Today we look into A SOUTH, a division with so many returning players. This  division not just has returning players but stars and improving teams. Toms River North is the clear favorite. They will have to battle a little harder this year to go undefeated again. Like all the teams in Ocean County, the talent has improved and kids are now playing year round. This division is deep and back to were it was a few years ago. Just about everyone in the division is competitive. This conference could get interesting if TRN where to slip up. Jackson Memorial, TRE and TRS all have improved or have players returning.



Coach Vicki Gillen(A South Coach of the Year)

Overall- 27-4

Conference- 14-0 (A South Champions)


Ashley Tutzauer was the PLAYER OF THE YEAR  in the Division. She had monster nights and provided real senior leadership for TRN. Her scoring ability will be missed this season and hard to replace in the line-up.



There is no question the talent is here for this team to make a big run. Last year they lost in the in the South Jersey Group 4 championship game 37-35 to Cherokee. It was sobering way to end the season. Last year there star point guard Brielle Bisogno missed the entire season. Many believe TRN would go backwards a bit. They were wrong, not only did they run though A SOUTH, there were ranked as high as #10 in the state poll and got a program win by beating Neptune. Now the question is can they get to the next step. They have the  two best players in the conference and a huge and I do mean huge transfer. The goal post has moved for this group. A Top 20 state ranking is expected but a state championship and a run in the SCT is the real goal.

BRIELL BISOGNO-  She is back from an ACL injury. She is also once again one of the best players in the 2020 class period. Before she was injured, she was FIRST TEAM ALL FRESHMAN, her debut was off the charts. She averaged 13 points and 7 dimes and was considered one of the best defenders in the state regardless of class. This fall she has looked not as good as her freshman…. but even better. Her three point shooting is deadly and her speed and quickness is off the charts.  Few are better in transition at finishing and finding teammates. She makes everyone around her better. This summer she showed she is all the way back and some of her performances this fall where breath taking. The future D1 lock will give TRN an elite dominate player to go along with Jenna Paul. She is a future All Shore player and that could happen this year…SHE BACK!

AMANDA JOHNSON– She could be the most underrated player in the Shore. She averaged  11.0 points a game. She have a season high of  23 and is a walking double figure scorer who is not a high volume shooter, rare these days. She also is a solid defender who rarely makes mistakes. She is a deadly shooter and very reliable ball handler. But it’s her passing and defense that make her so valuable to this team. She is the most unselfish, talented player in Ocean county. She has played a lot of quality minutes in her career. Look for her to have a great season as a going away present. She will be even more effective this year with Bisogno ability to break down defenses and find her for open shots…a high percentage mistake free senior. She was on the ALL DIVISION TEAM LAST YEAR AND WILL ATTEND CATHOLIC UNIVERSITY NEXT FALL…

KRYSTAL HUND– She is another under appreciated player that make up TRN. She is as reliable of a role player who all good teams must have. She averaged 5.7 points a game last season. But what is most impressive, she had multiple double figure scoring games and 12 games with 8 points or more. She plays hard and understands her role. She also has played a ton of meaningful minutes. She is lighting quick and mostly likely will move to the combo guard position with Bisogno back.

LINDSEY CABBY– Started last year and gives TRN a big post presence and seasoned vet. While her scoring is a bonus. Her defense and rebounding is counted in a big way. She has had double figure rebounding and scoring games. He experience will serve TRN well as she has started and played in big games. She will not hide in big games. Make no mistake she is a very important part of the TRN team and recent success.

CHRISTINA JOHNSON–  She is a very talented scorer, shooter and has a very high IQ. She has a quick release and a nasty first step. She gives TRN a serious talent coming off the bench. She has the size and toughness to get on the glass and the speed and quick to get out on the break. She could have a break out season. They is no doubt all the tools are in place for a banner season

HEATHER CHESLOCK– Will again be the good solider and do everything that is asked of her. She appeared in 18 games last year. This season that may increase.


JENNA PAUL She is a full blown superstar, and can carry her team. She will be a FIRST TEAM ALL SHORE CANIDIATE. The numbers last year were off the charts for the 5’10” sophomore. She averaged 16 points and  9 rebs, she had a  six game streak were she average over 22 points a game last year. The former ALL FRESHMAN TEAM MEMBER  was named to the Coaches All Division Team. This fall she added to her game. She is not just a good three point shooter, but now is elite for that range. Her ball handling is now next level, this is no doubt she can be a point forward. You want more? How about her being one of the best defending wings in the shore these days. She right now can defend anyone…that is a fact. Finally she is now older and much stronger as in a college ready body. This year Jenna Paul may do things at TRN that have not seen in 2 decades. Look for this future D1 lock to be on of the Top 10 players in the shore and a Top 2019 in the state…she is SPECIAL.


KHAMYIA SPENCE– This is a major pick up for TRN. She was starter for 2 years at Manchester. She is a gym rat and more importantly a versatile player, who has seen the wars. She can play the point, wing or swing position. When she and Bisogno are on the court, it will be a defense nightmare for opponents. She is one of the best on ball defenders in the Shore Conference. She also is a proven scorer that can get to the rim or bury jumpers. She has a high IQ and give TRN another impact and player that can win games in so many ways. Khamyia Spence could be the missing to piece to the TRN puzzle.

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There is only two questions facing this group. First can they get over the hump and take another giant step forward. They have a win over a Top 20 program. Now they must beat one of the Shore elite to become legit. Last year RBC jumped all over them and they never recovered in their only real test. Now that Bigsono has returned much more is expect. Next are they still the Queen’s of Ocean? Manchester right now is putting together a powerhouse program…can TRN keep up and have they seen enough REAL competition to play against the elite teams.


TRN lost star Ashley Tutzauer but that should have no impact on the team. Bisogno and Spence will more than make up for that lost. Look for Jenna Paul and Bisogno to due the heavy lifting on offense. But they will have lots of support. Amanda Johnson, Krystal  hurd and Spence are all capable of big scoring nights. Christie Johnson is also a young talented player who is also capable of scoring. Look for TRN to be ranked in the Top 20 all season and in the Top 6 in the shore. Look for a record breaking season for TOMS RIVER NORTH. They are going to get out and run and play multiple defense, full court, half court and man to man pressure…They have a bucket load of scorers and playmakers.



Coach-Kim Teto

Overall- 15-12

Conference- 10-4


TRS is part of a group of schools trying un-seat TRN this year. They have almost their entire core unit back and has played TRN tough in spurts. They have the ability to score and are loaded with kids who have played quality minutes. They have a All Division player who at times been dominate. More importantly they have different players at different times take over times.


They lost some experience but the core is returning. No major loss to this team from a year ago.



OCTOAIA GARLAND– Pretty soon people are going to start to appreciate this young lady. She averaged 8.0 points and 6 rebounds a night. She also had 4 double/doubles. She is very competitive and plays her role to perfection. She is more than willing to do the dirty work. This year she will need to raise her scoring average and rebounds numbers. Time to give a kid credit who has got the job done. She has been a great pick up…

CAITLIN CARROLL– Another player who does not have glowing stats, but is as reliable as they come. She will defend and more importantly rebound and play hard. She has proven she can score when asked to do so. This year expect to see double figure scoring games and a possible double/doubles before year is over. She has played quality minutes over the past two years. This will no question pay off this season.

HANNAH WAGNER– She is a big key to this team. She averaged 10 points and 4 rebounds a game. She had 44 three point shots made last season. She had monster nights last year including a 29 point, 10 rebound double/double. She is very capable of getting on serious runs. She had 12 double figure scoring games last season. These numbers will grow this year. She has the ability to be a all division player this season. If Wagner steps up this season, TRS becomes a real threat to TRN.

SHILON WILLIAMS– A sleeper player who is very effective. She had double/doubles and showed up every night. Her 5 points and 5 rebounds are only half the story. She is a winning player. This year look for her to possible double her stats. She had a high of 15 rebounds in a game last season. She no question is a huge part of TRS success. She will need to continue to grow, and if she does… A SOUTH JUST MAY HAVE A NEW CHAMPION. She may hold the key….

MADISON BRAUN– Will give TRS minutes off the bench. Last year as a freshman she saw action in 24 games. She is playing behind season vets and that will only have her ready if called about this season. She has shown she can score when given the opportunity.

MOLLY LEGRAND– Appeared in 13 games last year. She will waiting for her chance this season.





EMILY DONZANTI The Coaches All Division star had a monster season last year. She averaged 12.0 points, 4 rebounds and 4 dimes. She stuffed the box score each night. She had multiple 20 points games. She had multiple double/ doubles. There is no question everything at TRS starts with her. Expect a monster season from the do it all star this season. If she adds to her already impressive stats. It could be the different for TRS…They have been knocking on the door and she could be the player to kick the door in.

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The problem for TRS is that last year they played TRN well at times. The simply could not put together 4 quarters against their rival. Now with the return of Brielle Bisgono that job  just got harder. They will need everyone to be at their best. A bigger concern is the conference is deeper than ever and they have to worry not just about TRN, but the rest of the division as well…can they be at their best night in and night out?


There’s no secret that they are going to be well coached and will play defense every night. They are going to share the ball and have multiple scorers, that can take over a game. They are a year older and that will no question will help as they have been knocking on the door. They have almost all there core players returning. Look for them to improve on their 15 win season from a year ago. There is a chance with a few breaks they could find themselves in the hunt for A SOUTH…it will take a lot of players having breakout seasons.




It was not long ago that Jackson Memorial was a powerhouse loaded with D1 players. Then two home town D1 players, Kimi Evans and Tia Montange left town. It been a slow rebuilding period for Coach Rachel Goodale ever since. But she could surprise everyone this year. Last year with a young team they  went 6-8 in conference play. This year they could finish as high as #2 in the conference and that’s not just words. They have Dani Evans, who has a D1 offer on the table. Evans is capable of big nights. She is a deadly shooter with big time range. She also is 6ft  and knows how to use her body. Now throw in the fact that she has played so many minutes in her career and you have a impact and possible ALL DIVISION PLAYER. Miss Evans averaged 10.0 point and 5 rebounds a game. She also had 7 double/doubles.  Folks she did all this as a sophomore. Bianca Giordano is without a doubt the best kept secret in the shore. This baby showed up at NBS and blew everyone away this fall. She is an elite ball handler and passer. Her ability to make plays in transition are off the charts. Somehow this possible D1 point guard has slipped under the radar. Last she averaged 5 .0 points a game and 4 dimes. But it what she did at the end of the season that was so eye popping. She average 10 points and 5 dimes the last 6 games of the season. That also rolled over to a great spring and summer. This year she just may blow up and become a household name.  She is the classic guard who makes her teammates better. Jackson Mem will see the return of senior Allison Wanzor who was out with a ACL team. She and her athleticism will be a welcome return. Kristna Donza gives Jackson a lighting backcourt with Giordano. She is a real factor in the Jackson running game. Freshman Rachel Capua will give Jackson an additional three point shooter. The pieces are in place for Coach Goodale to surprise a lot of people.



It was 2 years ago TRE was making a deep run into the State Tournament. But since then most of the core players from that team are gone. Last year TRE had a solid season finishing 8-6 in the conference. Kamryn Lister gives them a punchers chance every night. They will look to play the role of spoiler. They lack the experience to win the conference. Coach Keven Cohen has won some big games over the years. He is very underrated and no doubt has some tricks up his sleeve.


Brick Memorial and Southern will be on the outside looking in. But make no mistake both had ALL DIVISION PLAYERS…Collen Brady and Makayla Nicolini are real talents and capable of putting their teams on their backs. Southern may be on outside looking in to start the season. But make no mistake on any night they can beat anyone in the conference. That includes TRN. Both Bricks will be playing for respect this year. Shauna Bruker of Brick Memorial  is a scoring rebounding machine.


TRN looking for a dream season

TRN looking for a dream season

It very hard to pick against  TRN…somebody could knock they off. But them losing twice in conference is highly unlikely. But the rest of the conference are going to beat each other up. The conference is deep and balanced and that’s issue for anyone other that TRN running the table…that why TRN will win A SOUTH.





Coach of The Year- John Turhan- RBE

Player of The Year- Jenna Paul- TRN

Freshman of the Year- No clear favorite


Jenna Paul- JR- TRN

Brielle Bisogno- JR- TRN

Amanda Johnson- Sr.-TRN

Emily Donzati-Sr- TRS

Collen Brady- Southern


HOLIDAY BREAK HOOPFEST…( this camp will only accept 80 players)

Holiday Break Hoop Fest


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