This weekend Mo Stapleton will wrap up her AAU career. It will close the final chapter of her outstanding AAU experience. There will be no pressure on Mo Stapleton as she has already committed to Stonehill College. For Mo Stapleton this weekend will be about enjoying the journey. It also will be a chance for Mo Stapleton to do what she has seem to always do.. make sacrifices for everyone around her.

Mo Stapleton has very little to say. She is not a kid who brings a lot of attention to herself. She is somebody willing to be part of something good. She doesn’t need the spotlight to shine on her. She’s that rare kid who believes there is enough sunlight for everyone. It may be the reason Mo Stapleton has never received the credit she truly deserves. I always and still believe Mo Stapleton could have been a big scorer. When she was younger she was a scoring machine. But she never was a ball hog. You see there really is a difference. Mo Stapleton was a kid who just did what her team needed her to do; to win. It’s no surprise every single team Mo Stapleton has ever been part of has won and won big. She won the biggest championships in grammar school. She won SCT, Sectional and State titles at St.Rose and still has not played her senior year. There really is much Mo has not done yet team wise as a player. But everyone forgets she scored a thousand points in grammar school because Mo Stapleton is not loud or entertaining. She’s a throwback to yesteryear. Ball hard, play smart, win as a team and be a good person. Yup, that’s Mo Stapleton.

I really never got to know Mo Stapleton very well. Her older sister Maggie trained with me a few times. Like most her Belles teammates she has trained with Joe Fagan, who everyone calls one of the best in the business. But I don’t believe Mo ever has trained with me over the years. I don’t think Mo likes craziness, unorganized, up in your face people. I know this, it has nothing to do with competition. Because as I told Mike Klein the asst coach at St.Rose once. She gets no credit for her competitive nature because she doesn’t just up and down every time she makes a play. Coach Klein agreed 100% and said “I never worry about Mo on game night” But if your like me and love watching video. Take a few hours one day and watch Mo Stapleton go to work. Because here is a stat that people should start paying more attention too… Mo Stapleton wins her matchup just about every night and I don’t care who it is against. That’s not talk folks that’s real talk. You see Mo Stapleton’s basketball IQ can rival anyone’s. It’s why Coach Chambers knows her team will be find this year. You see Mo Stapleton will make her teammates life easier…that’s just who she is❤️

When Mary Beth Chambers was named Head Coach at St. Rose, I told her Mo Stapleton was undervalued. She agreed, I also told her Mo could be an All Shore player. But she had so many selfish players surrounding her, she could get lost. Instead Mo did just the opposite. You see Mo Stapleton adopted to what the team needed. She realize that passing was very important to a team of scorers. There are many good passers in high school. But Mo Stapleton is that rare great passer. She makes plays without turning the ball over.. again the video don’t lie. She is easily St. Rose’s best off ball defender. She guards bigger players almost every night. Yet, she does all this and more and you never read her name in the paper. Why? Because stats could never tell the story of Mo Stapleton. She has made more sacrifices in her game, perhaps more than any player in the State on a top team. Mo Stapleton gives you what you need.. not what you want. Only the winners do that.

Mo Stapleton just may be the most reliable player who gets no credit, you know. Now she and Abby Antognoli will try to lead St.Rose to big things. Many will count them out… BIG MISTAKE. There won’t be the target on their back like in past years. They also will no longer be the villains, for two reasons. First Abby Antognoli will always be a fan favorite because of how exciting she plays. The other reason you ask? Mo Stapleton, because it’s very hard not to root for MO… you see she has done everything the right way, every step of the way. She has been the perfect citizen, teammates and basketball player.. she has made a lifetime of sacrifices. It would be great if a few were made for her this year… she has earned and deserved it👏👏👏👏❤️


Soon all outdoor activities will be moved inside at the Hoop Group. This means open gym time will NO LONGER BE AVAILABLE. Their will be no open gym time at all during the entire day. Therefore I urge you strongly, register for a fall program now… DO NOT WAIT… EVERYTHING WILL SELL OUT!

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