transition and rebounding the ball. They’ve found a real leader in Molly Kelly and have the best freshman in the Shore in Christina Liggio. The Carman sisters have been everything Coach Montano could ask for. Casey Prior has been rock solid. Meanwhile Justine Pissott quietly is having a monster season in just about every phase of the game. RBC is looking not like the fun bunch but rather like the dangerous bunch.

Holmdel has been sneaky, they lost opening night to Archbishop Carroll who just did a number on the #8 team in the state Montclair Immaculate yesterday. Everyone dissed Holmdel in their ranking. Just the way Coach Ault liked it. Then when Holmdel lost big to New Providence a Top 10 team people were questioning if they were a Top 10 team in the Shore. Holmdel was now officially under the radar in just two weeks. It was also just what the doctor ordered. But then they went and messed up.. that’s because they best #20 West Orange, blew out Top 10 Trinity Hall, blew out Top 10 TRN and then danced all over Shore Reg. That’s because Abby Ferguson is working on a 1st Team All Shore Season . Her versatility is unmatched in the shore. Kathrine Martini has been on a permanent Happy Hour, Erica Stoker has been outstanding, Allison Cannon has D1 written all over and ALEXANDRA LOUCOPOULOS has been two good for words. She has turned into one of the best guards in the Shore. McKenzie Teevan has been the best freshman secret in the Shore and the rest of Holmdel bench has been found gold. It’s why Holmdel this side of SJV is the hottest team in the Shore.

Tonight RBC and Homdel have some unfinished business. Holmdel is trying to get to the next level. Tonight may be their best opportunity to do so. RBC is trying to prove they are different these days from in the past. There trying to prove they can handle their business. Tonight is going to be about one thing and one thing only. Who comes to play. Both these teams have a recent history of great wins and some disappointing losses as well. Tonight of them is going to more forward. Most would settle for a great game … that would be enough for everyone… except the two teams trying to change a old narrative.


  1. Establish Ally Carman in the post
  2. Defend Marlboro guards in transition… especially Cannon
  3. Know where ALEXANDRA LOUCOPOULOS is at all times
  4. Keep Martini off the offense glass
  5. Do not allow Abby Ferguson to get going on offense
  6. Punish Holmdel when they go to the bench
  7. RUN … RUN .. RUN
  8. Pissott has to get 18 points of better

  1. Contain Ally Carman in the post
  2. Find Pissott early
  3. Find Casey Prior when Carman is doubled
  4. PRESS.. PRESS ..PRESS as often as possible
  5. Knock down three’s off dribble drive vs their zone
  6. Must win 50/50 balls… there will be a lot
  7. Force RBC to play man .. go small after Ally Carman
  8. Limit turnovers that lead to run outs
  9. Make RBC guards go to the rim and be scorers
  10. Hold RBC to under 49 points

MY PICKThis one is easy to me. if Holmdel gets to 55 points book it… they win. If RBC gets to 50 points they win … book it…. I SAY RBC gets to 61 and Holmdel gets to 48...thats my story and I’m sticking to it…. RBC WINS

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