Basketball(Junkie) Jones Shore’s REPORT… Top Ten

11254640_542327789257515_1448522859_n Hey, its Basketball(Junkie) Jones aka Dj Jones and i’m a aspiring sports journalist writer at Neptune High School. I ball myself, but with my mom being a high school ref and college ball player I know what’s going on in the state basketball scheme. So today I’m gonna rank my top 10 shore conference girls basketball teams and get into why they are ranked where they are. Tiny has his opinion, yea its alright, but I have a few changes I wanna make.





1. SJV– There  #1 because of there dominance in every position and there great bench and coaching. Kelly Campbell, arguably the best player in the shore this upcoming year will carry them far, along side Kelly Crouch and Kim Evans. There amazing inside and outside offensive game, and shut down defense will make them nearly unstoppale. They also play a tough schedule, so questioning there dominance later in the season will not be a question to ask.


2. RFH– Under George Sourlis they have a strong backbone on the coaching end of things, but they also have returning leaders, and new up-comers like Tori Hyduke and Christina Antonakakis. They also have seasoned vets like Stephanie Lesko and Sidney Sabino, Nicole Morris as well. There 3 point shooting is undeniable and there man to man and 1-3-1 zone press is dominant as well. The bench for Rumson is very deep and they should have some good back up in times of foul trouble and off days.


3. St RoseThomas and Marsciano in the front court, very dominant and will dominant the shore conference and the post position . Loving had a great freshman season, and proved that she plays like a senior but is only a Sophomore this coming season. They also have returning Jen Louro and Elyn Stoll who had good play last season. Also spark Mikayla Markham was a huge spark off the bench last year and is very tough and should start at point guard this year.



4. MIDDLETOWN SOUTH– Under Tom Brennan they run a hard to stop offense, and they have huge defensive walls this year. Stephanie Karcz and my most under rated player Julia Valkos, whenever she will return, are two well known players from last year returning for South. Isla Brennan, the daughter of Coach Brennan, will be running the point  guard spot for South this year, a piece they’ve been missing in the past. The only problem will be there schedule, and if they can beat tough teams down the line.


5. RBC– The Casey’s get the best team chemistry award in my book, and something like this, such a little asset, makes them so tough to play because they play so much as a unit. Katie rice, Josie Larkins another under rated player, and dead eye Hayley Moore will hold it down for the Casey’s this year. There also under great coaching, and play every tough schedule upon other Shore teams.


6. MANASQUAN– First question is the bench, but they have a few new faces coming in **hint hint, so we will see what they do when the season begins. Another huge question is who is replacing Marina Mabrey in that captain and leadership role? But outside of this they have Dara Mabrey, and Shore’s Conference’s  scrappiest defender Stella Clark they will be super tough in the back court. With freshman (best freshman possibly) Faith  Masonius they will be tough in the front court too.


7. NEPTUNEDez Allen is probably the biggest surprise of the shore conference in this past season, and fall. She truly dominates, and is a huge threat to all of the Shore Conference. Neptunes defense is there offense, and with constant pressure and there defense being there offense, they should be tough. Also upcoming freshman Rahmena Henderson, ive known her for a few years now, should be super tough for the Fliers, and possibly a starter for them this year **hint hint


8. MARLBOROMolly Weiss and Tatum Evans are going to hold it down this year. Last year the surprise team, this year nothing new, so everyone should be on the lookout for them to make a spark this year. Watching them in the fall league they surprised me with some huge wins and I know they will be Top 10 this year, no doubt.


9. DONAVAN CATHOLIC– Molly Collins, best outside shooter in the Shore (maybe along side Hayley Moore) and  Kaitlyn Borghesi are a dominant back court and will hold it down for Catholic. Two major problems are for one that they are just like a Point Beach from a few years back (Flaherty and Mabrey) outside the two guards they don’t really have much dominance. They also have Alyssa Hirschy she was the surprise freshman of the Shore last year, and should see more from her again this year. There schedule isn’t the toughest so they should get a lot of wins.


10. SOUTHERNBianca Nicolini is the star player and everyone should be on the watch for her this upcoming year. I’m not so sure about who will be helping her this year, but I know she will be super tough. There schedule isn’t super great, so they should get a lot of wins as well, and will probably make a whirl in the Shore Tournament this year.



5 others to look out for, for under dogs




4. LONG BRANCH (CheKasha Andrews)






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