The talent at this year’s CHOICES CHOICE USA SHORE NJ/NJ CHALLENGE is just off the charts. I could sit and type names forever. These are the 10 players to watch by class in this year’s event. Notice I didn’t say the best, that’s because I haven’t seen all the players. This event has a number of D1 players not listed because I can’t list everyone. But if your a fan of the game. This is a good start. This event is going to be special. TOM SCALFANI has done it again…the best girls basketball showcase kicks off tomorrow at Holmdel.



*most of the video in the blog….@THEDRIBBLEDROP ….folks nobody is doing better than this cat…NOBODY.




Who is the 3 non Shore player  fans want to see the most? Diamond Miller, Michelle Sidor  and Celeste Taylor


Who is the 5 players college coaches what to see the most?  Destiny Adams, Brynn Farrell, Sophia Sabino Justine Pissott and LaSahe Dwyer


Who are the 3 biggest sleepers in they years event?

Tiana Jackson(Franklin) Megan Cahalan(SJV) and Ryann Taylor of Holmdel

What game to fans want to watch most?



What game do college coaches what to see most?

RBC vs Franklin, Manasquan and The Patrick School (unsigned babies matter)


Who are the 5 most recruited players in the event?

Destiny Adams, Justine Pisssott, Sophia Sabino, Brynn Farrell and Lashae Dwyer

Who is going to steal the Show tomorrow?







2019 CLASS




LOLA MULLANEY– 2019- ManasquanSigned at Harvard U right now she is the best in the business. Leading the Shore Conference in scoring and loves the big stage.


MICHELLE SIDOR– 2019- Saddle River DaySigned at Michigan a score machine. The All Time leading scorer in Bergen County


JADA BONNER– 2019- St. John Vianney Signed at Quinnipiac she is the most competitive player in the event and loves the big stage…watch out!


DIAMOND MILLER– 2019- FranklinSigned at Maryland She is in the Mickey D AllAmerican game. That’s because she is a ALL AMERICAN.


LAUREN LITHGOW-2019- St. Rose- Signed at West Point Can she really play any better these days. Best two way combo guard in the event? Put on show last year. Can she do it again?


LEILANI CORREA– 2019- ManchesterSigned at Virginia Tech she is the most exciting player in the event. Big time talent and game.

CELESTE TAYLOR– 2019- Long Island LutheranSigned at Texas Some say best player in the event. I know one thing she puts on a show every year.


SYNNEI CALDWELL-2019- Saddle River DaySigned at Arizona State mega talented player is back.


SARAH KARPELL– 2019- St. John VianneySigned at Fordham watch the defense and then watch the competitive nature. Time to start calling her a star.


A little goodbye gift on Sunday?

A little goodbye gift for the crowd on Sunday?








FAITH MASONIOUS-2019- Manasquan– signed at Maryland. She is a mega star. What can’t she do on a basketball court. She may be ready to give us a goodbye present.



2020 CLASS

Farrell may be the best in the 2020 class

Farrell may be the best in the 2020 class








BRYNN FARRELL-2020-.St. Rose– multiple D1 offers on the table. Some say right now the best junior in the class. She is worth the price of admission.

FAB EGGENSCHWILER-2020- RBC– multiple D1 offers on the table. She just does a little of everything really good.

MAKAYLA ANDREWS– 2020– St. Rose– multiple D1 offers on the table. She’s back and St. Rose has a scoring and rebounding machine.


KARMARI REYNOLDS– 2020- Manchester– multiple D1 offers on the table. The best leader in the event? Elite two way point.


MOLLY LYNCH – 2020- Rutgers Prep–  future D1 guard. College coaches are finally seeing what we already know. She is a WINNER

OLVIA MULLENS– 2020- Rutgers Prep– D1 offers on the table. The word is ENJOY!

KENNADY SCHENCK– 2020- Franklin– Future D1 guard she just won’t go away..

KEONA SCHENCK– 2020- Franklin– Future D1 guard do you feel she has been around for ever?

SERENITY ANDERSON-2020-  Manachester– Biggest sleeper in the event? So athletic and can bury the three.

Future D1 player Leturgez was a ALL SHORE FRESHMAN TEAM MEMBER

Future D1 player Leturgez was a ALL SHORE FRESHMAN TEAM MEMBER










KATE LETURGEZ-2020- Manasquan– Future D1 swing and former ALL SHORE FRESHMAN TEAM MEMBER. Plays as hard as you can expect. Notice the defense, passing and underrated shooting touch


2021 CLASS

DESTINY ADAMS-2021- Manchester– multiple  offers on the table. If don’t know who she is your living in a cave. The once in a lifetime player


CHRISTINA DALCE-2021-Pre Rutgers Prep-mega star Top 5 in class offers on table


SOPHIA SABINO– 2021 –RBC-.multiple offers on the table. This is the ultimate point guard. The vision and IQ has no match


KATIE HILL–  2021- SJV– D1 offers on the table. The body, the shooting, the skills and so competitive..what’s left?


ABBY ANTOGNOLI– 2021- St. Rose– future D1 stud point guard. Who ever signs her one day is going to hit the lottery. Playing as good as any point guard in New Jersey.


CHRISTINA WHITEHEAD2021SJV– Future D1 wing. Athletic and smooth player. The upside is off the charts

ANTONIA PANAYIDES2021 RBC– future D1 player. If you like tough hard nose blue collar workers

LASHAE DWYER-2021- The Patrick School– multiple offers on the table “oh Canada” is basically un-guardable. Her passing and handle will delight you this weekend.


MAUREEN STAPLETON– 2021- St. Rose– this D1 talent is  sure to catch your eye. Her passing and shooting skills will shock you because of her size.



2022 CLASS

There is going to be a real live "Unicorn" at the Choices Choice

There is going to be a real live “Unicorn” at the Choices Choice







JUSTINE PISSOTT RBC-2022 multiple D1 offers on the table. The shooting range and skills sets are a treat to watch


DOROTHY LOFFREDOManasquan 2022-Pay attention to this future D1 baby. She is a warrior and fun to watch. She has been thrown into fire and has stood up to the test…enjoy!


The tall long and talented HIENIE is already one of the best in the 2022 class

HENIE is already one of the best in the 2022 class










GEORGIA HEINE Manasquan– 2022-The future lock D1 6’0″ shooting guard has even played some point. Gifted talented baby with length and skills. She kicks Heine!

ALLY CARMANRBC-2022 multiple D1 offers on the table. She will be the most dominant post player on the east coast one day


CHRISTINA MEDEGETTE– Franklin– 2022- the raw talent and athletic ability will have you smiling. She has been as advertised and D1 schools will be waiting with open arms one day.


PAULINA PARISAlbertus Magnus-2022-future D1 guard. If you haven’t seen her get ready for a treat. She is all over the place. Great defender and so exciting…your in for a treat.


SANIAH CALDWELL– 2022-Saddle River Day- wait till you see this next level mega star..D1 offers on the table. Smart and tough, seasoned game and attitude


Madison St Rose is one of the best babies in the Country

Madison St Rose is one of the best babies in the Country










MADSON ST. ROSESJV-2022- multiple D1 offers on the table. The question is what can’t she do

PARIS CLARK- LUHI– 2022- She is a mega talent. Future do it all D1 guard. You will not be disappointed.

MARY DONNELLY St. ROSE-2022 She is strong, athletic and a future star. She is a next level D1 rebounder and defender. One of the best young swing forwards in the shore

HELENA LASIC The Patrick School-2022- another Canadian with real size at 6’3″ and mobility. The future one coward is sure to create a buzz Sunday.





MY PICKS TOMORROW MORNING..remember first game 10.30








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