There was something interesting that happened this weekend that most paid little attention too. That’s because it may seem like old news to most. That’s because GIA PISSOTT committed to the Naval Academy last spring during the height of the pandemic. But this weekend Gia Pissott took her official visit to the Naval Academy. What made this visit different than most is how GIA PISSOTT was able to position herself to play D1 basketball at one of the best schools in AMERICA. So there is A FEW THINGS I WANT TO TELL YOU🏀👍👏

If you hope to attend the Naval Academy one day . There are a few things you must know. Like your basketball talents alone won’t get you there. First you must be a great student. Gia Pissott attends The Marine Academy of Technology and Environmental Science. It’s one of the best schools in the country. Thus making Gia Pissott one of the best students athletes in the state of New Jersey. But to play basketball at the Naval Academy you have to be one of those rare high school players as well. Only 1.8% of the population will ever wear a D1 uniform. The percentage drops even more when your trying to attend the Navy Academy. Gia Pissott has accomplished something very rare. She is playing D1 basketball while attending a military school. But there is a lesson for all to learn here. It doesn’t come easy and without sacrifices.

Not long ago, not many people knew who Gia Pissott was, that is unless you played golf. Gia Pissott was the MVP of the TOMS RIVER NORTH golf team as a freshman. She was better known as the twin sister of Justine Pissott. But while everyone was suffering during Covid. Gia Pissott was going through a transformation. That’s because it was during this time, that she found a love for basketball. It was then more than any other time that she became what her sister already was… A GYM RAT like no other. That’s because during the pandemic GIA PISSOTT, lived in the gym. It was during this time she turned herself into a Division one player. It was then she took 1000 shots a day. It was then she did all the post work. It was then she took her weight training to a entire different level. It was then she gave up golf to focus on basketball. Covid 19 may have done more to turn Gia Pissott into a D1 basketball player than anything else. But it was Gia Pissott’s work ethic and desire that has turned her into one of the best forwards in all of New Jersey and folks that is real talk. This spring Gia Pissott was as good as it gets!

GIA PISSOTT is one of the best defensive players in the entire state of New Jersey these days. Her Shot blocking and ability to rotate and help teammates has no match anywhere in the entire state. She may be the best interior rebounder in the shore conference. That because of a little thing called toughness. You see Gia Pissott’s mental toughness is special. Just like her pride. Once she makes up her mind to do something it’s DONE! Her will and ability to take on a challenge is what makes her who she is. So I will make a statement that is not just true but a fact… NO PLAYER IN THE HISTORY OF THE SHORE HAS EVER IMPROVED AS MUCH AS GIA PISSOTT HAS IN SUCH A SHORT PERIOD OF TIME. This weather she knows it or not is her biggest accomplishment. She has went from a player no one expected to play Division One basketball. To a player who just may be a star one day at the next level. She was forced to make some serious sacrifices along the way and she did. She got tired of being called Justine Pissott’s sister. She wanted to leave her own legacy and now she has. That’s because she simply has out worked the masses.

Navy Coach Tim Taylor, smiles the moment you bring up Gia Pissott’s name. He can’t believe his good fortune. He knows at 6’3” with long arms, scary timing and a insane IQ, Gia Pissott could be a game changer one day in the Patriot League. He knows that Gia Pissott’s work ethic is elite. So he knows the improvement will not stop. But it’s her leadership and communication skills that are so different that separates GIA PISSOTT from so many others. This weekend he got to spend 48 hours with the PISSOTT family. There is no question he realized that they are workers. There family believes you earn everything nothing is given. There are no free rides in the Pissott household… that is EXCEPT WHEN IT COMES TO PAYING FOR COLLEGE… So my message to all those kids about there, especially those who are overlooked and doubted….You can be GIA PISSOTT if your willing to pay the price on and off the court. This past weekend Gia Pissott got to celebrate and collect on her reward for putting that work in👏🏀❤️



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