What kids and parents need to understand is that the recruiting process starts the day a kid picks up a ball. There is a competition that is taking place all over world. Not just in there local town or city. There are going to be a small population of kids who get in the gym regularly and embrace this competition unknowingly. It will start at a early age and go right up till the day they stop playing. These are your high achievers. Based on their natural ability and work ethic,  they will play successfully  at some level of high school or college basketball.


The Liggio sister’s decided it was worth it💪

Now you must understand there are another group of kids who love the game just as much in some cases “MORE”.  But this group may have Transportation, Educational, Family, Social and even Mental Health issues, that prevent them from getting in the gym. These  are very legitimate reasons for a kid not to get in a gym regularly. Often a kid may simply not live in an environment that is conducive to there development. It’s part of the breaks of the game. The problem with this group of kids is they so often try to work around all these issues, rather than make sacrifices. They don’t few these work arounds as short cuts but rather life decisions.   But  in the end they do not fully understand, it always unfortunately comes down to what sacrifices a family or kid are willing to make.

Not many kids like Isabella Asencio would get up 5.30 at to drive 90 mins to train every weekend ©Laura Bruen, Photographer


It also really comes down to a kids goals. The higher level of basketball they wish to play, the higher the sacrifice. In time, money, travel,  yes stress and tears will play a bigger role in a kids future. In most cases I can tell you a kids future as early as 9th grade. Now there are always a few outliers every 4 years, when judgement day comes. But if you see a kid enough over the years. You know what is coming. A few things change but not a lot. In the end, I always tell kids your in control of your future like it or not. Or as I told a 7th grader and her dad yesterday. “You make your mind about this basketball thing everyday” There is no right or wrong, just decisions.  Her father explained how she can’t get a ride to the gym because she lives 45 mins away and he and  his wife work( they have 2 other boys). He explained how  she really wants to shoot everyday. How she wishes so badly to attend Core Skills on Saturday. I can see the truth, passion and honesty in his words and on his daughters face.  Its breaks my heart like only a father can understand He just wants to give his daughter a chance. It’s a tough spot for a kid who loves basketball to be in. I really like this young lady so I told her something few will do for her. I told her the “TRUTH” . I told her and I meant every word “get on a bike or pay a friend to drive you. Because in 5 years nobody will care about all the legitimate reasons you couldn’t get in the gym consistently vs. talent” …

You see in the end regardless of what you think or feel. Nobody cares about the reasons why or why you didn’t make your dreams come true, except you… AND THAT’S  UP TO YOU… GOOD LUCK IN  WHATEVER TOU DECIDE 💪🏀







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